The Legendary Man Chapter 1325

Chapter 1325 Plan
Jonathan turned his head toward the direction of Celestus, only to see countless wolf riders charging toward them on the main road directly opposite the city gate.
In the blink of an eye, the wolf riders covered a distance of several hundred meters, appearing right before their eyes. Riding the blue wolves were the Black Armor soldiers.
“How many opponents are we facing?” With his back to everyone, Joshua was fully focused on breaking the formation.
Even though he didn’t turn around to look, he couldn’t help but speak up while gathering his spiritual energy.
Jonathan looked around. At that moment, not only the main road opposite the city gate but even the nearby path and roofs of the houses were occupied by packs of green solves.
Even Jonathan was having trouble estimating just how many green wolves there were at that point.
Jonathan gently patted Joshua’s shoulder and said, “Focus on breaking the formation. I promised you that as long as I’m alive, I will ensure your safety.”
Joshua didn’t say a word. Instead, he swung down the Formation Crusher in his hand once again.
Jonathan returned to his position, standing in line with Hayden and the others.

At that moment, facing the Black Armor soldiers felt entirely different from facing those envoys from the Outer City just a while ago.

The Black Armor soldiers gave off a murderous and cold vibe.
The aura of those Black Armor soldiers rose and converged, pressing onto everyone like endless waves, layer upon layer, unceasing and relentless.

Hayden looked at Jonathan and uttered through gritted teeth, “Mr. Goldstein… These guys seem tough to deal with.”

Kathleen lit a cigarette for herself and said with a faint smile, “I guess we can’t win, can we?”

Stellario reached out and gripped his saber. “That’s not necessarily the case. Among us, aside from Merilyn and Hayden, we all have hidden talents that we’ve yet to display. There might still be a way to survive if we put forth our best effort like our lives depend on it!”

Upon hearing that, Sirius looked at Stellario. “Since you’ve put it that way, I’ll show my trump card first. Everyone else, don’t hold back either. If any of you wait until everyone is dead and take advantage of the situation, that’ll be no different from courting death.”

As he spoke, Sirius picked up his spear and started walking forward.

Just then, above the heads of the crowd, a sharp bird cry suddenly rang out.

They looked up and saw a gigantic bird, with wings spanning thirty to forty meters, circling down from the towering white city wall.

A massive gust stirred up a cloud of dust that filled the sky. The moment the bird landed, a figure lightly leaped off its back. The newcomer was Celestus, the deputy governor of the North Outer City.

“I received all of you at the governor’s residence as my guests, yet you caused such a huge ruckus halfway through our drinks and then left without a word. You’ve certainly made it hard for me to find you.” Celestus chuckled as he spoke to the group.
His gaze swept over the faces of Jonathan and the others one by one, his eyes full of brilliance.

“Where is the gatekeeper legatus?”

As Celestus’s voice rang out, the burly man with a full-faced beard responded in a trembling voice, “I’m the legatus, Clyde.”

The burly man rushed up to Celestus, stepping forward with his left foot and bowing in respect. “Mr. Xuereb!”
Celestus gave a slight nod to the burly man in front of him. “So, you’re the gatekeeper legatus? Excellent. Why are there less than two hundred of your gatekeeper troops stationed here?”

Upon hearing that, the burly man quickly lowered his head and responded with a trembling voice, “Recently, the weather has been hot and dry, and the other envoys have all entered the city—”


Before the burly man could finish his sentence, Celestus had already drawn his saber and decapitated him.
“As a gatekeeper, you’re so lax and sloppy, with no clear command of your troops. What use are you?”

As Celestus spoke, he gently waved his hand toward the other gatekeeper envoys. “Do away with them.”

The Black Armor soldiers responded in unison, “Yes!”

In the next moment, an indiscriminate massacre of those envoys shockingly began.

At that moment, not only the envoys were stunned, but Jonathan and the others were also somewhat bewildered.

Hayden asked Jonathan somewhat bewilderedly, “Has Celestus lost his mind? How could he start turning on his own people?”
At that moment, Jonathan had yet to fathom Celestus’ character, so he shook his head and remained silent.

At that moment, Kathleen, on the contrary, discarded the cigarette in her hand and exhaled a long puff of smoke. “What’s so hard to understand? To them, these envoys are as plentiful as dogs. They can have as many as they want. Just like affiliated families like yours. We can annihilate a few on a whim, and with a simple wave of our hand, countless powerful clans will be eager to serve us like dogs.”

Upon hearing that, Hayden looked at Kathleen with a sneer. “Kathleen, you’d better shut your mouth, or I’m afraid I won’t be able to resist smashing your d*mn head in.”

The almost harsh hierarchy within the small world made it so that those envoys didn’t even dare to resist.
Amidst the pleas for mercy, the Black Armor soldiers met virtually no resistance, swiftly reducing their enemies to a field of scattered corpses.

At that moment, Celestus was sitting cheerfully on a large chair, watching Jonathan and his party.

“In less than half a day, you few, at no cost of casualties, have killed over eight hundred of my Black Armor soldiers. Now, you also caused the death of an additional one hundred and fifty envoys. I really should have you all executed for causing this commotion.”

Listening to Celestus’ words, Hayden repeatedly waved his hands. “Hey, hey, hey! You should speak with some conscience, okay? It was clearly you who ordered the elimination of those hundred-plus people just now.”

Celestus looked at Hayden, his eyes greedily falling on that high-precision sniper rifle. “I remember you. You shattered my arm with your hidden weapon and killed the spiritual control cultivator, yet there’s not a trace of spiritual energy on your weapon. How extraordinary.”

Upon hearing the words, Hayden instinctively tightened his grip on the sniper rifle in his arms. “You’re just uncultured. This is called a sniper rifle. I can take you out with a single shot from a kilometer away.”

Celestus’ eyes gleamed after he heard Hayden’s words. “Oh? Since it’s that peculiar, I shall allow you to live just because of this alone!”

Listening to Celestus’ words, everyone felt a jolt in their hearts.

Celestus and Neil had already shown their true colors by conspiring to assassinate the governor of North Outer City, Roy. They were no saints to begin with. Now, with those words, it seemed they were hatching another scheme.

After a brief moment of contemplation, Jonathan stepped forward and slightly bowed at Celestus. “Mr. Xuereb, or perhaps I should call you Governor Xuereb. All cultivators prioritize benefits. You have a large army at your disposal, yet you spare our lives instead of killing us immediately. There must be a purpose behind your actions. If that’s the case, why don’t you go ahead and speak your mind? Who knows? We might be able to strike up a collaboration?”

Celestus looked at Jonathan. They had previously sparred, each having their own victories and defeats. He held a certain degree of apprehension toward Jonathan.
Moreover, from the positions of the few individuals, Celestus could infer that Jonathan must be the leader of the group.

The two locked eyes for a few seconds before Celestus finally broke into a slight smile.

“What I want is quite simple. I want all of you to be my subordinates. As a trade-off, I will grant you your freedom once our goal is achieved.”

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