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Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 597

Black in the face, Duncan asked, “What’s going on here?”

Chelsea got up from the ground and tried to charge at Liberty, but Duncan pushed her away.

It took a few steps before Chelsea could steady her balance.

Chelsea looked up and saw a towering man with a scowl standing by Liberty.

The scar on the man’s face was terrifying. She might have nightmares if she stared at the scar long enough.

Shaking in her boots, Chelsea lost the will to pounce on Liberty.

Mrs. Brown hurried to her daughter’s side. The mother and daughter were a hot mess, but so was Liberty.

The few security guards and female employees who tried intervening in the fight looked disheveled.

It never crossed their minds that the fight between two parties involving three women could get so wild. It was impossible to tear them apart.

“Who are you?”

After catching her breath, Chelsea questioned Duncan.

“I’m the boss of this company, and who are you? Who are you to come to my place of business and kick my employee around?”

Duncan turned his head to take in the state Liberty was in.

Liberty’s hair was a mess and she was covered in dirt. She got it from the tussle she had with Chelsea on the ground. There were scratch marks on the back of her hands, neck, and face. Some were bleeding.

“Call the cops,” Duncan instructed the secretary who came with him.

“Mr. Lewis, the cops are on their way.”

Hearing that Duncan was the boss of the company, the mother and daughter did not know if they had a leg to stand on.

Nevertheless, Chelsea stubbornly said, “Are you Liberty’s boss? Good. I need to voice something out, and you can be the judge of it. Liberty’s grandfather extorted sixty thousand dollars from my mom and refused to return the money. Liberty should pay us back for that.

“We can forget about the divorce settlement, but why did she have to trash the house my brother bought before marriage?”

Furrowing his brows, Duncan replied, “You can involve law enforcement if you can’t get back the money Liberty’s grandfather extorted. What does it have to do with Liberty? Your should know about the situation between Liberty and her relatives. It was online for everybody to see. I don’t read viral news online, but even I knew about it.

“So, no. Liberty shouldn’t pay you back for that because it has nothing to do with her.”

Duncan refuted Chelsea before throwing a question to Liberty. “Did you trash their home furnishings?”

Liberty bitterly uttered, “I paid for the renovation cost with the savings I got before the wedding. I poured over four hundred thousand dollars into the house, but I got nothing out. of the property, not even a refund on the renovation cost. I demolished the place since they paid nothing for it.”

Duncan nodded his head. “You weren’t wrong to do so.”

Darting a callous glance at the mother and daughter, Duncan said in a flat tone, “The nerve of you two. You’re the ones at fault. Yet, you came here to kick up a fuss and fight in front of my office. Do you have no respect for my workplace?”

He then turned to the security guards. “Don’t hold back the next time they come here to pick a fight. Give them a good beating and send them to jail. I want to sue them for public disruption and physical abuse of my employee.

“Liberty, get your injuries checked out in the hospital, so you can sue them for aggravated assault. They should pay for this!”

The mother and daughter were at a loss.

Mrs. Brown remarked, “She hit us too. Look at what she did to my daughter. She crushed my daughter with her fats and elephantine weight.”

“They started it. Liberty was only acting out of self–defense.”

“Who are you to say that we started it? You’re her colleagues. You’re twisting the facts to help her!”

Chelsea refused to admit that she pulled the first punch.

Duncan coldly chimed in, “Stop bickering. I have a few security cameras with 360–degree views installed at the entrance. We can check the surveillance tapes on who started it when the cops arrive.”

The mother and daughter were lost for words.

Mrs. Brown whispered to her daughter, “Let’s make a run for it, Chelsea.”

Afraid to be arrested by the cops, Chelsea agreed to her mother’s suggestion. “Okay.”


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