Married at First Sight Chapter 1788 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 1788 by desirenovel-The bodyguard politely asked the strange woman.

The woman leaned on the car, and then took out a pack of cigarettes from her bag. She took out two cigarettes and handed them to the two bodyguards, who refused the cigarettes she handed over.

The woman didn’t care, she lit a cigarette, put the bag back on the car, leaned against the car again, and while breathing, she said to the bodyguard: “I’m here to find your eldest young mistress. Go and tell Serenity that I invited her out for supper and I want to talk to her.”

The bodyguard: “Miss, what’s your surname?”

The woman was young and beautiful, and she asked to see Eldest Mistress by name, and the bodyguard guessed that this woman was known by eldest Mistress, otherwise she wouldn’t have come to talk to her.

“My surname is Dawson.”

She was Analia Dawson.

Analia fell in love with Zachary at first sight, but after being scolded by his father, she seemed to wake up and did not appear in front of Zachary for a long time. But after returning home, she found that she could never forget Zachary.

Mr. Dawson said that during the period of cooperation between Dawson Group and York Corporation, Analia was not allowed to disturb Zachary and his wife, otherwise he would give up her as the successor and support her cousin to become the successor instead.

It had to be said that Analia did not dare to make any mistakes during this period of time due to his father’s threat.

In the past two days, his father went abroad on a business trip, and it would take several months to come back. The company was handed over to her and the eldest brother to be jointly responsible.

Without her father’s suppression at home, Analia couldn’t bear the pain of lovesickness, and came to Wiltspoon alone, but she didn’t dare to go to the York Corporation to find Zachary, and knew that she would never see Zachary when she went, so she came here to see Serenity.

She wanted to compete with Serenity face to face, to see how Serenity could compare to her, to be blessed with Zachary’s affection.

The villa area was very strictly controlled. Analia was not allowed to come in. It was an owner here who knew that she was here to visit the young lady of the York family and kindly brought Analia in. In fact, that person was just uneasy and kind.

People who came to visit the York family’s young lady, even if they would be blocked outside the villa area by security, as long as they contacted the York family’s housekeeper, the housekeeper arranged for someone to come out, and visitors could still enter the villa area.

Analia was blocked outside, and no one from the York family came to lead her in, which meant that this was an uninvited guest and was not welcome.

That person seemed to have good intentions, but in fact she was afraid that the world would not be chaotic, and wanted to see Zachary and his wife have a good show.

It seemed that the love between Zachary and his wife had attracted the jealousy and hatred of many people.

“Miss Dawson, wait a moment.”

A bodyguard walked back to Serenity’s car, and said respectfully to Serenity in the car: “Miss, that car belongs to Miss Dawson, and Miss Dawson said that she wants to talk to you. Let’s talk.”


Serenity immediately thought of the daughter of the Dawson family who sent bouquets of flowers, new clothes and ties to her man.

Facing the sudden appearance of a rival in love, Serenity was neither in a hurry nor jealous, she got out of the car and walked towards Analia.

Analia saw Serenity approaching, still leaning on the car, smoking a cigarette, looking cool.

“Miss Dawson, are you looking for me?”

Serenity stood in front of Analia, using the streetlight at the door to examine her sudden rival in love.

Last time, she didn’t even meet her rival in love, so she didn’t know what Analia looked like, but when she saw her tonight, she was a beauty, the kind who was so flamboyant. It’s normal for Zachary to think that only Zachary was worthy of her.

Serenity dared to say that those daughters who loved Zachary would think like Analia that she, Serenity, was not good enough for Zachary, and only those daughters who came from rich families were worthy of Zachary.

In Analia’s eyes, Serenity might not even be worthy of carrying Zachary’s shoes.


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