The Legendary Man Chapter 1323

Chapter 1323 Breaking Through With Force
In the small world, the God Realm cultivators from the South Outer City and North Outer City were not solely envoys to the Outer City.
Even though in every village of the small world, those envoys represented the authority of the South Outer City and North Outer City and even the prestige of Yannopolis.
In reality, those envoys, who could not even be part of the Black Armor Legion, were at most comparable to the police in Chanaea.
All the unimportant yet burdensome tasks of transporting supplies and the management of the village would be assigned to those envoys.
As for the Black Armor soldiers, they were the real organized guards of the South Outer City and North Outer City.
Normally, the task of guarding the city gates should be rotated among the Black Armor soldiers.
Given the three centuries of peace, everyone had long since treated the beast wave as nothing more than a tale. The millurions and centurions of the Black Armor Legion did not take it seriously at all.
Even Roy and Celestus, who were sitting in the governor’s residence, turned a blind eye and did not pay too much attention to such minor details.
At that moment, Jonathan and the others, under the leadership of Kathleen, pretended to be the Black Armored soldiers and arrived in front of the city gate.

Upon seeing Kathleen’s stern expression and the six solemn-faced Black Armor soldiers behind her, the two envoys did not dare to delay. They hurriedly exited their tent to pay their respects.

“Greetings, Military officer!”

In the small world, one would have to be at least a centurion in order to afford to have about ten bodyguards accompanying them while moving around.

The status of a Black Armor soldier and an envoy could not be more different. These envoys would not dare to provoke an ordinary member of the Black Armor Legion, let alone a centurion like Kathleen.

Jonathan and the others had already learned about the disparity in their statuses from Merilyn. Seeing the reaction from the envoys, they were not too surprised.
With a cold gaze, Kathleen looked at the two envoys, letting out a disdainful snort.

“There are outlanders causing trouble within the city. Yet you all are still here, drinking and making merry! Where is your commander?”

Kathleen had intended to intimidate the two of them. However, upon hearing her words, Joshua, who was standing behind her, let out a soft sigh.

Jonathan looked at Joshua with a hint of confusion.

“What’s wrong?”

Joshua shed his murderous aura completely, letting go of all pretense.

Summoning a long sword from his storage ring, he strode directly forward.

“The system here follows the old Primeval Epoch tradition. They don’t use the term ‘commander’. According to their military terminology, their commander should be referred to as legatus!”
As Joshua spoke, he walked past Kathleen.

“Brainless bimbo! Ignorance can be deadly!”

“Who are you talking about, Joshua?”

At that moment, Kathleen also gave up her voice disguise and started scolding in a charming manner.

As for Joshua and Jonathan, they had already dashed off, leaving two trails of afterimages and heading straight toward the two envoys.

“Enemy attack!”

Two piercing roars tore through the sky.

Within the guard camps on either side of the city gate, although most people had already left their posts to enjoy drinks and merriment in the city, there were still quite a few cultivators who chose to stay behind in the camp for a good night’s sleep.

Upon hearing the cries of the two envoys, figures emerged from the tents in a state of panic, one after another.

At that moment, Jonathan and his companion were pulling out their sabers from the bodies of the two envoys.

“Protect Joshua!”

Jonathan spoke in a cold voice. Upon hearing his words, the others immediately positioned themselves around Joshua to protect him.

“Enemy attack! Enemy attack!”

Shouts from the cultivators rang out everywhere. Those envoys who had not encountered a battle for a long time scrambled out of their tents in disarray.

Looking around, the guard shift that was supposed to consist of four hundred people now had less than one hundred and fifty people present.

The guard duty at the North Outer City was practically non-existent.

Even so, despite their panic, the envoys did not seem to worry at all when they looked at Jonathan and his companions.

A boisterous laugh echoed around them. Jonathan and his companions turned their heads to see a burly man with a full beard. He was an advanced phase God Realm cultivator, standing bare-chested in front of many envoys.

“So, the lot of you are the ones who’ve been causing chaos in the city. It seems that fate is aiding me in achieving my military merits. You guys better start running! Are you thinking of escaping through the gap in the city wall? Do you know that these four gaps are actually the strongest parts of the entire Outer City? You guys better run! Hehe… Why not surrender quickly and accompany me to the governor’s residence to apologize!”


Accompanied by the robust man’s voice, a sound akin to the shattering of ice crystals echoed from behind Jonathan and his companions.

Everyone turned to look, only to see Joshua leaping ten meters ahead.

Even though it was just a distance of ten meters, his action caused the expressions of the burly men in the distance to drastically change.

“One hundred meters beyond the sentry post lies the range of the protective formation. Without a seal, it’s absolutely impossible to set foot even half a step…”


Before the burly man could finish speaking, Joshua was already swinging his ink-colored Formation Crusher forward again.

Everyone saw what Joshua did.

As the Formation Crusher swung, it seemed effortless, yet the space around it surged with each movement.

That feeling was like slicing through clear lake water with a knife. Even though you could not see much, you could still see the ripples under the light.

However, what Joshua was cutting through was space itself.

Moreover, as he swung with all his might, waves of ink-colored smoke began to swirl around the Formation Crusher.

The smoke was like ink droplets in water, continuously diluted by the space around it until it finally disappeared into the void.

Joshua swung the Formation Crusher in his hand while taking strides forward. Surprisingly, he managed to advance another ten meters.

One after another, Joshua tossed Spirit Rejuvenating Pills into his mouth. After replenishing his spiritual energy, Joshua once again gripped the Formation Crusher tightly and commenced his third swing.

“That guy…”

The burly man looked at Joshua with a displeased expression.

“Is he breaking our formation?”
Despite witnessing everything unfolding before his eyes, the burly man still found it somewhat hard to believe all that he was seeing.

The formation was an intangible entity. To break it, one must diligently study the way of the formation, discover its patterns, and directly break the formation’s foundation. Only then could the formation be broken.

Obviously, brute force could also break the formation, but it would require an attack several times stronger than the defense power of the formation itself.
Even for a Divine Realm cultivator, breaking through the incredibly complex defensive formation of the North Outer City Gate, which was layered upon itself, would be an impossible task.

But now, Joshua had astonishingly torn it apart with just a black Formation Crusher.

How is this possible?

“Quick… Report to the governor’s residence… Kill them! The formation must not be broken!”

The burly man was stunned for a few seconds before he loudly commanded. However, in those few seconds, Joshua had already swung the Formation Crusher in his hand once again…

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