Married at First Sight Chapter 2336 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2336 by desirenovel-Julian added: “Don’t worry, I will learn your Caron family’s martial arts, and I will only make a name for your Caron family’s martial arts school, and I will never do anything illegal.”

Julian, who already trained in martial arts, pretended that he knew nothing and proposed to learn martial arts at Caron’s martial arts gym.

That way, he could be with Kiera every day. After a long time, Kiera would definitely like him.

In the whole world, only Kiera could make him a normal man.

He would never be wrong with Kiera, and he would never let others play Kiera’s idea.

Kiera tilted her head and glanced at Julian, and smiled as she walked: “Mr. Bucham, you’re a bit older, and I’m afraid you’ve learned something. If you consider it martial arts training and don’t pursue other things, you can ask my dad or my brother; they may be willing to accept you, so you can go to exercise.”

Julian asked her, “Didn’t you teach me?”

“I usually teach children. For adults, my dad is taking care of it. Just like I told you, adults are a little late in learning martial arts. It’s just for exercise. My dad may just teach you how to do martial arts. Practicing Tai Chi and some basic skills.

Of course, it will be good for you if you have practiced the basic skills well. Those of you who sit in air-conditioned rooms every day lack exercise and are sub-healthy. If you take time to practice with my dad every day, your health will be much better. At least you would not be too fat.”

She glanced at Julian’s figure again, and said with a smile: “Mr. Bucham, you’re not like other bosses. You’re fat and have a big belly. Even if you’re not fat, you’re not as good as Mr. Bucham. Mr. Bucham, you should exercise regularly.”

Julian said honestly: “I exercise regularly. Then, when you go back, I will buy a plane ticket to go back with you, visit Master Caron, and see if Master Caron is willing to accept an old student like me.”

Kiera didn’t think too much, and said bluntly: “Yes, about Mr. Bucham’s work?”

“I can arrange it. My company has been in business for so many years, and it is already on the right track. I have trained a large number of powerful executives to take care of the company for me. Even if I am not in the company, it will not affect the normal operation of the company. “

He was not in Wiltspoon, but his father was. There were people in the Bucham family, so what is he afraid of?

Even if his father didn’t care about things a lot of the time, didn’t he still have cousins? Just Josh alone was enough to guard the Bucham family.

“Mr. Bucham, since you can go away, then follow us back in two days and let my dad see your qualifications. My dad values qualifications when he accepts students. He won’t accept students with bad qualifications. He just throws them to me.

Students with poor qualifications enter our Caron Family Martial Arts Gym purely for physical exercise, and we couldn’t expect them to learn much Martial Arts.”

Julian said: “I just want to exercise. I think, if I stick to it, I can learn a few tricks of three-legged cat Martial Arts. If I encounter bad guys blocking the road and robbing in the future, at least I can protect myself.”

Thinking of what happened that night, Kiera reminded Julian: “Mr. Bucham, life is the most important thing. If there are many robbers and they have a weapon in their hands, they will give up their money to save their lives. You don’t bring money with you when you die, and you don’t take it away with you when you die. Yes, if you give up and save your life, you can still earn more money.”

Julian said: “Thank you, Ms. Caron, for your reminder. I will. If I encounter the situation that night again in the future, I will definitely save my life first. But if they want to hurt my life, they will stand up and resist.”

“That’s right. Mr. Bucham, you’ve a successful career at such a young age. You’re envied and hated by many people. You should be careful in the future. If my father is willing to accept you, you should study hard and you will be better than ordinary people no matter what.”

She would also talk to her father and ask him to accept Julian, an older student.

The two walked while talking, and soon entered the cafeteria.


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