Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 588 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 588

Serenity said with a smile, “Elisa mentioned that Mr. Bucham is from a family that deals with intelligence. If you get together with him, you’ll have first–hand accounts of all sorts of drama. You like it when it’s lively, so I feel like he’s born for you. You two are a great match.”

Jasmine was speechless.

Was she getting a boyfriend to get married with or to gossip?

“You mentioned that your sister’s ex–mother–in–law called you again?”

Jasmine hurriedly changed the topic.

She did not want her best friend to gossip about her.

“My sister divorced that scumbag and moved out, so they naturally couldn’t wait to move in. However, they can only rent a house, stay in a hotel, or go back home now. With my knowledge of their family, they would definitely stay in the city for the New Year’s instead of going home.”

The Brown family must have spread the word in their hometown that the family would be going to the city for New Year’s.

Thus, even if there was no house to live in, the family would rent a place to stay.

Serenity wished she could clone herself so her clone could be stationed with the Brown family to watch the show.

They must have been shocked to see the house renovation smashed.”

Serenity laughed.


The Brown family, who Serenity wanted to watch, had gone to Wiltspoon Hospital to look for Old Mr. Hunt.

Old Mrs. Hunt was recovering well from her surgery and would be discharged and go home to recuperate after a while.

Olivia barged in with her daughter and son–in–law.

Mr. Brown did not want to come, so he stayed at the hotel looking after his three grandchildren.

More importantly, he was too embarrassed.

“Old Mr. Hunt.”

Olivia shouted as soon as she barged into the ward.

When Old Mr. Hunt saw her charge into the room with her daughter and son–in–law, he frowned and wondered where his sons and grandsons went.

There was no one to stop this crazy woman.

“My wife is still sick. Please keep your voice down.”

Old Mr. Hunt poured a cup of warm water for his wife and placed the cup on the bedside table while asking calmly, “Are you here to visit my wife? Why did you come here empty–handed? How old are you? Don’t you know about common courtesy?”

Olivia stormed over and pointed at Old Mr. Hunt, gesticulating and cursing. “We’re not in–laws anymore. Your granddaughter already divorced Hank.

“Hurry up and return the money!”

Old Mr. Hunt slapped away Olivia’s hand that was pointing at him and said with a cold face, “You’re already in your fifties by now. Didn’t your mother teach you not to point at people when you’re talking to


“You lack family education, so your son must be no better. It’s no wonder my granddaughter divorced your son.”

After scolding Olivia, Old Mr. Hunt asked with an innocent face, “Return the money? What money?”

“Your son didn’t give us a betrothal gift when he married my granddaughter. Now that they’re divorced, even if you want to get back the betrothal gift, you shouldn’t be coming to me.”

Chelsea said, “My mom gave you sixty thousand to convince Liberty not to divorce. You took the money but didn’t do the job, so shouldn’t you return the money? Hurry up and give us back the money, or I’ll call the police.”

Old Mr. Hunt retorted, “Just because you said your mother gave me sixty thousand, does that mean it’s true? Is there a record of the transaction?

“Did anyone see her give me the money?

“That day, your mother came to me and asked me to persuade Liberty not to divorce. I also don’t want them to divorce, so I told Serenity to tell her sister not to divorce. However, Serenity refused to listen and even chased us out.

“I already did my best, but the two sisters didn’t listen. I’m only a grandfather to them. What else can I do?”

Old Mr. Hunt refused to return the money.

He would never return money that had entered his pocket!


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