Married at First Sight Chapter 1791 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 1791 by desirenovel-Analia wrote down Serenity’s mobile phone number, and was worried that Serenity would give her a fake number. She called the phone number once, and Serenity took out the phone and showed her the caller ID.

Analia just hung up the phone and said with a smile: “Miss Hunt, I’ll go first and make an appointment another day.”

Serenity: “Goodbye.”

Serenity watched Analia get into the car, and when Analia waved to her, she said something: “When Ms. Dawson comes over next time, please park your car in the parking space at the door, and don’t leave it indiscriminately.

It’s blocking my car tonight. I have a good temper and a strong heart. I won’t argue with Ms. Dawson, if it blocks my Mr. York’s road, Ms. Dawson’s sports car will be scrapped.”

Analia: “…It’s my fault, I’ll remember it, I’m sorry.”

Serenity smiled: “Ms. Dawson, I said that I have a good temper and a strong tolerance, and I won’t get angry just because you stop and park randomly. Ms. Dawson, you walk slowly, and I won’t see you off.”

Analia waved her hand casually and drove away.

Watching the rival’s car go away, the smile on Serenity’s face narrowed, and she looked at Sam who had just come out of the villa.

“Young Mistress, what happened?” Sam had just received the news and came out to find out.

After Analia came, she didn’t disturb the people in the house, she just waited silently in the car for Serenity to come back.

Serenity: “It’s nothing, the suitor of your young master came to the house, and the car parked in the parking space without knowing it, and parked sideways at the door, blocking my way. Sam, can we go to the security guard to call the surveillance camera to see look?

Ms. Dawson doesn’t have an access card, and it’s impossible for you to bring her in. How did she come in?”

Serenity acted generously in front of her rivals, and made Analia angry. In fact, she was very stingy.

Her man, she would not share with other women.

How did her love rival get in? She wanted to find out who stabbed her in the back, so she couldn’t see her well.

In the future, she would not allow Analia to come here again, unless… Zachary accepted Analia and brought Analia in, otherwise she would not allow Analia to appear here again.

This was her home!

Her home did not allow outsiders to invade!

“Eldest young mistress, I’ll go to the security room at the gate of the villa area to have a look.”

Sam heard that it was the young master’s admirer who came to the door, and immediately remembered the bouquet of flowers and a few new sets of clothes last time.

He thought that the admirer had already been killed by the young master, but he didn’t expect to reappear after being quiet for a while.

It seemed that she was unwilling to give up.

The eldest and young masters had eldest young mistress, and those women were still desperate, rushing towards them like moths to a flame, so they were not afraid of being burned to nothing.

Sam was firmly on the side of the young mistress.

Sam turned his head and went back to the villa. Soon, he came out on an electric bike and went straight to the security room at the entrance of the villa area.

Serenity asked the driver to drive the car into the villa, and she walked into the house.

After the driver parked the car, he got out of the car and stood with the bodyguard, watching Serenity disappear into the house.

The driver: “Brother Sam, will the eldest young mistress anger the eldest young master?”

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