The Legendary Man Chapter 1333

Chapter 1333 A Real Battle

Looking bewildered, Hayden turned to Stellario, who stood beside him, and asked, “What are you doing?”

Stellario did not want to waste his breath. He directly placed his hand on the major acupoint at Hayden’s waist and swiftly pressed hard against it.

By the time Hayden realized what he was doing, it was already too late.

Hayden threw a punch, but it landed directly on the spiritual energy shield in front of Stellario.

Even a hastily thrown punch from a God Realm cultivator carried immense power.

However, when Hayden threw his punch at that moment, not only did it fail to break through Stellario’s defense, but he also let out a cry of pain and fell to the side.

Stellario looked at Hayden on the ground, a cold smirk playing on his face. “I’ve sealed off your spiritual energy, yet you’re still thinking of retaliating. Didn’t the elders of your Zink family ever tell you that you should never defy the respectable families?”

Hayden lay on the ground, with Kathleen and Merilyn standing next to him.

Clearly, the trio had already coordinated privately. They had decided that as soon as they were out of danger, they would immediately take action against Hayden.

Meanwhile, Jonathan was observing Joshua’s condition, while Sirius stood by his side, holding a long spear for protection. “Stellario, Jonathan just saved us. You escaped danger a while, ago and now you’re starting a fight? Isn’t that a bit underhanded?”

From Stellario’s body, numerous tiny black bugs rapidly emerged, clinging to his skin. In less than two breaths’ time, they had formed a dense layer of insect armor.

“I know both you and Jonathan are quite powerful, but we’re not to be underestimated either.” Stellario calmly addressed Sirius. “This insect armor, crafted from the obsidian gilded insects, is just as formidable as your Rune-Enhanced Body Mastery and Xavion’s internal armor. I don’t want to be your enemy either. So, as long as you leave Joshua behind, I’ll let you go.”

Jonathan, protected by Sirius, slowly got back on his feet.

“How about Hayden?” Jonathan inquired with a chuckle, gesturing toward the bound Hayden.

At that moment, helplessness was written all over Hayden’s face.

Although his cultivation level was undeniably lower than that of Jonathan and the rest, he was still a God Realm cultivator. Even if his foundation was not robust, it was improbable for others to capture him in just a single move.

All in all, it boiled down to his lack of experience in proportion to his cultivation level.

As the Zink family’s secret weapon, Hayden had excelled in many areas. Nevertheless, after years of being sheltered by the family, he lacked an understanding of the fact that the human heart could be the deadliest weapon of all.

Hayden had anticipated that Jonathan and his group would fragment into smaller factions even when they were at the North Outer City, and he believed they would only take action once they felt safe.

However, in his innocence, he believed that after sharing life-and-death experiences together, even if they were to clash, they would face each other squarely and engage in a fair battle.

Never in a million years did he imagine that The Untouchables would start such a shameless confrontation without a word of discussion. “Stellario, you dmn bstard! If you’ve got the guts, release me, and we’ll have a one-on-one fight!”


Stellario turned around and delivered a swift kick, landing it directly on Hayden’s stomach.

At that moment, Hayden’s energy center was sealed, leaving him without any protection. Such a kick instantly made Hayden let out a miserable howl, his body curling up like a shrimp. “You b*stard! You better remember this kick because you’ll pay for what you did to me!”

Upon hearing Hayden’s words, Stellario forcefully stomped on Hayden’s face. “Do you think I’m joking? Do you think you’re in a film or something? You’re nothing without real power, d*mn it! How dare you threaten me?”

While cursing, Stellario forcefully stepped on Hayden’s cheek, pressing it into the mud.

Hayden wanted to curse out loud, but his mouth was filled with weeds and dirt, choking back his words.

Jonathan took out a pack of cigarettes from his storage ring, casually tapped it twice, and handed one to Sirius who was beside him.

After lighting one for himself and Sirius, Jonathan took a deep drag, then flicked it lightly with his finger.

The spiritual energy, carrying the cigarette, firmly nailed it upside down into the nearby tree, leaving less than half of its length still burning in the breeze.

“I understand what you’re saying.” Jonathan slowly exhaled smoke, speaking with a chuckle. “So, what you’re saying is, you intend to take both Joshua and Hayden away, correct?”

Upon hearing this, Stellario chuckled and nodded in agreement. “That’s exactly what I mean. The Eight Great Families have always said that you, Jonathan Goldstein, are the top cultivator in the Divine Realm, but I don’t believe it. You’re merely relying on the advantage of your weapons. Without that sword and Seboxia’s help, I don’t think you could have turned the tide.”

Meanwhile, Kathleen was slightly taken aback upon hearing Stellario’s words.

Stepping forward, Kathleen positioned herself beside Stellario and whispered, “Stellario, what exactly are you trying to do here? We excel in long-distance combat. There’s no need to confront Jonathan head-on. Let’s negotiate with him and find a way to leave this place. Don’t make things more complicated.”

Kathleen’s words made sense.

Unlike Adrune, there were no distinctive differences between cultivators and wizards in Chanaea.

However, the emphasis on practicing spells was still significantly different.

For instance, the cultivation method of the Welsh family specialized in Iron Body training.

Once activated, the body’s flesh and blood became as resilient as refined steel, rendering it impervious to ordinary weapons. It was a true close-combat technique.

As for Kathleen, who was adept at using poison and cunning tactics, she excelled in long-range setups and sneak attacks.

Stellario’s use of insects for attacks was an unorthodox approach, intended to secure victory through surprise attacks when his opponents were caught off guard.

However, at that moment, Stellario genuinely desired to engage in combat with Jonathan. Such a notion was akin to playing with fire.

If Stellario were to be defeated by Jonathan, Kathleen would undoubtedly face the same fate.

At that moment, Stellario also recognized his own recklessness. However, as the heir of the Mallory family, he had to stand by his words. Even if he wished to retract them, it was already too late.

What no one anticipated was that at this moment, Jonathan actually removed the Coffin from his back and casually discarded the Heaven Sword. “Sirius, please take care of these things for me and protect Joshua.”

“What are you up to?” Sirius asked, frowning at Jonathan.

“Nothing. I just want to shut this kid up for real.” As Jonathan spoke, he nonchalantly stretched his shoulders before pointing his finger at a cigarette butt stuck upside down in a tree not far away.

“Stellario, do you see that trail of smoke over there?” Jonathan asked. “The cigarette has only a few dozen seconds left before it’s extinguished. During this time, I won’t use the Heaven Sword. If I can’t defeat you, I’ll give you Hayden, Joshua, the Heaven Sword, and even the Coffin. What do you say?”

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