The Legendary Man Chapter 1324

Chapter 1324 They Have Arrived
With a piercing sound, arrows imbued with spiritual energy rapidly hurtled toward Joshua.
At that moment, Joshua seemed as if he had gone deaf, completely oblivious to the danger lurking behind him.
Puff, puff, puff, puff…
A series of noises echoed from behind, yet Joshua remained completely unfazed.
Not a shred of spiritual energy leaked out, not a thread of his spiritual sense dispersed.
He was focused entirely on gathering spiritual energy, infusing it into the Formation Crusher, and swinging it with all his might.
At that moment, Joshua was like a machine devoid of any thought, unconditionally entrusting his back to Jonathan and the others.
At that moment, different people who were constantly plotting against each other were surprisingly entrusting their lives to each other.
Life was ever-changing indeed.
Behind Joshua, Jonathan, with the bronze handbell above his head, had his back turned to Joshua.
Before him, the three massive shields, sturdy as walls, were already bristling with arrows, much like a porcupine.
“Just focus on breaking the formation. You won’t be affected until after I’m dead.” Jonathan spoke in a cold voice to Joshua behind him.
Joshua casually tossed a few Spirit Rejuvenating Pills into his mouth. “You’re affecting me right now!”

Jonathan was left speechless by Joshua’s retort.

Joshua, however, lightly tapped his foot before floating ahead.

“Jonathan, if we can make it out alive, I will help you settle the score with the eight respectable families.” Out of the blue, Joshua blurted before focusing on breaking the formation again.

Upon hearing Joshua’s promise, Jonathan grinned.

Jonathan had been seeking a direction for Asura’s Office to develop.

He was the founder who, through his military achievements and faith, managed to unite the Eight Kings of War and nearly two million devoted soldiers.

The respect those people had for him was because he acted for the sake of the greater good. They had a kind of near-blind admiration toward him.

While that could quickly amass followers, creating a team that would carry out orders without question, it was only applicable in the early stages.

Myths were meant to be shattered.

Jonathan was revered as Asura by the cultivators of Asura’s Office, hailed as an undying faith.

However, faith, by its nature, was bound to crumble. As Asura, Jonathan too, would inevitably be defeated one day.

As such, he worried what would happen next.

Would Asura’s Office, having lost its faith, still be the same Asura’s Office?

Jonathan always believed in one principle, which was that professionals should handle professional matters.

Joshua was the person Jonathan had found to take his place.

In Jonathan’s mind, Joshua was steady, strategic, and had a broad perspective.

The future Asura’s Office required the guidance of such individuals.

Alas, Joshua had finally formally agreed to help Jonathan.

That was why Jonathan was delighted.

A spear pierced through the shield in front of Jonathan, thrusting straight toward his face.


As the bell tolled, Jonathan’s blood surged with vigor.
The spear slid along the side of the large bronze handbell shield. Under the astonished gaze of the envoy, Jonathan dispelled the protection of the eerie bronze bell. Then, Jonathan reached out to grasp the spear.

“Get lost!” Using Heaven Sword, Jonathan severed the man in half at the waist. “Those who dare to mess with Asura’s Office are doomed to die!”

With a gentle tap of his foot, he transformed into an afterimage, charging into the midst of those envoys.

A group of envoys, save for the ones who initially charged fearlessly for the sake of military merit, caused a bit of a nuisance for the group.

After witnessing the tactics of the group and the loss of forty to fifty of their people, the envoys hesitated, not daring to step forward.

The six individuals, led by Jonathan, stood in a fan formation with their backs to Joshua. In front of them, dozens of mutilated bodies were scattered haphazardly on the ground, staining the earth with blood.

Behind the six individuals, Joshua seemed to be in his own world, completely unaffected by anything around him.

In less than two minutes, everyone had engaged in battle and retreated, advancing more than a hundred meters toward the direction of the city gate.
However, as the crowd approached the city gate, the speed at which Joshua was breaking through the formation slowed considerably.

Moreover, after each time he broke through the formation, Joshua’s progress speed also slowed down. The distance he could cover was reduced from about ten meters at the beginning to only three meters each time.

Joshua looked at the dense forest beyond the city wall a hundred meters ahead as a hint of urgency flashed in his eyes. “This formation is more complex than I imagined. I need more Spirit Rejuvenating Pills.”

When Joshua said that, Jonathan and his companions threw all their Spirit Rejuvenating Pills in Joshua’s direction. They did so without hesitation.

Joshua didn’t hold back, casually crushing a jade vial in his hand and popping the pills inside into his mouth.

By that point, there was no need to suspect that anyone would secretly harm Joshua.

After all, if they couldn’t get out of that city gate, they were all going to die.

Jonathan turned his head and asked Joshua. “Joshua, how much longer do you need?”

Joshua held the Formation Crusher in both hands, his eyes filled with the color of exhaustion. “At least ten more minutes! My spiritual sense and blood essence are greatly depleted. I need that power of yours.”
Naturally, Jonathan knew that what Joshua was talking about was the life force.

Naturally, Jonathan wouldn’t be stingy with it. After all, although life force was incredibly precious, it was only useful to the living.

It wouldn’t do any good to the dead.

In a flash, Jonathan was at Joshua’s side, pouring all the life force from his body into Joshua’s meridians.

“If you can’t hold on any longer, tell me I’ll toss you into the Coffin.” The only way Jonathan could ensure everyone’s safety was to have them all hide inside the Coffin.

If they couldn’t break through, Jonathan would have no choice but to lead the group underground and live like rats.

Fortunately, North Outer City was vast enough. As long as they refrained from acting recklessly and scraped by, even if they hid for a lifetime, they might not necessarily be discovered.

As Joshua felt the life force within him, his hands tightly gripped the Formation Crusher as he raised it high.

“The tactics we’ve displayed have already caught the attention of Celestus and his team. The news will soon reach Yannopolis as well. If we can’t escape this time, they will undoubtedly seal off all four exits. They’ll comb through every centimeter of the North Outer City to find us. This is our only way to survive!” Joshua swung the Formation Crusher with both hands.

Before him, the ink-like aura dispersed, and the city’s defensive formation was once again torn open.

At that moment, streaks of luminescent light flickered at the top of the city wall.

Black Armor soldiers appeared without warning atop the city walls through portal formations.

“Joshua! You need to hurry!” Hayden shouted loudly. “They’re here!”

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