Married At First Sight Chapter 3040

Married At First Sight Chapter 3040-No one had seen the identification results, but it was conceivable that Camryn was her father’s daughter.

Otherwise, Mr. Newman and his wife would not abuse Camryn.

But she also learned from it that Mrs. Newman had been having an affair with her husband’s brother for a long time, and she had cuckolded her husband.

Thinking about it now, Rosella was glad that Mr. Newman and his wife did not care about Camryn or teach her.

Under the guidance of Evelyn and the nanny who loved her the most, Camryn developed a new outlook on life.

If Mr. Newman and his wife were very kind to Camryn, they wouldn’t know what Camryn would be like under their guidance.

Their mistreatment of Camryn made Camryn develop a strong character and upright views.

When the couple saw Camryn now, they were probably so regretful that their intestines turned green.

“It’s not their fault. It’s the mother who knows how to raise children. She raises each child well and cultivates their talents. Everyone is a good person. Who doesn’t like excellent people?

If you have a daughter at home, who doesn’t want to choose a good in-law for your daughter? When choosing a son-in-law, you will also choose the son-in-law’s mother. Marriage is not a matter of two people, but a matter of two families.

After marriage, both husband and wife must integrate into their families and adapt to their living habits. Don’t think about changing anyone. It is often you who change.”

Rosella said. Her eyes were all smiling.

Rosella was overjoyed when Camryn complimented her, and she couldn’t help but smile.

She liked Camryn more and more.

Living in the darkness for ten years did not defeat Camryn, but it allowed her to gain insight into people’s hearts and see human nature clearly.

Camryn needed to have such a vision.


Levine Family.

Mr. Levine had just mixed himself a glass of wine, and when he came out of the small bar next to the kitchen, he heard the sound of a car.

He walked towards the door of the house with a glass of wine and soon saw his wife and daughter getting out of the car.

Mrs. Levine seemed to be angry. After getting off the car, she walked straight to the main house without waiting for Samira.

Samira walked carefully behind Mrs. Levine.

What happened?

Mr. Levine did not accompany Mrs. Levine and Samira to Erickson’s house for the banquet. He had just returned from the company.

“Is the banquet over? Are you two back so soon? Why are your faces so dark? What happened?” Mr. Levine waited for his wife to come closer and asked with concern.

Mrs. Levine said coldly, “Ask your daughter.”

She went straight into the house.

Mr. Levine looked at Samira behind him.

Seeing that Samira’s evening dress was stained and smelling of alcohol, she guessed that it was alcohol that stained her dress.

He asked with concern, “Samira, what’s going on? Why is so much drink splashed on your evening dress? Or was it splashed by someone?”

Mr. Levine thought that Samira was quite well-behaved and would not offend anyone and get drunk all over her body.

Mr. Levine asked, “Who bullied my daughter?”

Facing her father’s concern, Samira felt ashamed. She lowered her head, not daring to look into her father’s eyes, and whispered, “Dad, I’m sorry; I got into trouble, and that’s why others poured drinks on me.”

Mr. Levine: “…”

He turned around and hurried back into the house. Seeing that his wife was already sitting on the sofa, he walked over, sat next to her, and asked in a gentle voice, “What trouble did Samira get into?”

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