The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6760

After saying that, he turned around impatiently and left the antique street, planning to find a law firm for consultation.

When Zhou Liangyun saw him leaving, he returned to the store. In fact, he had no intention of leaving. He just said he wanted to leave because he didn’t want to get entangled with Jacob.

However, in order to avoid trouble, he still hung a closure sign outside the door and locked the door from the inside.

At this time, a man suddenly walked out of the door and asked through the glass door: “Boss, can I show you something else?”

Zhou Liangyun didn’t even look back. He was about to refuse when he suddenly realized that the person speaking was charlie Wade.

So, he quickly turned around and saw charlie Wade standing outside the store door.

A smile appeared on his face, he took two quick steps to open the door, and asked with a smile: “Mr. Wade, we haven’t seen each other for a long time!”

charlie Wade knew that Zhou Liangyun was continuing his own personality. According to his current With this identity setting, he naturally knew himself, but since he was expelled from Ji Qingtang, he had no contact with him anymore.

So, charlie Wade also smiled and said: “Boss Zhou, long time no see, you are your own boss now.”

Zhou Liangyun said very humbly: “It’s a small business, it’s not worth mentioning. I wonder why Mr. Wade comes to visit you?”

charlie Wade casually took out an amulet made of Tridacna and said: “I got something by chance, and I would like to ask Boss Zhou to take a look.”

Zhou Liangyun nodded, made an invitation gesture, and said: “Mr. Wade, please come in. “

charlie Wade stepped into the store, and Zhou Liangyun closed the door again, and then said to charlie Wade with a smile: “Master Ye, does your father-in-law know that you are here?”

charlie Wade said with a smile: “He doesn’t. You know, I was at the teahouse opposite and came down after he left.”

After that, he asked Zhou Liangyun: “Uncle Zhou, what did my father-in-law say when he came to you?”

Zhou Liangyun said with a smile: “First he said he donated all the money. I begged me not to call the police. I told him that I had no intention of calling the police. He quickly called the charity again and wanted them to return the money. The other party said that he needed to go through legal channels, so he planned to find a lawyer and thought before leaving. He asked me to help him refute Zhang Ermao ( Cade )’s circle of friends. I didn’t agree to it, but I didn’t completely block the possibility.”

charlie Wade shook his head and said with a smile: “It seems that the country is easy to change and the nature is hard to change. I thought he could. I really realized my mistake, but I didn’t expect that the only thing on my mind was the position.”

After saying that, charlie Wade said again: “Uncle Zhou, you don’t have to talk to him anymore, and don’t leave any room for him in this matter. He must be able to do it. It’s his job to get the donated money back, but as for his reputation, it will be stinky if it stinks.”

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