The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6295

So, he thought of something again and asked doubtfully, “Uncle Zhou, Mr. Orion said that I fell into the situation of Longquan Shoal because I got married and settled down in Aurous Hill, but my father was killed and died early. How did he figure out all this before I was eight years old?”

Zhou Liangyun said with a sad expression, “Young Master, Mr. Orion is a Feng Shui master, but he only figured out that you are trapped in the shallows after arriving in Eastcliff, and that At that time, he didn’t know how long you had been trapped in the shoal.”

After saying that, Zhou Liangyun continued, “Mr. Orion speculated that you were trapped in the shoal after you got married. That’s just because the Wade family happened to be that We just found Mr. Orion at that time.”

After that, Zhou Liangyun said in a surprising way, “Actually, the reason why your father knew that you were in the Dragon’s Bank was not because he knew things like a god, but because when you were eight years old, The moment you left the Wade family and Eastcliff with your parents, you were already a ‘Dragon Sleeping Shoal’.”>

charlie was even more surprised. “When I was eight years old, I was trapped in the shallows?”

“Yes!” Zhou Liangyun nodded heavily and said, “Your parents’ decision to leave Eastcliff and go to Aurous Hill was a last resort. If Just like Guan Yu’s defeat in Maicheng, the fate of your family of three has also changed from soaring to a sharp decline from that moment on. Therefore, from that moment on, you have been trapped in the shallows until Mr. Orion  breaks the situation for you. .”

charlie suddenly realized.

He himself misunderstood the timeline of Mr. Orion Exeor .

Mr. Mr. Orion was invited to Eastcliff by his grandfather four or five years ago. At that time, it happened to be the time when he and Claire got married.

Mr. Orion thought that the Wade family had just been trapped in Longquan Shoal at that time. In fact, at that time, he had been trapped in Longquan Shoal for more than ten years.

He thought for a moment, remembered something important, and quickly asked Zhou Liangyun, “Uncle Zhou, do you know what Shenglongge is? I can always hear Shenglongge, but I don’t know what Shenglongge means. …”

Zhou Liangyun looked at charlie and said seriously, “Master, the ascending dragon pattern is the unique destiny required for the ascending dragon path. Historical data says that only with the ascending dragon destiny pattern can one enter the ascending dragon path. You My father used to be a dragon like you, but he could only open the “Nine Mysteries Sutra Preface” and could not open the “Nine Mysteries Sutra Preface” because it said in the “Nine Mysteries Sutra Preface” that only the Shenglong destiny can be Only then can you open the “Nine Mysterious Heavenly Scriptures” and step into the path of ascending the dragon;”

charlie was even more confused and asked him, “Uncle Zhou, my father is a dragon, but he cannot open the “Nine Mysterious Heavenly Scriptures”, and I am also a dragon. Ge, why can I open it?”

Zhou Liangyun stared at charlie with his eyes and said word by word, “Master, you are not Long Ge, you are the real Sheng Long Ge!” “Why?”

charlie asked in confusion. My father is far better than me, and he is not promoted to Longge. Why am I, an eight-year-old orphan who lost my parents, one

Will the son-in-law who was once ridiculed by Quan Aurous Hill be promoted to Longge? I…I don’t understand…”

Zhou Liangyun sighed, and said with a little choked up emotion, “Master…you still don’t know what Shenglongge is. Shenglongge is not a destiny that people are born with, it is acquired. When it comes to changing one’s destiny, people say that a dragon begets a dragon, and a phoenix begets a phoenix. Your father is a dragon, and your highest destiny is a dragon. To ascend to a dragon, you need the two dragons to merge into one…”

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