Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 587 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 587

“Yes, my Elisa has her pride. It’s not like no one else wants to marry my daughter”

Audrey still knew her daughter best.

If Elisa said she would give up, then she would stay true to her words.

The sound of a car was heard coming from outside.

Alice stood up and while walking out of the house, she said, “That must be Elisa ”

There was her sister–in–law in sight.

Elisa got out of the car and walked toward her sister–in–law, showing a bright smile. “Alice, Mom is still at home, right?”

Alice’s heart ached when she saw her sister–in–law smiling so radiantly. She would rather Elisa cry her heart out than smile like that. Heavens knew it only meant that the brighter Elisa smiled, the deeper the pain in her heart.

She sighed.

It was painful enough to fall in love with a man she should not fall in love with, and it was even more painful to know that the man had just gotten married.

“Mom is still at home. Elisa, are you okay?”

“Do I look like I’m not okay? Don’t worry, Alice. I’m great. I just bade farewell to the past.”

Elisa spoke nonchalantly, but she did not want to talk too much about Zachary. She affectionately hooked her sister–in–law’s arm and said, “Come on, let’s get inside.”

Once Elisa came back, Audrey could no longer sit still.

Thus, the family accompanied her to the DNA testing center.

Compared to Audrey’s nervousness, Serenity was calm back in her store.

She sat at the cashier’s desk weaving crafts. She glanced twice at Grandma May and Mrs. Lane, who were playing with Sonny, before saying to Jasmine, “My husband went out on a business trip. Tell me if there are any events I can attend in the next few days.”

Her life had been pretty distressing recently.

She needed to go out and have some fun with her best friend to relieve the pressure.

She could bring along her sister and nephew as well.

Jasmine smiled. “It’s just shopping and eating. What other events are suitable for you? I doubt you’d be happy attending high society banquets.

“Elisa is heartbroken. Why don’t we accompany her for a drink?”

Serenity immediately shook her head. “Let’s not drink. You know how my alcohol tolerance is. My sister won’t let me drink anymore.”

Jasmine teased her, “I thought you’d dare let yourself go now that your husband is off on a business trip.”

“Don’t make it sound as if I’m afraid of my husband.”

However, she was actually afraid to let go for fear that Zachary would come back, get jealous, fight with

her, and start a cold war again.

“Let’s go watch a movie tonight.”

Serenity proposed, “The students are having their winter break soon, and our shop will have to close for the New Year’s. We can take advantage of the holidays to relax and unwind.”

“I thought you were going to spend the New Year holidays catching up on your orders?”

“It’s important to earn money, but sometimes we ought to make space to put our feet up and enjoy the moment too. There are several new films showing now, and I saw many people showing off their movie ticket stubs on social media too. I haven’t watched a movie in a long time. Let’s go watch one tonight.” Jasmine lowered her voice and asked, “Doesn’t your husband take you out for movies?”

Serenity also lowered her voice and replied, “He’s so busy every day. He doesn’t have the time. I also have too many things to do recently ”

The main reason was that they had no feelings for each other in the past. They had been living under one roof, but there was barely any form of communication, let alone going on dates or watching movies.

The two of them did not even hold hands on the streets.

“Mr. Bucham is always inviting me to the movies, but I decline.”

Serenity was shocked. “You declined? You don’t want to watch dramas anymore?”

Jasmine was speechless.


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