The Legendary Man Chapter 1326

Chapter 1326 Killing Celestus
Listening to Celestus’ words, Jonathan and the others found themselves at a loss for words.
They had just been abandoned by Neil, and now they were surprisingly fancied by Celestus, who wanted to exploit them.
For those accustomed to being the controllers in the outside world, such a situation was undeniably distressing.

Sirius suddenly called out, “Jonathan.”

They turned their gaze toward Sirius, only to find him making a series of peculiar gestures with his right hand. It became apparent that he was using a form of sign language.

This secret language had evolved as a branch from the cultivation world outside.

At the very beginning, it evolved from hand seals, and its original intention was to modify the connection between the veins in both hands, seemingly in order to alter the functioning or efficiency of the spiritual power within the body.

Its sole purpose was to aid in casting spells.

As the balance of nature shifted and spiritual energy grew increasingly scarce, it became progressively more challenging to execute various spells.

Consequently, a growing number of hand seals were devised. To make it easier for the ancient cultivators to pass these hand seals on to their disciples, they started assigning names to these hand seals.

Over time, these hand seals naturally evolved into a secret sign language that was comprehensible only among cultivators.

Among the most renowned was the Ennea Hand Seal, a secret language employed by soldiers on the verge of battle.
While the other hand seals might not be as commonly used as the Ennea Hand Seal, any cultivator above the Grandmaster Realm would undoubtedly be familiar with them.

What do you guys think? Sirius communicated in sign language, asking Jonathan and the others.

Jonathan extended his right hand and gestured a response, his gaze remaining as composed as ever. I’m going to kill him!





Observing Hayden and the others all making identical hand gestures in silence, concurring with his approach, even Jonathan appeared somewhat taken aback.

According to what he previously expected, he would have the opportunity to annihilate Celestus as long as Sirius and Hayden both agreed.
As for Stellario and Kathleen, their personalities were unpredictable, and they simply didn’t sync with the others. Trusting them was deemed far too risky.

However, the two of them readily accepted his proposal without any hesitation, leaving Jonathan uncertain about their true intentions.

After a brief moment of contemplation, Jonathan began forming silent gestures again.

We’re currently surrounded by hundreds of people. If we take action, I fear our chances of survival will be slim. Celestus is a formidable opponent, incredibly powerful. I require your assistance in holding off the Black Armor soldiers so I can concentrate on facing Celestus.

Upon hearing this, the group exchanged glances before collectively shifting their gazes toward the encircling Black Armor soldiers.

Stellario held out his right hand. The parasite eggs within my body have significantly dwindled and haven’t been replenished or recovered. I can only summon a large-scale Insect Sea once, and it can assist you in fending off the Black Armor Legion and the green wolf.
Stellario’s gestures paused slightly before he slowly retracted one of his three extended fingers. I estimate… two minutes at most.

Jonathan shook his head in response. That’s far from enough. Joshua is still breaking the formation, and even if Celestus grants us some time to think, he certainly won’t grant us too much. Eliminating Celestus may leave these Black Armor soldiers leaderless for a time, but once we take action, we’ll also be confronted with a profoundly daunting siege. According to Joshua’s calculations, he’ll need a minimum of eight minutes to complete the task. In the remaining six minutes, without the support of your Insect Sea, we’ll be overrun by the Black Armor Legion.

Leave it to me. Kathleen snapped her fingers, drawing their attention.

All eyes turned to Kathleen’s hands, but this time, she refrained from using any hand signs. Instead, she casually lit a cigarette for herself before speaking.

“I said I’ll show you what we Hendersons are capable of. This is a good opportunity to showcase my skills.”

Smoke drifted from Kathleen’s mouth, and with a gentle flick of her finger, she sent the cigarette butt soaring. In her right hand, she held Harmony Fan, its surface pulsating with a rapid flow of spiritual energy.

Kathleen exhaled a mouthful of smoke.

The fan in her hand, crafted from an unknown silk material, possessed the delicacy of gauze. It allowed the smoke from her mouth to pass through without any hindrance.

However, once the smoke passed through the fan, it appeared unending, rapidly enveloping her form.

“This is the renowned sorcery of the Henderson family, Ethereal Misty Wanderings!” said Sirius calmly.

Everyone looked in Kathleen’s direction, but by then, Kathleen had completely vanished from their sight.

Furthermore, even when they attempted to probe with their spiritual senses, all they could discern was a murky jumble. There was absolutely no sign of Kathleen to be found.

“How is this technique useful?” said Hayden, unimpressed.

The moment he voiced his question, the cloud of smoke surrounding Kathleen appeared to lose its cohesion and promptly dissipated, carrying Kathleen away with it and causing her to vanish into thin air.

Sirius slowly undid his clothes, then casually tossed them aside. “Ms. Henderson, please help me hide my form, too. Thank you.”

As he spoke, the thin, almost indiscernible smoke on the ground, seemed to suddenly stir to life and swiftly ascended.

Everything within a radius of several tens of meters was shrouded in a subtle white mist, veiling the figures of Jonathan and his companions.

“Before the smoke disperses, you will all be entirely concealed from their sight and spiritual senses. Act swiftly.” Kathleen’s voice resonated in their ears.

As she spoke, Jonathan and the others sensed the white fog before their eyes gradually becoming translucent.

In the distance, the Black Armor soldiers gazed in their direction with bewildered expressions.

Celestus beheld the swiftly swirling fog, a trace of amusement flickering in his eyes.

“A spell to conceal one’s form, huh? I’m growing more and more fond of you outsiders. None of you can get out of here. I want all of you!”
With a forceful wave of his hand, Celestus directed a small squad of Black Armor soldiers to charge recklessly into the swirling fog ahead, riding their green wolves.

“Jonathan, let’s compete and see who can claim Celestus’ head first.”

The long spear in Sirius’ hand quivered, and blood-red runes swiftly materialized on his body. Transforming into an afterimage, he charged directly toward Celestus.
Jonathan was slightly shocked. Rune-Enhanced Body Mastery? Are all these folks from the respectable families mad or what?. They’re undeniably already at the pinnacle of Chanaea, yet they subject themselves to such torment. What’s all this for? Xavion’s internal armor, Stellario’s parasites, and Sirius’ Rune-Enhanced Body Mastery… It’s like they’re not even using their own bodies. Those from the eight respectable families are not only ruthless to others, but even more so to themselves!

With a spear in hand and runes shimmering on his body, Sirius plunged headlong into the midst of the Black Armor soldiers.

Leveraging Kathleen’s deceptive fog to conceal his form, he effortlessly slayed four advanced phase God Realm Black Armor soldiers one after another without facing any problems.

Observing the circumstances, Jonathan unsheathed his sword and charged ahead. However, he hadn’t anticipated that as soon as he dashed into the midst of the Black Armor soldiers, he would become the target of multiple weapons.

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