The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6771

After saying that, he added: “I usually drink mostly red wine, and occasionally some whiskey.”

Zhou Liangyun asked again: “Then how much does a bottle of wine you usually drink cost?”

Steve thought for a while: “With food For wine, the unit price is usually between 10,000 and 50,000 US dollars. For an important banquet, the price is usually over 100,000 US dollars.”

Zhou Liangyun pointed to the yellow-topped glass bottle of liquor he bought and asked him, “Guess what this bottle of wine is.” How much is it?”

Steve shook his head: “I don’t usually drink Chinese liquor, so I don’t know much about the market…”

charlie Wade on the side smiled and said: “I’m letting you guess, not letting you understand. You have to know. How much does a bottle of this wine cost? “

Steve said quickly: “Then… I guess it’s about… three thousand dollars?”

“Three thousand dollars?” Shaking his head, he smiled and said, “You won’t need so much, so I’ll just charge it to about seven dollars.”

“Seven dollars?” Steve was stunned and blurted out, “Mr. Zhou usually drinks wine worth seven dollars?”

Zhou Liangyun laughed. Said: “When I was in the United States, I never drank such cheap wine, but yesterday I asked for a bottle in a small restaurant and found that although this wine is cheap, it tastes not bad at all.”

Steve stared at himself. Filling the glass with wine, he subconsciously swallowed his saliva and said nervously: “Before drinking this kind of wine, do I need to do a test to see if there are any problems with the ingredients?”

charlie Wade and Zhou Liangyun looked at each other and smiled. Then Zhou Liangyun said, “Just drink boldly. If anything happens to the wine I took, it will be mine.”

charlie Wade also echoed: “Don’t worry, if something happens to you if you drink, I’ll feed you a pill on the spot. Wouldn’t you make a profit?”

Steve sneered and said, “Then I’ll drink two more bottles. Mix a pill with you.”

Zhou Liangyun said with a smile: “There is only one bottle of wine, let the three of us drink it separately. Each of us is only thirty-two cents, a little more than five ounces. With your physique, you shouldn’t be able to drink much. Come on.”

Steve sighed: “I know Mr. Wade’s elixir is not so easy to get…”

charlie Wade smiled slightly: “That’s not necessarily the case. I have always been generous to my true friends. Not to mention the elixir for your father, the rejuvenation elixir that is several times stronger than that elixir, I don’t even know how many have been given away.”

Steve said with a serious face: “Mr. Wade. , you know, I have always regarded you as a friend.”

charlie Wade smiled and said: “Really? Why didn’t I feel it?”

Zhou Liangyun fanned the flames: “It’s probably because Steve’s friendship is more reserved.”

charlie Wade nodded, looked at Steve, and joked: “Steve, we Easterners are more reserved, you Westerners should always be passionate and unrestrained. From now on, you can be more direct in your expressions of friendship.” “

Steve knew that charlie Wade was teasing him, so he could only say humbly: “Don’t worry, Mr. Wade, I will be careful not to be so subtle in the future.”

After that, he quickly expressed his stance to charlie Wade: “Mr. Wade, if you have any use for me in the future, just ask, and I will do my best. As the ancient Chinese said, oh, I remembered, I will go out of my way to protect my friends. I, Steve… Rothschild too!

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