The Legendary Man Chapter 1329

Chapter 1329 Trust
“You taught them the God Realm’s cultivation methods? Do you know you’ll get them killed by doing so?” Celestus exclaimed out loud.

Jonathan appeared troubled and awkward upon seeing Celestus’ reaction.

Back then, it was actually Seboxia who had taught them, not him. However, Seboxia had now entered a profound slumber. Even if he were not asleep, they were essentially one entity. Thus, it made no difference whether he or Seboxia had been the one to impart the teachings.

“Um… The small world is vast, so as long as they find a secluded place, they should be fine.” Jonathan forced out a smile.

Celestus yelled, “You don’t know jack! Why do you think there are one hundred and eight villages in the small world? Do you think it’s just for fun? Neil and I have joined forces, watching over each other. Years ago, we could have established a connection between the north and the south, enabling all the villagers to learn the God Realm cultivation methods. Yet, to this day, we have not done so. Do you think we are only focused on our personal gain, without considering the welfare of the villagers?”

As Celestus stopped speaking, Hayden and the others approached curiously. They exchanged puzzled glances, not understanding the meaning behind his words.

Kathleen, with a cigarette dangling from her lips, looked toward Celestus, her gaze filled with icy indifference. “What we see is both you and Neil scheming for your own positions, with no apparent intention to rescue the villagers.”

“What we see is both you and Neil scheming for your own positions, with no apparent intention to rescue the villagers.”

“You don’t know anything.” Celestus glared contemptuously at Kathleen.
“The governor’s seal wields the authority to manipulate all the formations in the North Outer City. Inside the governor’s residence in Yannopolis, there exists a formation plate that possesses the ability to control the formations of all one hundred and eight villages in the small world. If the four vassal families so desire, they can effortlessly annihilate any village with a mere flick of their wrist,” Celestus disclosed.

Kathleen and the others were taken aback by Celestus’ words, including Jonathan.

Although he and Seboxia had guessed earlier that the arrangement of the villages in this small world could very likely be a vast formation, the small world was after all, vast and expansive. While they had their suspicions, they found it hard to believe that someone could actually set up a formation of such a grand scale.

“You mean to say…” Sirius began, his voice cold and hoarse as he looked at Celestus.

Celestus looked at the others solemnly. “That’s right, the core area of the entire small world is all part of a large formation.”

“D*mn!” Hayden swore out loud while the rest remained silent.
What on earth does the creator of this small world intend to do with such a large-scale formation?

In the midst of the ensuing silence, Celestus resumed speaking after a period of contemplation. “Even within the small world, these matters remain concealed secrets. But now that you’re aware, I’d like to hear your thoughts. You all possess considerable power. If you join me in this rebellion, you could become invaluable assets to me. We might even stand a chance of defeating Neil and emerging as the ultimate victors. Naturally, the choice is yours. Given the skills you’ve imparted to the people of Mountain Village, I’ll let you all leave.”

Jonathan and company breathed a sigh of relief upon hearing Celestus’ words.

With his rifle in his hands, Hayden trotted over to Jonathan’s side. “Mr. Goldstein, you’re so lucky to have met someone who’s indebted to you in this remote place!”

He then turned to Celestus. “Your name is Celestus Xuereb, right? Mr. Xuereb, thank you for your kindness!”
Celestus smiled and nodded. “If I had known what you all did for Mountain Village, I would never have harmed you. Since you have no intention of staying, I’ll open the city gates for you to leave right away. But before that, could you let me take a look at the weapon you’re holding? The weapons of you outlanders are so interesting. They don’t emit even the slightest fluctuation of spiritual energy, yet they possess such immense might. I’m so jealous.”

Hayden paused for a second before approaching Celestus without hesitation. “Of course! We’re all friends, so you don’t have to be so formal to us.”

As he spoke, he handed the sniper rifle to Celestus.

Almost as soon as Hayden handed him the rifle, both Jonathan and Sirius simultaneously sprang into action, dashing toward Celestus, leaving two afterimages in their wake.

Stellario and Kathleen, too, began forming hand seals without any warning.

Poison and a swarm of insects instantly materialized, spreading in all directions.

It turned out that Hayden had subtly gestured a signal with his hand while he was walking forward just now, silently telling his companions to take action.

He might seem casual and carefree, but he was, after all, someone who carried the fate of the entire Zeigler family on his shoulders. Naturally, he wasn’t a fool.

No one knew exactly what choices the other cultivators made, but Jonathan and his companions each represented a certain powerful faction.
Every single one of them harbored their own intricate thoughts and intentions, and they were good at deception.

Take Jonathan and Stellario for example; they had encountered life-and-death situations together multiple times in this small world, yet they had never ceased pondering how to eliminate one another.

Celestus was practically building castles in the air by trying to gain their trust in such a short span with just a few words.


With a smile on his face, Hayden pulled the trigger. It would be impossible for Celestus to dodge at such a short distance of less than two meters.
The formation markings on his black armor lit up, but the power of that bullet was simply too immense. Failing to withstand the energy even for a moment, the formation on the armor was instantly destroyed.


In the wake of a faint tremor, a ripple resembling a water wave rose around Celestus.

“Pryncyp!” Hayden’s eyes widened in surprise.
The moment the spiritual destruction bullet hit the ripple, it was trapped in complete stagnation, and all the energy it carried propelled Celestus backward.

“Get back inside!”

Celestus’ face turned icy cold, and his left hand was about to touch the governor’s seal.

Behind him, Sirius’ body emanated a radiant glow from the runes etched on his skin. With a powerful shout, he thrust the long spear in his hand forward.

Celestus’ rapid retreat came to an abrupt halt, and then, like a cannonball, he surged forward once more.

Amidst these rapid exchange of blows, his outstretched left hand missed the governor’s seal. Instead, he employed it to stabilize himself by bracing against the ground, maintaining his equilibrium.

A sword’s gleaming flash whizzed past as Jonathan, wielding the Heaven Sword, darted past Celestus in the blink of an eye.

However, this time, despite Jonathan’s best efforts, he was unable to break through Celestus’ defense.

The Heaven Sword seemed to have struck Celestus’ arm, but in reality, it was stopped by a strange energy less than a centimeter away from his arm.

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