Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1390 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Chapter 1390


Serenity was at a town near her hometown, checking on the progress of her project when she picked up the call.

Thinking that it was her sister, Serenity said hello with a smile.

Zachary also dialed Serenity’s number while on his way to the hospital, but Sonny was one step ahead of him. His call did not go through.

“Aunt Ser…”

Sonny burst out crying at the sound of his aunt’s voice.

Serenity tried to calm her nephew down. “What’s the matter, Sonny? Why are you crying? Was the lesson tiring? Don’t cry. Don’t cry. Sonny is a man, and men don’t cry. Don’t cry, Sonny. I’ll take you to the supermarket later. I’ll get you whatever you want.”

“Aunt Ser, Mom was bleeding. There was a lot of blood… Come back, Aunt Ser. Mom’s about to die Wahhh!”

Sonny’s voice trailed on and off amid the wailing.

On the other end of the line, Serenity was in shock. The phone fell right out of her hand.

Next to Serenity, Elisa bent over to pick up the phone.

Serenity managed to grab the phone and yelled at her nephew on the other end. “What did you say, Sonny? Can you make it clear? What happened to your mom? Sonny! Sonny! Say something, Sonny!”

All Sonny did was cry.

Hank immediately took over the phone and said, “Serenity, it’s bad. Someone tried to kidnap. Sonny again. Your sister was stabbed while protecting Sonny. She’s in the emergency room right now. Where are you? Come back now. What if your sister… You might be able to see her one last time.”

Serenity’s phone crashed onto the floor once more. She felt a shiver under her skin, and then the world turned upside down. She could barely stand up.


“What’s the matter, Seren?”

Jasmine and Elisa quickly helped her up.

“My sister…”

No words could go past Serenity’s lips.

“What happened to your sister?” Elisa asked, concerned and anxious.

“Go… Go! Go back!”

It took everything in Serenity to scream these words.

She needed to go back.

Why did she have to travel far to her hometown today? Why could she not stay with her sister and nephew?

“Okay, okay. Let’s head back. We’ll go back now. Don’t panic, Seren. It’s okay. Everything is okay.”

Elisa soothed her as she and Jasmine propped Serenity up. They hurried to their parked car.

Although the girls had no idea what was going on with Liberty, Elisa guessed it must be something big and bad.

Otherwise, Serenity would not be dumbstruck beyond words.

Serenity was not in the state to drive.

Elisa took the wheel while Jasmine stayed in the backseat with Serenity.

Serenity’s phone rang again.

It was Zachary.

Serenity took the call with shaking hands as Jasmine watched her worriedly.

Once the call was connected, Serenity still could not find the words to speak. It was like something was stuck in her throat. Tears kept flowing down her cheeks.


Zachary had made it to the hospital.

Liberty was still in the emergency room.

He was at a loss of what to say to his wife.

They had assigned so many people to protect Liberty and Sonny in the dark. Yet, Liberty got hurt in the end.

“Seren… Liberty…”

Zachary could not speak another word. His fumbling for words only made Serenity take things the wrong way. Thinking that her sister did not make it, Serenity passed out and fell onto the seat. The phone fell from her hand.


Freaked out, Jasmine held Serenity up and pinched her nose.

Elisa urgently stopped the car by the side of the road and jumped out of the car. She opened the door to the backseat and climbed in to take turns with Jasmine pinching Serenity’s nose.


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