Married at First Sight Chapter 2339 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2339 by desirenovel– “Mr. Bucham.” Julian brought the two bodyguards who came over to act as the driver. When they saw the young master coming out, they greeted them. According to Julian’s instructions in advance, they only called Mr. Bucham, so as not to expose the young master’s identity and scare the future young master’s wife.

In the eyes of the bodyguards, they felt that the young master was supercilious, and with the courage of the future young master’s wife, she would not be afraid of the sky falling.

How could he be afraid of the identity of the young master?

“Yeah.” Julian gave a gentle hum, nodded, and then said to Kiera, “My car can’t accommodate so many people, so I invited two drivers to come, and three cars will travel, so it doesn’t need to be so crowded.”

Kiera thanked him: “Please trouble Mr. Bucham. Mr. Bucham is also thoughtful.”

Julian smiled: “No trouble. Ms. Caron, you’re not afraid of getting into trouble; even if you don’t know me and save my life, I’ll help you arrange a car; it’s just a trivial matter. Ms. Caron, you don’t have to be so polite.”

Kiera smiled, “Okay, let’s stop saying thank you all the time, I’m not used to the polite words of thank you.”

She liked cheerful people.

After the two watched the children get into two cars respectively, Kiera followed Julian to his car.

Julian gently helped Kiera open the car door, Kiera instinctively wanted to thank him, remembering what she had just said, she smiled at Julian, and did not say any more polite words of thank you.

After Kiera put on her seat belt, Julian got into the car, and soon started the car and left Wiltspoon Hotel.

Along the way, Julian dutifully introduced the fun places in Wiltspoon to Kiera.

Kiera was very moved when she heard it, and said in shock: “I can only stay in Wiltspoon for three or two days, and then I have to go back. The parents of the children are thinking about it.”

Julian said: “When you are free in the future, you can come here alone and play for ten days and a half months. When the time comes, call me in advance. I will help you arrange accommodation, take you around, eat delicious food, and do your best as a landlord.”

“How dare I bother you.” Kiera instinctively declined.

Julian said with a smile: “If I worship your father as a teacher and learn martial arts in your Caron family martial arts hall, you will be my senior. It is only natural for a junior to entertain a senior.”

Kiera: “Let’s talk about it after you have accepted my father as your teacher.”

“Master Caron will definitely accept me.” Julian said confidently.

The two were talking and laughing, and felt that they had arrived soon after more than an hour’s drive.

At the foot of the mountain of Wildridge Manor, Julian stopped the car on purpose, pressed the window, pointed to the sea of flowers at the foot of the mountain and the nearby fruit mountain, and said to Kiera: ” These places belong to the York family, and the vegetables and melons in the mountain villa If they are self-sufficient, they eat very healthy food.

Those seas of flowers can be admired or sold. There are quite a few flower shops who come here to purchase. Those fruit hills grow seasonal fruits that are suitable for planting in Wiltspoon, and the fruits are supplied to all the hotels under the York Corporation.”

The hotel needed a lot of fresh fruits to provide to the guests every day.

The vegetables grown couldn’t be eaten up, and they would be supplied to the hotel.

Julian asked Kiera, “Would you like to get out of the car and take a look?”


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