The Legendary Man Chapter 1334

Chapter 1334 Talking Big

Sirius forcefully threw the cigarette in his hand onto the ground. “How about I fight you?”

Jonathan looked at Sirius with a peculiar expression. Seeing the latter’s serious demeanor, he was momentarily at a loss for words.

“What’s gotten into you again? Why on earth should we fight?”

“No. It’s just that your wager is a bit too tempting,” Sirius said, unable to contain his desire.

Jonathan paid him no mind. Instead, he turned his gaze back to the tree trunk beside him. “The cigarette butt can only last for another thirty seconds at most. You can stall a bit longer, and you’ll win without a fight.”

Stellario was already in a bind, so how could he possibly tolerate such provocation at that moment? “If I don’t cripple you, I won’t consider it a victory!”

With a mighty roar, Stellario’s black dagger in his hand instantly elongated into a massive saber, which he swung directly at Jonathan.

Jonathan drew a long sword and struck out in kind. The two blades clashed, and in an instant, Jonathan’s weapon shattered.

The saber sliced past Jonathan’s shoulder, taking with it a piece of flesh the size of a coin.

The broken sword in Jonathan’s hand slashed across Stellario’s neck but was completely blocked by the tiny obsidian gilded insects.

Reaching out, Jonathan touched the fresh blood on his shoulder and controlled his life force to heal the wound. “Your saber isn’t too shabby either.”

Jonathan, with a chuckle, discarded the broken sword in his hand. Then, clenching his fists, he stepped toward Stellario.

“You want to fight me barehanded? You’re a bit overconfident, aren’t you!” With a cold laugh, Stellario brandished his saber and leaped into action.

Just as he had rushed right up to Jonathan, the ground beneath Stellario’s feet began to rise rapidly without any warning.

“F*ck!” Stellario was carried directly into the sky by a soaring Burrowing Dragon, reaching a height of several meters.

He yearned to leap from the great heights, yet from the Burrowing Dragon beneath him sprouted several tentacle-like earth snakes. They coiled around his waist, pulling him downward.


With a dull thud, Stellario fell heavily onto the ground.

Before he even had a chance to get up, the sky had already turned pitch black.

Looking up, what met his eyes was a chessboard twenty meters in length and width, which Jonathan was holding single-handedly and fiercely smacking down.




Jonathan repeatedly slammed Divine Chessboard against the ground, much like swatting flies.
Every time it was brought down, the earth trembled in response.

And Stellario was being mercilessly slammed into the earth.

With a flip of his hand, Jonathan put away the Divine Chessboard. He stomped forcefully on the ground, and the earth within several meters around him turned into quicksand.

At that moment, Stellario, who had been thrust into the earth, was pulled upward by Jonathan. Stellario’s gaze was vacant as he revealed his head.

The ground gradually solidified, and Stellario was buried in the earth like a radish.

Jonathan slowly walked over to Stellario, gently hooked his right hand, and effortlessly retrieved the cigarette butt embedded in the tree.

“The cigarette is still burning. I’ve won.” After taking a puff, Jonathan spoke lightly.

“I shall repeat the words you said to Hayden earlier to you. Quit talking big if you don’t have the ability! You’re wasting everyone’s time!”

Stubbing out his cigarette, Jonathan turned to look at Kathleen. “If you’re thinking of poisoning someone, I’d strongly advise you to drop that idea. I carry the lingering life force of Seboxia within me, so your poison won’t kill me. On the contrary, I can kill you. In the city, we watched out for each other, so this is the last time I let you off. Release Hayden, and you can leave. Of course, you can choose to refuse, but then I’ll kill you right here and now.”

Jonathan’s spiritual energy surged forth, causing the entire land to undulate like endless waves in the sea.

At that moment, Heaven Sword returned to the hands of Jonathan. He was ready to fight at any time.

Seeing Jonathan in such a state, Merilyn, who was standing nearby, couldn’t help herself. She reached out, pulled Hayden from behind, and handed him over to Jonathan.
“There you go. Return Stellario to me.” Jonathan looked at the few people in front of him, his eyes filled with murderous intent.

Reaching out with his left hand, he unlocked Hayden’s elixir field and energy field. Before Jonathan could speak again, Hayden was already charging toward him.

“F*ck you!” Channeling all his spiritual energy, Hayden aimed a kick straight at Stellario’s head!

Jonathan reached out, grabbed Hayden’s collar, and forcefully pulled him backward.

Hayden kicked into thin air, losing his balance and falling heavily to the ground. He quickly rolled over and sprang up, lunging toward Stellario.

“Hayden!” With a loud shout, Jonathan used his spiritual energy to firmly restrain Hayden right where he stood.

“Mr. Goldstein, let me take him down for good!” At that moment, Hayden was truly livid. If looks could kill, Stellario would have died dozens of times over.

“I promised to let them go, and that’s why they released you so easily. One must keep their word!” Jonathan spoke up once again.

After gritting his teeth and taking several deep breaths, Hayden finally managed to calm his anger.

“Pfft!” Hayden spat at Stellario, then sneered, “D*mn it! You folks from the Mallory family better be careful when you’re wandering around in the small world. If your heads get blown off, the person responsible for that will definitely be me!”

Seeing Hayden in that state, Jonathan released the spiritual energy that was restraining Hayden.

After gaining his freedom, Hayden gritted his teeth and headed toward Joshua.

Jonathan put away his Heaven Sword and walked over to the coffin. With a light tap of his hand, the ancient coffin opened. With a flip of his hand, he tossed Joshua into it.

After a brief exchange of glances, Jonathan, carrying an ancient coffin, stealthily departed underground with Hayden and Sirius.

Such caution was taken to prevent Stellario, Kathleen, and others from tracking them down.

After all, in the small world, there were quite a few people from the Henderson and Mallory families. If they were really held back by those people, just the two Divine Realm cultivators would be enough to give them a headache.

Watching Jonathan and the others leave, Kathleen turned her head to look at Stellario, who was buried in the ground.

“What are you up to?” Merilyn quickly drew out her spear, positioning it between the two, fearing that Kathleen might attack Stellario.

However, Kathleen just smiled and lit a cigarette for herself. “Silly girl, you need to be a bit more cautious with men, especially that man behind you. His tactics are quite wicked.”

Upon hearing that, Merilyn turned to gaze at Stellario, looking somewhat bewildered. “Stellario, what does she mean?”

“What do I mean?” Kathleen turned around and sat on the pile of dirt that had just scattered, chuckling as she watched Stellario. “What’s the matter? How much longer do you plan to stay underground?”

As Kathleen spoke, Stellario could only let out a helpless sigh. “Kathleen, I’m truly curious about your Henderson family’s core cultivation method. It seems you’re able to observe all my secret moves.”

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