The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6294

even if a thousand years have passed, the cultural relics that should be Chinese will still belong to China, and sooner or later they will return to China. If the Rothschild family lets you serve your fifteen-year sentence, I, charlie, will be the first If you don’t agree, don’t worry, I will find a way to make the Rothschild family give up criminal responsibility for you, let them withdraw the theft case, and give you your freedom. “

Zhou Liangyun said hurriedly, “Young master, you don’t have to quarrel with the Rothschild family for this matter about me. What’s more, your father and the Rothschild family had some disputes back then. The old and new hatreds will turn out to be the same. I will bring unnecessary trouble to you, young master. “

charlie shook his head and said nothing, but he had already made up his mind.

Seeing that charlie no longer responded, Zhou Liangyun couldn’t help but sighed, changed the topic and said, “Master, apart from the reason why I went to prison, you must have many questions. May I ask? “

charlie nodded and said truthfully, “To be honest, Uncle Zhou, seeing the photo of you and my father, I have countless questions in my heart. What I want to know most is why you came to work at Ji Qingtang. 》What kind of relationship does it have with you and my father? “

Zhou Liangyun smiled slightly and said, “The reason why I went to Ji Qingtang is because I promised your father that I would deliver the “Nine Mysterious Heavenly Scripture” to you at the right time. “

charlie was shocked. Although this answer shocked him, it was not beyond his expectation.

He had long guessed that his ability to obtain the “Nine Mysterious Heavenly Scriptures” must be related to his father, but he didn’t know that his father Why did he arrange a clue that spanned almost twenty years so early?

After all, his father passed away twenty years ago, when he was just eight years old.

And when he got the “Nine Mysterious Heavenly Scripture”, he was already twenty He was seven years old.

So he couldn’t help but ask, “Uncle Zhou, I want to know, was it my father who told you that he would not give me the Nine Mysterious Heavenly Scriptures until I was twenty-seven?” “

“no. “When Zhou Liangyun said this, he could not suppress his inner excitement and said loudly, “What your father told me was that when you trapped the dragon and ascended to heaven, I would definitely send the “Nine Mysterious Heavenly Scripture” to your hands to help you. The rising dragon rises with the wind in one day and soars up to ninety thousand miles! Nineteen thousand miles! Nine hundred thousand miles! Nine hundred, ninety million miles! “

Zhou Liangyun’s passion was like a man possessed, which made charlie shocked and amazed.

It turned out that my father had already calculated everything and planned everything for himself.

At this time, Zhou Liangyun’s eyes were full of excitement. He continued with great excitement, “Since your parents’ accident, I have been waiting for the day when you trapped the dragon and ascended to heaven. This wait has been twenty years!”

“Almost five years ago, Mr. Orion Exeor went to Eastcliff. At that time, Mr. Orion set off from the United States, and I was in the United States. When the Wade family’s special plane took off from Los Angeles, I Outside the fence at the end of the airport runway, I watched the plane fly into the sky!” 

“At that moment I knew that the moment you were trapped in the dragon and ascended to the sky was not far away!”

“After Mr. Orion arrived in Eastcliff, he spent several years and used his lifelong learning to finally break your dilemma in the shoal in Yeling Mountain. The moment I heard the news, I stayed up all night. The next day, I So I flew to China with the “Nine Mysterious Heavenly Scriptures” and used the identity of ‘Zhou Liangyun’ to apply for the manager position at Jiqingtang, waiting for the most suitable opportunity for you to get the “Nine Mysterious Heavenly Scriptures”!” charlie did

n’t Thinking that all these things are so connected.

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