The Legendary Man Chapter 1330

Chapter 1330 Cease Fire And Throw Down Your Weapons
With ranks of Black Armor soldiers gathered around him, Celestus sprang to his feet.

“Did you get him?” Hayden asked in a cold voice while aiming his gun at Celestus.

Jonathan shook his head slightly as he wielded Heaven Sword in his hand, his gaze solemn.

Celestus looked at Jonathan with a sneer. “The governor’s seal allows me to manipulate the city’s arcane array at will. As long as I have this formation, anyone who wants to kill me must possess the power to destroy the entire North Outer City. I admit, you guys nearly killed me just now. I also didn’t expect you to think the same way as me, ready to take action. I’m growing fonder of you all. Why don’t you guys join forces with me instead? How about that?”

Jonathan did not answer. Instead, he turned his head and looked toward Joshua.

The city gates were less than twenty meters in front of Joshua. Considering the size of North Outer City, that distance was nothing. Yet, in reality, that final stretch was the most challenging obstacle to cross.
Celestus also followed Jonathan’s gaze and looked in the direction of the city gates. Chuckling, he said, “Do you know why I’ve been delaying repairing the damaged formation even though I can fix it at any time? Because I want to wait until you tear down the city gates’ formation. Then, at the very last moment, I’ll restore it in the blink of an eye. Only then will you understand the true meaning of despair.”


The sound of a sniper rifle firing rang out again, and a soldier from Black Armor Legion standing next to Celestus fell to the ground as a stray bullet ricocheted off Celestus’ spirit shield.

Celestus looked at Hayden with a smile. “Make sure to take good care of your weapon after this. I really love it. Although each attack doesn’t carry any spiritual power, its strength can rival the full-force strike of a God Realm cultivator.”
Turning to Sirius, Jonathan discreetly formed a hand seal. “There’s a strong barrier around Celestus, but it’s definitely not the power of Pryncyp. I’ll try to tear it apart or directly sever its connection with the outside world. I need you all to help create a situation where I can face him alone.”

“Understood!” Stellario shouted loudly upon observing Jonathan’s hand gestures.


The ground split open, and several columns of water filled with various poisonous insects shot toward the sky.

In an instant, the Black Armor Legion around Celestus was engulfed by an endless sea of insects.
“I’ll clear a path for you!” Sirius gave a mighty roar, and the runes on his body glowed a blood-red color. Brandishing his spear, he charged directly into the sea of insects.

Following closely behind, Jonathan swept his gaze over the swarm of insects and people to Celestus, who was right at the back. The latter was also staring coldly at the former.


At Celestus’ command, the Black Armor soldiers in the distance swiftly drew their crossbows and aimed at the group.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Sharp, whistling sounds rang out as countless arrows were shot indiscriminately into the air at Jonathan, his companions, and the Black Armor soldiers around them.

This guy is so ruthless that he’d even kill his own people!
“Earth Elemental Extrication Technique!”

Jonathan formed a hand seal with both hands. As soon as he stepped on the ground, a wave of spiritual energy surged into the earth through the acupoints on the bottom of his foot.

Due to the overwhelming surge of spiritual energy, his right leg exploded, turning into a blur of blood and flesh. However, just as he was about to take another step, his injured right leg miraculously healed.

A circular wall rose from the ground in a twenty-meter radius around Jonathan, converging in the sky to form a massive dome and effectively sheltering everyone inside it.
Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The sharp arrows continued raining down, but with the wall obstructing their paths, it reduced its threat. All they needed to do now was to raise a spiritual shield to block them.

As for Jonathan, he charged into the thick wall with one great leap.

Sirius’ spear quivered as he traced it across the wall. Then, using all his strength, he plunged the spear into the ground and kicked it with both feet.

The wall exploded, sending dirt and stones scattering in all directions.

“Child’s play!” Celestus remarked with a sneer as he watched the battle unfold before him. Even as a massive chuck of earth flew toward him, he waved his hand casually, intending to shatter it with his spiritual energy.
Just as he did so, however, the massive chunk of earth exploded, and a hand that glowed green seized his wrist.

“I got you!” Jonathan had hidden himself inside the clump of earth. However, although he had grabbed Celestus’ wrist with his right hand, he was still obstructed by an unseen force.

Just as Celestus was trying to break free from Jonathan’s grasp, he saw a bright green light emanating from the latter’s palm.

“Die!” Jonathan yelled as his life force tore through the defense on Celestus’ wrist.
Jonathan gripped Celestus’ wrist firmly. The moment his feet touched the ground, he immediately lowered himself and, with one strong jerk, swung Celestus around and smashed his body downwards.


Celestus’ body bounced off the ground like a rubber ball, and fresh blood spewed from his mouth.

Then, Jonathan pulled on Celestus’ body, stepped on his shoulder, and forcefully yanked the latter’s left arm upward.

“Arghh!” An agonized howl escaped Celestus’ lips as Jonathan ripped his left arm from his body.
Even the fearless Black Armor soldiers, known to be unflinching in the face of death, could not help feeling afraid and subconsciously backed away at the sight of that.

“You asked for it!” Pinned down by Jonathan and unable to get up, Celestus used his spiritual energy to hold up the governor’s seal. Then, he made a gesture with his right hand and pressed down on it.

Following that, a brilliant white light burst forth from the governor’s seal.

Celestus cackled as he looked at Jonathan. “You want to leave the North Outer City? In your dreams!”

Jonathan swung his head toward the city gates. However, he saw Joshua continue gradually moving toward the city’s borders, not at all disrupted by Celestus’ spell.

“Celestus, you must have your head in the clouds!” Jonathan lifted his foot and brought it down hard on Celestus’ right shoulder.

The sound of bones cracking echoed through the air as Celestus’ arms were completely broken, and the governor’s seal fell into Jonathan’s hands.
Staring at Jonathan in terror, Celestus bellowed furiously, “Impossible! Whoever holds the governor’s seal in North Outer City is invincible…”

He looked at the city gates and cried out in alarm when he saw the city’s defense formation that had yet to be repaired.

Chuckling, Jonathan hoisted him up by his collar.

“I forgot to mention that this bronze handbell on my head can block the transmission of spiritual energy and spiritual sense. As long as you’re not using the power of Pryncyp, you won’t have a chance of breaking through my protective shield.” As he spoke, a faint golden glow flickered around him.

The ground beneath them began to rise slowly, and he let out an angry roar while keeping a firm grip on Celestus’ neck. “Celestus Xuereb, deputy governor of North Outer City, has been captured. The governor’s seal is with me, and the city has fallen into my hands. Everyone, cease fire and throw down your weapons!”

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