The Legendary Man Chapter 1328

Chapter 1328 Old Friend
Celestus scrutinized Jonathan from head to toe, his eyes brimming with curiosity.
“I am genuinely intrigued by the world from which you outlanders hail,” he said.
Jonathan nonchalantly retrieved a few pieces of beef jerky, tossing one to Celestus and another to Sirius, before he settled down cross-legged on the ground and began to savor his portion heartily.
“You all want to take a look at the world outside, while we yearn to return. Our goals can be considered completely the same, so there’s no need for fighting each other to the death.”
Celestus gazed at the wind-dried beef jerky in his hand, which looked more like a piece of firewood. He was tempted to taste it multiple times but consistently decided against it. “They call you Jonathan, don’t they?”

Jonathan gave a slight nod in response.

Looking at Jonathan, Celestus let out a soft sigh. “Must be nice to have your own surname. You must be from a prominent clan outside there, right?”

A prominent clan?

Jonathan thought of the Goldstein family, which had already met its downfall, and the Smith family, which had abandoned its advancement due to entanglements with the eight respectable families and Asura’s Office.

As long as I’m alive, these two families will surely secure their positions as great clans. But that’s it. All they have left is a position, and they can no longer be considered a clan.

“Well, it used to be a prominent clan, but now it’s disbanded. The members of my family live in constant fear because of me. Now that I think about it, I feel quite sorry for them,” said Jonathan, chewing on his beef jerky with a smile.

He then questioned, “Why the sudden question?”

Celestus shook his head and then turned to Jonathan, inquiring, “So, how do you intend to handle those people who posed a threat to your family?”

Jonathan turned to look at Stellario and Kathleen, who was behind him. “If we manage to get out of here alive, I suppose I’ll kill them.”

“Um… So what you’re saying is… those people who fought alongside you are the ones posing a threat to your family?” Bewildered, Celestus looked at Kathleen and Stellario.

“Exactly!” said Jonathan indifferently.

Celestus was completely stunned. It took him a good while before he shook his head in disbelief. “You outlanders are so weird. If I were you, I would have taken these people down instantly.”

Jonathan furrowed his brows as he regarded Celestus. After a moment of contemplation, he inquired, “Is your family captured by someone, too?”

Celestus nodded in response. “I’m from the southern region. Ten years ago, Neil sent me to the northern region to assist with his operations. At first, I too believed that Neil was doing this to rescue everyone. However, I eventually uncovered that his true aim was to seize control of Yannopolis on behalf of the four major vassal families. This time, I collaborated with him to incite chaos in the North Outer City, diverting Yannopolis’ attention and providing cover for his actions. You outsiders made for the ideal scapegoats.”

Jonathan furrowed his brows as he gazed at Celestus.
Everything he had encountered in this small world over the past few days had provided enough material to construct a comprehensive worldview.

Surprisingly, Neil, who was plotting a rebellion, didn’t hesitate to abandon Joshua, a pivotal piece in his scheme. This suggested that Neil had his own strategies and resources. In the earlier discussion between Joshua and Celestus, they alluded to the historical connection between Neil’s ancestors and the White family. Moreover, the White family that had been conspired against and driven far away by the four vassal families years ago was only one branch of the White family.

Others must have chosen to remain behind to confront the enemy, buying time for the Whitley family’s elders. The extent of Neil’s ancestors’ involvement in these events remained unclear. Furthermore, after the Whitley family’s elder departed the small world, the legacy or trust that Neil’s ancestors received from the remaining members of the White family remained shrouded in mystery.

Formation Crusher, Troop Summoner, Hailstorm Fan, Devil Slaying Sword… These weapons were such game changers hidden in the small world, and Jonathan had always believed that they were the trump cards left behind by the White family’s elders for future generations.

However, now it seemed that was not the case.

Neil likely possessed other legacies passed down from the White family.
What he possessed might be more terrifying than the formation rule mastered by Joshua.

“Since you already know Neil’s true intentions, why are you still playing along with his charade?” asked Jonathan in confusion.

“If I don’t help him, he will annihilate the entire population of Mountain Village, all twenty thousand of them. Not long after I was born, my parents were killed in a beast attack. I was raised by the kindness of many and nourished by my neighbors. The villagers have shown me great kindness. I cannot stand by and watch them perish.” Celestus spoke in a deep voice. When Jonathan heard Celestus’ narrative, he regarded the latter with a somewhat uneasy expression.

“When you mention Mountain Village… do you mean this one?” Jonathan queried. As he spoke, he casually produced a map made from beast skin and unfurled it in front of Celestus.

Celestus frowned as he looked at Jonathan, then gave a slight nod. “Have you been to Mountain Village?”

“That was the first village I encountered after entering the small world. I even saved a few villagers of Mountain Village, one of them being a man named Greyson—” Before Jonathan could finish his sentence, he found his arm abruptly seized by Celestus. The Heaven Sword in Jonathan’s grasp was promptly pressed firmly against Celestus’ lower abdomen.

“Celestus, we haven’t reached an agreement yet. You’re making me nervous.” With a grim expression, Jonathan looked at Celestus.

Although it seemed like Jonathan had the upper hand between the two, in truth, hundreds of Black Armor soldiers surrounding them had already trained their weapons on Jonathan and his comrades. Should he dare to make a move, their lives would essentially come to an abrupt halt right there.
“You’ve met Greyson? Greyson is my closest friend. How is he doing now? Has he started a family?” asked Celestus, clearly excited.


Jonathan was slightly surprised by Celestus’ excited demeanor. He was so eager to know how Greyson was doing that he didn’t even care about his own life.

Slowly retracting Heaven Sword, Jonathan broke free from Celestus’ grasp.

“I’m not really sure about that. I only stayed for less than half a day at Mountain Village before I found myself in conflict with the divine messenger who had rushed over. I headed to Upriver Village after that. All I know is that the current chief of Mountain Village is an old man named Clinton.”

Celestus’ eyes lit up once again when he heard Clinton’s name. “Mr. Yorksland has become the chief? That’s wonderful! The village should be fine. Mr. Yorksland is calm and responsible. With him in charge, nothing can go wrong.”
Jonathan’s facial muscles quivered ever so slightly when he heard that. “Well… not necessarily…”

Celestus looked at Jonathan, his eyes full of worry. “What do you mean? Did something happen in Mountain Village?”

Jonathan chuckled awkwardly as he scratched his head.

“Here’s the thing: Mr. Yorksland, along with all the other villages, implored us to teach them our techniques. I presume all the cultivators in the village have already left the village and ventured into the wilderness for their cultivation…”

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