Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1394 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Chapter 1394

Liberty was in the ICU and did not need to be taken care of by family members, who were only allowed to visit inside for a while every day.

Although Serenity could not watch over her sister in the ward, she refused to leave the hospital and insisted on waiting outside for her sister to wake up.

Her sister would definitely wake up.

Police came to the hospital.

Everyone watched as several police officers walked over.

“Which one of you is Jessica Yates?” asked the policeman in the lead.

Everyone looked at Jessica.

Jessica answered with fear, “I am.”

After saying something, that policeman immediately let two policewomen go forward to take her away.


Hank hurriedly blocked their way. His parents followed behind him.

They all looked at the police officers.

“Officer, may I ask what crime my wife has committed? Why are you taking her away?” Hank questioned.

“We suspect that Jessica Yates is involved in this child abduction, so we need to take her back for the investigation. Please cooperate with us.”

Jessica’s face was ashen right away. Her legs went weak, and she could not even stand up. If not. for the two policewomen supporting her, she could have collapsed to the ground.

She could not believe it.

It had only been a few hours since the incident, but the police had come to arrest her already. Were all the people sent by that unknown woman captured? Did they sell her out?

When the incident happened, Jessica saw that many individuals from the other party helped stop Liberty from chasing the man who ran with Sonny in his arms. Though a group of people helped Liberty and the two groups fought, causing the scene to be more chaotic.

There were also a few people who desperately tried to chase after Liberty.

Jessica heard clearly when those people called Liberty “Ms. Hunt”.

Those were not the bad guys, but people who were helping Liberty. If Jessica guessed it right, they were sent by Mr. York.

Jessica was hit with the sudden realization that time-Mr. York had been arranging for people to secretly follow Liberty and her son.

Liberty was Sonny’s biological mother. A woman’s true potential could be seen when something happened to her child.

The Yorks’ bodyguards were all trained, so they were definitely not slow at running.

Even so, they could not catch up to Liberty. Perhaps it was also because killers were charging out along the way to stop them.

The Yorks’ bodyguards and Duncans’ men were only a few minutes late to catch up to Liberty. In the end, she was already stabbed a few times…

Jessica thought this incident would be the same as the zoo incident, where there would be no outcome to the investigation.

Chelsea had complained many times about how the police had not solved the case and caught the bad guys who tried to abduct the kids.

Jessica received the news and was asked not to make a move for a while. She thought the other party would only act again after at least a few months. Who knew, she was deliberately urged these two days to bring Sonny out again.

“Officer, you must be mistaken. My wife… How can she be a suspect in this incident? S-she was always with us, and she doesn’t have the ability to do that.”

Hank suspected that the police had made a mistake.

The policeman said seriously, “We have evidence. We’ll never wrongly accuse anyone.”

Hank wanted to say something else but was pulled away by his parents.

“Hank, didn’t you see your wife’s reaction? Her face was pale, and her legs were weak. That’s the sign of fear after something comes to light,” Mrs. Brown noted.

After saying that, she came to her senses and quickly swooshed in front of Jessica. She raised her hand and slapped Jessica twice.

If not for one of the officers stopping her, she would have continued.

“B*tch, it was you indeed. How dare you collude with the kidnappers to kidnap my grandson?! You spiteful woman! Witch! Don’t stop me, I’ll rip her apart!”


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