The Legendary Man Chapter 1332

Chapter 1332 Escape Against All Odds

The main formation within the governor’s seal was the foundation of the Matryoshka Formation. Due to the governor’s seal’s unique characteristic, the holder needed only to expend a small amount of spiritual energy to alter the formation.

However, at that moment, Jonathan was anxious, so he didn’t consider the severity of his actions.

Jonathan immediately slapped the governor’s seal into place once he spotted the gate’s formation.

With that slap, the main formation within the governor’s seal immediately shattered into pieces.


Everyone turned their gaze toward the direction of the city gate and the explosion.

Suddenly, a visible shockwave burst forth from the direction of the city gate.

Meanwhile, Joshua seemed to be in free fall in mid-air. Judging by his lack of any attempt to adjust his posture, it appeared as though he had already fainted.
Everyone there was a cultivator. Therefore, they only need a glance to tell that if Joshua didn’t adjust his balance, he’d be lucky to survive the fall, let alone avoid serious injury.

“The city gates are open!” Stellario shouted loudly.

Immediately, he gestured a technique. The large swarm of insects surged like a torrential river, carrying the group toward the direction of the city gate.

At that moment, Jonathan was once again summoning several Burrowing Dragons. He directed them toward the surrounding Black Armor soldiers, intending to break through their ranks.

However, at that moment, the large-scale spells had clearly lost their effectiveness.

If the Black Armor soldiers were to fight individually, the group might still be able to break through.

However, the Black Armor soldiers were acting in unison and not chaotic in the slightest.

A swarm of insects descended, crashing into the front line of the Black Armor soldiers, only to hit a massive transparent wall of spiritual energy.

That was a towering wall composed of the spiritual energy of hundreds, if not thousands, of cultivators.

The swarm of insects clung to it, frenziedly tearing at the spiritual energy that formed the wall’s shield.

No matter how wildly those poisonous insects rage, they couldn’t advance even a bit.

The spiritual energy flowed ceaselessly, gathering ahead. The Black Armor soldiers stood united. At that moment, they were closing in on the center.

In absolute silence, every step those Black Armor soldiers took felt like a heavy hammer striking at everyone’s heart.

Even that sound alone was enough to stir up a storm in the group’s consciousness field, leaving them deeply shaken.
As for Jonathan’s Burrowing Dragons, they were even more useless. Before it could even land, numerous Black Armor soldiers had already stabbed it with their spears.
They kept stabbing the dragons until the dragons were defeated.
Countless long spears gathered in mid-air. With just a single confrontation, they completely shattered Jonathan’s Burrowing Dragons.
All that fell was merely the dust produced after the Burrowing Dragons crumbled.
“There’s something wrong with these people’s black armor!” Kathleen shouted loudly to everyone.

At that point, the others also realized the severity of the situation.

After the phrase “comrades united, foes divided” was shouted by Celestus, the Black Armor soldiers began to emanate a faint glow.

Although the light wasn’t particularly intense, it carried a peculiar fluctuation.

Those fluctuations were akin to individual converters. They were transforming each person’s spiritual energy fluctuations into the same frequency. Additionally, it connected them together through the battle armor.

Due to that unique black armor, Jonathan and his companions were no longer fighting against thousands of God Realm cultivators.

Rather, they were battling a colossal entity composed of thousands of God Realm cultivators as the smallest unit.

Upon realizing that, Jonathan grimaced. There’s no way I can win!
No matter how powerful he was, it was absolutely impossible for him to break through a barrier formed by thousands of people using his strength alone.

Although he had the protection of the life force and could forcibly open a path for himself, it would be impossible for him to protect the others with it.

Jonathan’s mind was racing, thinking about what he should do. However, as he looked down at the rapidly closing circle of soldiers around him, he found himself utterly helpless.

“Can you take away with your earth-traveling ability, Mr. Goldstein?” Hayden was shouting down below.

Upon hearing that, Jonathan couldn’t help but curse out loud.

“Without Joshua’s Formation Crusher, this city is filled with grand formations. Where can I escape to—” As Jonathan was speaking, he paused slightly. The governor’s seal is in my own hands. Do I really need the Formation Crusher to take the risk?

Soon, a wave of spiritual energy surged beneath Jonathan’s feet. In an instant, he submerged into the platform.

When he finally reached the surface, he placed his hand on Hayden’s shoulder. Then, using his spiritual energy to envelop those around him, he descended downward.

The ground formation was blocking their path, and Jonathan’s escape technique failed. Jonathan was struggling with the ground formation as a formation within the governor’s seal faintly flickered.

“That’s the one!” Focusing, Jonathan reached into the governor’s seal, forcefully grabbing a twinkling formation toward him.

The main formation was quickly pulled in. With a raise of his hand, Jonathan slapped it, shattering it directly.

Back in reality, the greenstone under everyone’s feet shattered in response.

Within a radius of several tens of meters, the entire ground had burst open with massive cracks.

“Let’s go!” With a strange laugh, Jonathan and his companions vanished from the surface in an instant.

As Jonathan vanished, the Black Armor soldiers simultaneously thrust their spears into the ground.

However, there was no way Jonathan, who held the governor’s seal at that moment, could be controlled by those Black Armor soldiers.

The three simple steps of testing, breaking the main formation, and escaping brought about a terrible reality.

At that moment, North Outer City appeared as though it had undergone the apocalypse.

Not a single piece of ground was intact from where Jonathan’s group sneaked underground to the direction of the city gate.

Houses toppled, the ground cracked open, and trees snapped in half.

To conceal his group’s tracks, Jonathan destroyed the formations on both sides of their path.

In just a matter of moments, not a single intact building remained around the western gate of Outer City.

Meanwhile, within the Black Armor soldiers, an officer had already taken over Celestus’ position. He was issuing orders with the command flag.

They managed to capture Joshua. However, before they could move him, Jonathan pulled dozens of people underground. Joshua choked as he and Jonathan fled toward the outskirts of the city.

The moment they passed the towering city walls, the governor’s seal in Jonathan’s hand completely lost its glow. It transformed into a useless but beautifully carved stone seal.

The seal seemed to have a range limit. Once it was outside of North Outer City, it wouldn’t work.

Stowing away the governor’s seal into his storage ring, Jonathan sighed in relief.

“We have now left North Outer City’s gate. We’re all safe.” As Jonathan spoke, everyone finally relaxed.

Seeing the situation, Jonathan didn’t say anything. He just quickly moved forward, hoping to get away from the patrol range of North Outer City as soon as possible.

Half an hour later, Jonathan and the others finally arrived on the surface.

“I’ve finally managed to survive!” With a face covered in dust and grime, Hayden looked around at the surrounding forest.

Just then, a large hand landed directly on his shoulder…

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