Married at First Sight Chapter 2335 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2335 by desirenovel-Julian responded to the children with a smile, and then greeted everyone to have breakfast in the cafeteria on the first floor.

The children had lived in Wiltspoon Hotel for a few days, and they were already familiar with it. When it came to having breakfast, they walked in front in small groups.

Julian and Kiera followed the children naturally.

Seeing the happy faces of the children, Kiera said with a smile: “I really envy them. They are much happier than when I was a child. When I was their age, I would often participate in martial arts competitions, but my dad would not take me everywhere for play.”

“After the game, the most they can do is take us to a free park, buy two popsicles for us to try, and then take us home.”

Kiera would not pay out of her own pocket like her to let the children eat and drink well.

Of course, she also wanted to enjoy it herself.

It’s a rare visit, so didn’t treat herself badly.

“You are a good teacher and your students respect you.” Julian praised, “If you pay, you will be rewarded. Your students will remember you in the future.”

As Kiera said, not many teachers were willing to spend their own money to take their children to live in a five-star hotel. After finishing business, they took the children to play around, enjoy the scenery of Wiltspoon, and eat the authentic food in Wiltspoon.

During this trip, she taught the children to eat well, play well, and live well, leaving a deep and beautiful impression on them when they were growing up. It was estimated that many children would remember the trip to Wiltspoon in their lifetime.

As long as they couldn’t forget the trip to Wiltspoon, they couldn’t forget Kiera, a martial arts teacher.

Kiera was also really kind to her students.

Be strict when it should be strict, and relax and enjoy when it’s time to relax and enjoy.

Julian especially appreciated Kiera’s attitude towards life.

She really deserved to be his destined girl, excellent!

Julian, who already regarded Kiera as his future wife, wanted to praise Kiera eight hundred times a day.

Kiera smiled and said, “I don’t need anything in return, as long as they live up to themselves. People who learn martial arts value martial virtue the most, and I hope they will go out to the society in the future and use what they have learned to repay the society.”

The subject changed, and she said seriously: “If they rely on their own skills to do some illegal things and bully men and women, I don’t care what their status is in the future, and I will clean up the house. Students, you can’t do illegal things, and you can’t bully people with your fists.”

The Caron family martial arts school not only taught martial arts but also many principles of life; it depended on how much the children could accept.

If they knew that there were students bullying men and women outside, in addition to expelling them, they would also take action to teach them a lesson so that the other party would be in awe of the Caron family. The consequences would vary a lot.

Julian boasted again, and he asked Kiera: “Ms. Caron, do you accept students as old as me? I also want to go to Caron’s martial arts gym to learn some boxing skills. I don’t need much skill; I just need to protect myself.”


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