The Legendary Man Chapter 1327

Chapter 1327 The Seal Of The Governor
Jonathan spewed out a mouthful of blood.
The instant the eerie chime of the bronze handbell resounded, a potent backlash sent him hurtling through the air, and he crashed heavily onto a rock-hard bluestone slab.
“Kathleen Henderson, you bstard!” Jonatha cursed as he lay on the ground. Just moments ago, he had seen with perfect clarity that the Black Armor soldiers in front of him were all fixated on him. They could clearly see him. “Dmn you!”

A visage crafted of smoke that resembled Kathleen quickly took shape above Jonathan’s head.

“I’ve done my best to conceal you, but the weapon in your hand can pierce through my enchantment. If you continue holding that sword, my spell won’t be able to shield you,” Kathleen cautioned.

“You mean Heaven Sword?”

Jonathan gazed at the sword in his hand, his eyes clouded with confusion.

At that moment, several arrows sliced through the air with a piercing sound.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

Merilyn’s spear danced, tracing out streaks of frigid light in front of Jonathan, effectively deflecting all the arrows.

“Now is not the time for chatting,” reprimanded Merilyn through gritted teeth.

Jonathan rolled over and rose to his feet, extending his hand to form a seal and forcefully pressing his finger against his wrist.

Majestic waves of life energy surged forth from his wrist.

“Since I can’t hide my presence, then I won’t hide anymore!” Jonathan grinned.
“Hey, Sirius! Let’s see who’s faster!” he cried out before his figure vanished instantly before Kathleen.

Kathleen gazed in complete shock at the bloody mist he had left behind.

What kind of monster is this Jonathan? His left foot was blown to pieces with a mere sidestep. Is he crazy?

Kathleen turned to witness Jonathan materializing among the Black Armor soldiers in the distance, resembling a ghost as he streaked past, cackling wildly.

More than twenty people that had already been split in two were left in his wake.

Several weapons were embedded in Jonathan’s body.

Every one of those weapons had punctured his body. Even if an ordinary person had been struck by just one of those weapons, they would have lost their capacity to fight and collapsed onto the ground, awaiting death.

Surprisingly, Jonathan was brimming with vitality, darting left and right, engaging in combat with unparalleled vigor.

“Is he… really human?” asked Kathleen absent-mindedly.

Meanwhile, Hayden shouted, “Kathleen, don’t get distracted! We’ve been spotted!”

Celestus remained shielded amidst the Black Armor Legion, observing everything unfolding before him with a cold, indifferent gaze.
He couldn’t fathom how merely six or seven individuals could inflict such substantial losses on his meticulously trained Black Armor Legion.

Starting three days ago, the North Outer City took orders from Yannopolis and commenced carrying out a large-scale search for outlanders.

Over the past few days, the Black Armor Legion and envoys from the Outer City had apprehended more than twenty outlanders.

However, not a single one of them had proven to be as troublesome as those currently before him.

Could the prophecy years ago regarding the White family venturing outside really be coming true?
“Kill!” Bellowing loudly, Sirius stabbed his long spear directly at Celestus’ throat.

A piercing cry echoed, and a pair of massive wings unfurled, shielding Celestus.

Sirius’ long spear thrust into the wing, but it couldn’t advance even an inch. Instead, it generated a flurry of sparks and snapped into three sections.

A fierce gale swept past his face, and as Sirius gazed upward, he witnessed a colossal claw coming straight at him from above.

It’s Celestus’ mount!

Kicking forcefully, Sirius shattered a piece of bluestone beneath his feet, swiftly retreating in the blink of an eye.

However, as swift as he was, the bird outpaced him.

The bird’s sharp beak protruded, pecking relentlessly at Sirius from above as if it was feeding on tiny insects.

Boom! Boom! Boom!
The ground trembled every time the huge, unknown bird landed.

Despite Sirius’ relentless attempts to dodge, he was eventually ensnared by the bird’s beak after a few tries.

The runes on Sirius’ body flickered wildly, creating a spirit shield that continuously expanded and contracted, thwarting the giant bird’s attempts to crush him with its beak.

Failing to secure a firm grip despite several attempts, the massive bird did not fret. Instead, it raised its head and forcefully hurled Sirius into the sky, prepared to engulf him entirely.

“Do you have a death wish, you beast?” Jonathan yelled, swinging the Heaven Sword in his hand as he flashed past the huge beast.

Blood spattered as a single sword strike severed the massive bird’s claw.

Meanwhile, behind everyone, a gunshot rang out.

The giant bird’s eye exploded in an instant, and a bloody mist shrouded the sky.

Sirius slapped the storage bag attached to his waist and summoned two blades before kicking them into the mouth of the giant bird below.

Just as a multitude of Black Armor soldiers surrounded Jonathan and Sirius, Celestus shouted an order, “Step back!”

The Black Armor soldiers carried out his order without question and directed their green wolves to slowly withdraw.

Meanwhile, Celestus took out a square-shaped treasure seal and forcefully slapped it with his hand.

Beneath the feet of Jonathan and the others, the ground that had been ravaged during the battle was astonishingly restored to its original state amidst streaks of flowing light.

Behind them, the smoke Kathleen had transformed into seemed to be trapped in a massive cage, its size rapidly shrinking.
Ultimately, it all converged in one location and was jolted by an inexplicable force, compelling it to revert back to Kathleen’s true form.

“You outsiders really know so little about us, including the formation that person is trying so hard to tear apart, if I wish, I can restore everything here in an instant,” said Celestus, chuckling as he held the square seal in his hand.

He continued, “This is the governor’s seal, capable of controlling all the formations in the entire North Outer City. In other words, if I wish, I can confine you all within a tiny space right now, leaving you utterly powerless to resist.”

Jonathan glared at Celestus coldly.

“Why aren’t you taking action then?”
Upon hearing this, Celestus chuckled lightly. “What benefit would I gain from killing you? At most, Yannopolis might offer us a few words of praise. Do you think that’s what I need?”

Jonathan and Sirius exchanged glances, both finding the answers they sought in each other’s eyes.

Celestus smiled when he witnessed their reaction.

“I advise you all to stop provoking me. My patience has its limits. If you dare try anything funny again, I will not hesitate to slay you on the spot.”

Jonathan gradually raised his right hand, then clenched his fist and lowered it, signaling a pause to the people behind him. Then, surprisingly, he dissipated all his spiritual energy and regarded Celestus with a cheerful smile.

“Considering what you’ve stated, it appears we could never beat you in a fight. Since you want us to join you, let’s hear your terms. What benefits will we get from this alliance?”

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