Married at First Sight Chapter 2344 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2344 by desirenovel-She said to Kiera again: “Ms. Caron, we are all very casual people. You don’t have to be restrained, and you don’t have to think that coming here is to disturb us. In the Manor, you can eat, drink and have fun. If you like, you can come often in the future.”

Kiera said with a smile: “old Mrs. York, if I bring students to the competition in the future, I will definitely have the cheek to you again.”

It was better to meet than to be famous.

The old Mrs. York was more approachable than she imagined, and she really had no airs at all.

Just like her grandma, warm and hospitable.

“You can come to play without bringing students to the competition. Let Julian pick you up, and then come to our house as a guest. It’s no problem to stay. Our Manor has a lot of rooms. You can live here for ten and a half months.”

Kiera smiled and answered politely.

But she dared not really come if she wanted to.

Once here, she already knew how much she owed Julian.

Julian always said that the life-saving debt he owed her was hard to repay. He enthusiastically took her and the children around to play, even brought them in to the old house of the richest man York’s family, and invited them to dinner. The grace of saving life should be repaid by the spring.

He was a person who knew how to repay his kindness, and a man who knew how to be grateful would not be far behind.

After spending two short days with Julian, Kiera’s evaluation of Julian became higher and higher.

At the request of Old Mrs. York, the group first went to the main courtyard of the center, drank tea, ate snacks and fruits in the luxurious and low-key hall, and fed everyone well. Grandma May acted as a tour guide and took everyone to visit the Wildridge Manor.

Since she had twelve children with her, Grandma May immediately took a group of little monkeys to the children’s amusement park.

In the past, it was an amusement park built for grandchildren. Even Rowan was in his teens and didn’t like to go to amusement parks. Amusement parks were often in a static state; that is, when Sonny came over, he would only move.

Today was the busiest day.

The children were a little cautious at first, but they couldn’t hold back their love for the amusement park, and they soon became crazy about playing.

Kiera was worried that the children would fall, and followed the children like an old mother, giving all kinds of instructions, and naturally ignored Julian and Old Mrs. York.

At this time, Julian found an opportunity to complain to Old Mrs. York: “Old Mrs. York, you completely stole my limelight. My job as a tour guide was taken away by you.”

Grandma may smiled and said: “I’m sorry, I like these children very much, and I like Ms. Caron very much.”

Julian: “Grandma York, you took all the best girls into your York family and made them your granddaughters-in-law. Why don’t I pick up a leak? Grandma York, Kiera is not suitable for those pigs in your family; don’t get her ideas.”

After the sound fell, she was greeted by Grandma May’s slap.

“Br*t, in your words, Kiera is not suitable for my grandson. What should I think of her? Even if it is suitable for me, I wouldn’t think of her. How difficult it is for you, in this life It can only be planted in Kiera’s hands.”

The corner of Julian’s mouth twitched, and he said, “Grandma York, why do I think you’re taking pleasure in other’s misfortune?”

Grandma May: “You have no disasters or disasters, so why am I lucky?”

Julian was speechless.

“By the way, what are you still sitting here for?” Grandma May said to Julian, “Didn’t you see that your future wife can’t keep an eye on so many children by herself?

The dozen or so children were taught well by her. Let them study hard and practice hard. As long as they have good character and good skills, Zack will recruit them into our York family’s bodyguard company in the future. After receiving training, Give them work.”

Julian: “…My future wife’s favorite students, as long as they have good character and outstanding ability, I will arrange a good future for them.”

Grandma May wanted to take his chance to please Kiera and the children again.


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