The Legendary Man Chapter 1322

Chapter 1322 Right In Front
As Sirius made his stance clear, the balance of the two groups tipped in favor of Jonathan.
Merilyn held Stellario’s hand, looking at him with pleading eyes.
“Why are you looking at me?” Stellario gently lifted his hand and affectionately stroked Merilyn’s hair. “Don’t worry, I wouldn’t gamble with my own life and fortune. Before I leave this place, I will definitely do my utmost to help Joshua while ensuring my own safety.”
Merilyn let out a sigh of relief.
Although she couldn’t fully understand the grudges between Stellario and Jonathan and others, she knew that if Stellario still coveted Joshua’s treasure under such circumstances, Jonathan and others might directly eliminate Stellario.

As for Jonathan and his companions, naturally, they could not possibly believe in Stellario’s assurances.

Still, since Stellario had said that, that meant he had made up his mind.

Everyone turned their gaze toward the “burly man” who had just finished disguising himself in the far distance.

Kathleen covered her face and laughed softly.

“Why are you all looking at me? As a weak woman, what choice do I have except to comply? Since everyone wants to safeguard Joshua, I’ll just join you all!”

At that moment, Kathleen was draped in a mask over fifty kilograms and had transformed into a burly man. Yet, she spoke with a voice as delicate as a silver bell, startling the few people who heard her.

“I can’t believe I was once captivated by your beauty.” Hayden shuddered, speaking with a hint of nausea.

Upon hearing that, Kathleen gently shook the mask she was carrying.

“If you want to have me now, I’ll transform myself according to your preference. Let me tell you a secret. Mastering the art of disguise can be quite powerful. Whatever style you desire, I can cater to your every whim. I’ll make you feel like a groom every night, providing you with a unique experience each day.”

Hayden found himself instinctively stepping back as he looked into Kathleen’s captivating eyes, hidden beneath the painted mask. “Adopting a different appearance every day. How many girls must you have slaughtered?”

“There are plenty of people in this world,” Kathleen said with a hearty laugh. “How many do you want? I can provide as many as you need!”

Jonathan looked at Kathleen with an icy gaze. “So, the eight respectable families really do treat human lives as if they’re nothing more than grass.”

Kathleen turned to look at Jonathan.

“We, the eight respectable families, are not as ruthless as your Asura’s Office. I figure you’ve already sacrificed over a million people on the Doveston battlefield, right? I remember when we first arrived, your Asura’s Office had already suffered over three hundred thousand casualties. Have our eight families ever so blatantly sent so many to their deaths?”

Listening to Kathleen mention the martyrs who died in the Battle of River Onxy, Jonathan pointed his Heaven Sword directly at Kathleen. “You’re not even worthy to mention this.”

Joshua swung his Formation Crusher from the side, firmly blocking the hilt of Jonathan’s Heaven Sword. “Jonathan, this is not the time to talk about this. The situation in Doveston is tense. It’s a matter of great importance concerning the territorial integrity of Chanaea. Those eight families truly don’t deserve to mention this matter.”

Looking at Joshua, Jonathan forcefully suppressed his anger.

During the onset of the Battle of River Onxy, all seven families, except for the Leeson family, hastily retreated from Doveston. Such actions had already caused Jonathan to be utterly displeased.

Previously, although Jonathan had always wanted to take action against the eight families, his dissatisfaction stemmed from their complete monopoly over society. He wanted to bring true fairness to Chanaea.

Even if it involved the eight families, that was still an internal issue of Chanaea.

Only after the Battle of River Onxy erupted did Jonathan truly understand that the eight families had no sense of patriotism or familial loyalty.

To them, there was no right or wrong, no grand principles. They only prioritized eternal interests.

Jonathan felt that such pests should never be allowed to exist within the realm of Chanaea.

Kathleen had deeply offended Jonathan by using the hundreds of thousands of martyrs from the Battle of River Onxy as an example.

“Kathleen, we’re still in the city. You promised to protect Joshua before we leave. I’ll make a deal with you as well now. I’m really annoyed with you right now. Once we step out of this city gate, you’ll be the first one I kill.”

Upon hearing Jonathan’s words, everyone was stunned.

Kathleen stepped forward, bringing her neck directly in front of Jonathan.

At that proximity, all Jonathan needed to do was to make a slight forward gesture, and he could pierce Kathleen’s throat with his Heaven Sword.

Kathleen stared at the sharp sword blade close at hand, her gaze as cold as ice. “Jonathan, it just so happens that I’ve been wanting to take you down too. Do you really think I’m just getting by on my good looks? Beyond this door, I will show you what I, Kathleen, am capable of. I hope you’re ready for it.”

Jonathan watched as Kathleen slowly withdrew her gaze from Heaven Sword.

“I’ll be waiting for you!”

Meanwhile, at the western city gate garrison at North Outer City of the small world, over three hundred years of peaceful days had completely relaxed the envoys of the South Outer City and North Outer City.

Although the defense forces at several city gates of the North Outer City were still in place, in reality, they were merely a facade.

According to the old system, each side of the city gate must be guarded by no less than two hundred advanced phase God Realm cultivators, and before the city gates, it was necessary to establish patrol posts and lookout towers so as to be prepared for the onslaught of beast waves at any time.

Now, the sentries at the city gate were all present.

But in reality, it was all just for show. Even the garrisons on both sides of the city gate were in a state of disarray.

More than half of the people, who should have been training in the military camp, were scattered throughout the city, seeking pleasure in various taverns and brothels.

Before the grand gate, within a simple thatched hut, two advanced phase God Realm cultivators were idly gazing toward the direction of the city center.

“Say, who on earth has the audacity to cause a ruckus at the governor’s residence?” One of the cultivators, with a straw stalk dangling from his mouth, spoke in a listless manner.

“Isn’t that just courting death?” The other cultivator picked up the hip flask hanging from his waist and tilted his head back to pour the content into his mouth.

However, because of a greedy sip, after all that tipping, only a pitiful few drops of wine fell.

“The wine’s run out again.” The cultivator spoke with a hint of displeasure.

“It doesn’t matter who caused the commotion at the governor’s residence. Today, Roy is the governor, but tomorrow, it could very well be Celestus, the deputy governor, taking over. All that bickering back and forth, it’s all bigwig business. You and I are just gatekeepers, a role as insignificant as ants. However, we enjoy a carefree and leisurely life. Don’t worry. Even if the governor’s residence is attacked or the governor himself is killed, it won’t affect us in the slightest. We should eat and drink as we please. Once we leave the city, I plan to visit Swinford Village again. The wine brewed by those commoners there is amazing.”

The cultivator spoke with his eyes closed, lost in ecstasy. As he spoke, his Adam’s apple bobbed as if he were truly savoring some fine wine.

Just then, the cultivator beside him reached out and forcefully tugged at his clothes.

“Wake up. The Black Armor soldiers are here!”

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