The Legendary Man Chapter 1331

Chapter 1331 The Endless Matryoshka Formation
Jonathan’s voice, imbued with a mantra, resonated through the entire battlefield like a thunderclap.

Everyone watched as Jonathan constructed a high platform using a spell.
Although Celestus was not dead at that moment, his arms had been disabled, and the governor’s seal had been stolen. He had been utterly defeated.

In this small world dominated by martial prowess, every military officer had fought their way up through their own genuine strength.

To reach the position of deputy governor, one could only imagine the number of people he had surpassed to get to where he was.

Yet, at that moment, he was so awkwardly held in Jonathan’s hand. Such a scene was simply indescribable for the shock it caused among the Black Armor Legion.

Celestus looked pale as he stared at the surrounding Black Armor soldiers. “I never thought I would end up falling here… I just can’t let it go!”

It was hard to determine who was superior when comparing Celestus’ strategies to Neil’s.

Both of them held significant power in the small world they had plotted in Yannopolis, with Neil taking the lead. With a thousand years of planning and an unknown legacy in his hands, he proceeded with his plans slowly and carefully.

Meanwhile, Celestus was used as a pawn by Neil and thrown into the northern region of the small world, where he had just gone with the flow.

Over a span of ten years, Celestus climbed his way up to the position of deputy governor. In alliance with Neil, they executed Roy, seizing great power.
Even though they possessed formidable strength, their foundation was unstable. Most importantly, as pawns, all of Celestus’ moves came after Neil’s.

Neil was the true initiator, while Celestus was constantly adjusting according to Neil’s strategies, seeking the possibility to stop being the pawn.

But it was precisely because of his momentary arrogance after taking control of the North Outer City that he ended up falling into the hands of Jonathan.

At that moment, Jonathan’s right hand was gripping Celestus’ neck, his fingers pressing down on the primary acupoints of Celestus’ throat.
“Have them all back off, or I’ll kill you right here and now!” Jonathan said to Celestus in a cold voice, loudly declaring him as both a shield and a bargaining chip.
Meanwhile, on his left hand, Jonathan’s spiritual energy was continuously being channeled into the governor’s seal.
At that moment, Celestus was not dead, and his seal remained on the governor’s seal. For a while, Jonathan was unable to activate it.

As for seizing control of the governor’s seal by killing Celestus, Jonathan didn’t dare to do so.

After all, no one knew how to use that thing or even if it was useful. If Celestus were to die, but they couldn’t control the formation of the North Outer City with the governor’s seal, then Jonathan and the others might have to pay the ultimate price right there.
Celestus could intuitively sense that the imprint he had left on the governor’s seal was being continuously eroded.

At that point, with both arms disabled, Celestus had truly become a cripple.

Looking down at his Black Armor Legion below, Celestus burst out laughing uproariously.


Jonathan reached out and firmly gripped Celestus’s neck. With a soft sound, Celestus suddenly felt the flow of spiritual energy around him come to a halt.

Subsequently, he completely lost all sensation in his body below the neck.

Jonathan had completely crippled him.

Due to the loss of nerve control, Celestus’ pants quickly became wet. Under the condition of incontinence, a foul smell rapidly filled the air.

Jonathan said in a cold voice, “In your small world, there are great medicines. This injury of yours it will only take a moment to heal. Let them let us go, and I promise to release you.”

Celestus gazed down at the Black Armor soldiers, his pale face showing no hint of fear or discomfort.

Suddenly, Celestus roared in anger, “United, we stand against our common enemy!”

With a mighty roar from Celestus, the Black Armor soldiers below each slammed their long spears forcefully into the ground.

“United, we stand against our common enemy!”

“United, we stand against the enemy!”

“United, we stand against our enemies!”


Thud! Thud!

Thud! Thud! Thud!

The sound of war drums continuously echoed.

Under the beat of the war drums, the Black Armor soldiers, each holding a long spear, swiftly raised their spears and tilted them forward, aiming at Jonathan and his companions.

The previously disorganized Black Armor Legion, under the urging of the war drums, had now surprisingly formed into massive square formations, their movements uniform and orderly, with no trace of chaos to be seen.


Celestus looked down at the Black Armor soldiers below and burst into wild laughter. “This is the trump card I’ve trained. This is the real army! Attention all warriors and soldiers—”

Before Celestus could finish his sentence, a surge of spiritual energy had already burrowed into his mind, pulverizing his brain.

The person who made the move was none other than Jonathan.

“These people have gone mad…” Jonathan looked down at the approaching Black Armor soldiers, a look of terror emerging in his eyes.
As Celestus fell, the Black Armor soldiers shouted in unison, “Attack!”
And atop that three-hundred-meter wall, the rhythm of the war drums had now reached an extremely fast pace.
The encirclement formed by the Black Armor soldiers below was then less than thirty meters. Sharp spears were pointed at Jonathan and his companions, emanating a chilling aura.
“Mr. Goldstein, what should we do now?” Hayden shouted loudly.
At that moment, Jonathan was fervently refining the governor’s seal in his hand.
The governor’s seal was akin to a small world. As soon as one’s spiritual sense submerged into it, it felt as if they were placed in a peculiar space filled with formations all around.
However, outside those formations, there was a barrier preventing Jonathan from getting closer.
“I recognize these formations. They’re all main formations!” Jonathan anxiously looked at the formations in front of him.
Previously, Seboxia had imparted a wealth of knowledge about formations to him, and what he saw then were all main formations within the Matryoshka Formation.
By altering the operation of the main formation, one could influence the state of the subsidiary formation.
The formation plate was actually made by utilizing the method of remote control through the Matryoshka Formation.
However, anyone who looked at this myriad of main formations in front of them would undoubtedly feel overwhelmed.
Jonathan gathered his spiritual energy, swiftly dissolving a barrier.
He then forcefully activated the main formations.
In North Outer City, on a street tens of kilometers away from Jonathan and his companions, a brilliant light erupted. The pedestrians walking on it stiffened slightly, then silently turned into a pile of body parts.
Jonathan looked around, noticing no changes. He then immersed his spiritual sense into the governor’s seal and continuously manipulated the main formations.
This time around, there was finally some activity. Hundreds of meters behind the crowd, several buildings collapsed with a thunderous crash.
However, Jonathan had just activated ten main formations, and only this one had responded.
“Mr. Goldstein, we have nowhere left to retreat!” Hayden shouted loudly.
At that moment, Jonathan’s face was covered in sweat.
He didn’t know exactly how many formations were in the governor’s seal.
Continuing that search was akin to finding a needle in a haystack. Even if everyone were to die in the process, there was no guarantee he would find a truly useful formation.
Just then, a very faint light in front of Jonathan flickered slightly.
Without thinking, Jonathan lifted his gaze toward the direction of the city gate just as Joshua completed a chopping motion.
“The subsidiary formation can also affect the changes in the main formation, and that’s you!” Jonathan gathered his spiritual energy, pulling the main formation in front of him, then slapped it with his palm.

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