The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6293

After hearing this, charlie understood the whole story of Zhou Liangyun being imprisoned in Brooklyn Prison.

He couldn’t help but sigh, “I was surprised at first. With the strength of the Rothschild family, if you really stole their things, there was no need for them to resolve it through legal channels. It turned out that you took the initiative to call the police and surrender.” “That’s right

. “Zhou Liangyun nodded and said helplessly, “In the United States, although the influence of the Rothschild family can be above the law, it must not cause public outrage. It is true that I stole their things, but since I took the initiative to surrender , this matter must go through judicial procedures;”

“In this case, even they cannot arrest me directly. I am also a somewhat famous antique dealer after all, and I know many people in the upper class. If they If they arrest me and abuse lynching, once the news leaks out, the American police will lose all face;” “

So, the Rothschild family can only do the next best thing and let the court lock me up here. , and even if they torture me again, they don’t dare to kill me, because I was only sentenced to fifteen years in prison. After fifteen years, I have not walked out of this prison. The Rothschild family cannot give an explanation to the people. .”

charlie said firmly, “Uncle Zhou, I will take you out of here today. As for the Rothschild family, I will go and make it clear to them.” “Absolutely not!” Zhou Liangyun blurted out, “Master,

I I am a prisoner in Brooklyn Prison for theft. If you take me away today, the Rothschild family will not only not give up, but will definitely attack my family;” “More importantly,

once I leave, If you do, I will become a fugitive!” 

“Although the Sifang Mansion originally belonged to China, it was indeed stolen from the Rothschild family by me. The U.S. court ruled I am in prison. I willingly plead guilty and obey the law, but I can never bear the infamy of a fugitive again.”

charlie said with some worry, “Uncle Zhou, if the Rothschild family does not get the Sifang Pavilion, they will definitely not. You will give up. If you still have more than ten years in prison, then these ten years will definitely be very difficult.” “It does

n’t matter.” Zhou Liangyun smiled slightly and said seriously, “When I did this, I had already considered the consequences. “

Now that this matter has been exposed, the Rothschild family will definitely not and dare not kill me directly. What they want now is to get back the square treasure building;” “So, it’s best

now The solution is to return the Sifang Treasure Building to China. Once the Sifang Treasure Building is returned to its original owner, no matter how shameless the Rothschild family is, they will never dare to ask China for cultural relics that originally belong to China. When the Rothschild family After the German family realizes that this square treasure can never be returned to their hands, they will no longer think about making a fuss about me;” “

I will serve my sentence honestly, even if the Rothschilds My family continues to make things difficult for me, but they dare not really do anything to me;”

“What’s more, even if they kill me by then, it will be meaningless. Killing me will not allow them to regain the Sifang Treasure Tower.” He said

. , Zhou Liangyun looked at charlie and begged, “Master, I just said that I have something to ask for, that is, you can help bring the Sifang Baozhu back to China, which belongs to the ancestors of China.”The important weapon of the country should return to its homeland and do its part for the country and the country. “

charlie didn’t expect that Zhou Liangyun would be so caring about his homeland overseas. He was moved and couldn’t help but nodded and said, “Uncle Zhou, don’t worry, I will definitely bring the Sifang Baozhu back to China. I have a friend who happens to have a relatively high relationship. , you can donate the Sifang Baozhuang back through him. “

What charlie is thinking about at this moment is one of Lin Wan’er’s adopted sons, Sun Zhidong (Meir).

Since the Sifang Baozhuang is an important weapon of the country, of course he is not qualified to take it as his own. Giving it to China through Sun Zhidong (Meir) is the true meaning of it. The completed jade returned to Zhao.

Zhou Liangyun was also very excited at this moment and said, “I’ll leave everything to you, young master. The Sifang Baozhuan has returned to China. I have served my fifteen-year sentence in the United States. This matter is no longer owed to us.” “

charlie said seriously, “Uncle Zhou, the British and the Rothschild family have robbed so many historical relics from China. Let alone more than a hundred years, even after a thousand years, what they robbed is still what they robbed.

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