The Legendary Man Chapter 1336

Chapter 1336 The Grand Array Of Heavenly Performance
Upon hearing the conversation between Jonathan and the latter, Sirius, who was standing nearby, approached with a worried face.
Reaching out, Sirius gently placed his hand on Joshua’s wrist, carefully examining it. Then, with a sigh, he subtly shook his head.

“Jonathan’s assessment is correct. This is a typical reaction to a damaged spiritual sense.”

“If we’re outside, I can take him back to the Blackwood family’s Spiritual Nourishing Valley. In this small world, unless we find a similar place, it’s going to be difficult for him to recover.”

Upon hearing Sirius’s words, Hayden was instantly invigorated.

“Is what you’re saying really true?”

“This is the first time I’ve heard that a spiritual sense can be healed. Is your Spiritual Nourishing Valley really as miraculous as you say?”

Jonathan also harbored some doubts about Sirius’s words.

The Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique he had acquired, after such a long period of verification, it could be confirmed that the grade of its cultivation method was superior to the existing cultivation method of the eight families.

Moreover, the wealth of information recorded within could be aptly described as an encyclopedia of the ancient world.

However, even so, the method of recuperating from a damaged spiritual sense was only briefly mentioned in four words in the medical section of the book.

Nurture warmth, heal thyself!

Of course, all spells and potions were created by the cultivators.

There would also be the possibility that in the years following the completion of the Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique, someone could devise a method to cultivate spiritual sense.

For instance, the emergence of the small world was a concept proposed by Emperor Fehohr in the years following the ancient times. It was then perfected and brought into existence by countless powerful.

The innovation of those spiritual cultivation techniques was akin to the accumulation of scientific knowledge.

By relying on the overlay of formations and the application of Pryncyp, one could continuously experiment and accumulate experience.

However, the restoration of spiritual sense was completely untraceable.

It was intangible, beyond sight and touch. One could create a formation or a spell and could perhaps be heading in the right direction by providing an extremely subtle nourishment to the spiritual sense. Yet, one simply couldn’t perceive the changes.

Unless, by some stroke of luck, someone could create a formation that could significantly repair the spiritual sense to the extent that it could be easily perceived by others.

Nevertheless, the chances of that happening was even lower than winning the lottery ten times in a row.

Setting aside the complex spiritual sense restoration array, even the establishment of the simplest Three Formations required the formation master to fumble through thousands, if not tens of thousands of times, before determining the final arrangement method.

The words of Sirius could be said to have no credibility at all.

Seeing the doubtful gazes of Jonathan and Hayden, Sirius furrowed his brows.

“I, Sirius, have never lied in my life. Don’t you trust my character?”

Cough Cough! Jonathan cleared his throat. “Well, neither of us are saints. Even if you swear a poisonous oath, I’d have to weigh whether it’s a trap or not. Let’s not discuss character anymore, shall we? How about this? Tell me about the Blackwood family’s Spiritual Nourishing Valley. How was it set up, or when did it come into existence?”

A sanctuary for nurturing the spiritual sense, whether in ancient times or after the natural order was shattered. It would undoubtedly remain the supreme treasure in the realm of cultivators.

Even if the Blackwood family truly had it in their possession, such a secret was bound to be leaked.

Although discussing matters of the outside world seemed pointless in the small world, the conversation had already reached this point, and Jonathan wanted to know whether these things were true or false.

Upon seeing their doubts, Sirius huffed coldly.

“Of course, I can’t tell you where that valley is. But I can say with certainty, within a radius of three meters of the very heart of that valley, it’s absolutely possible to nurture one’s spiritual sense. After participating in the great battle against the Whitley family, my ancestor returned home wounded. It was in that valley where he recovered from his injuries. It’s a place shaped by the forces of nature. We don’t understand the principles behind it. But after all these years, the only ones who know about the secret valley are less than twenty people from the core of the Blackwood family. The rest has no idea. And to safeguard that valley, we tread with utmost caution every time we enter. Even within our clan, there’s a strict rule, breaking even a single twig inside is considered a grave offense. If you disrupt the mountain’s terrain or the course of water, then it’s a death sentence!”

Hayden stared at Sirius, dumbfounded.

“D*mn, are the people in your family freaks or what? Even with the knowledge that only the core members are aware of that valley, you still managed to impose a death penalty. What’s the matter? Are you afraid of your clan becoming too powerful and decided to start a plan to reduce the number of cultivators?”

At this moment, Jonathan was frowning as he stared at Sirius.

“If that’s what you’re saying, then I might actually believe you.”

Hayden turned to look at Jonathan before he sat down next to Joshua, feeling speechless.

“Oh, Joshua, you’re really out of luck. Look at these two, each one more crazy than the last. How about I just bury you and save you from the suffering of being a vegetable?”

Jonathan looked at Hayden in amusement.

“You don’t know jack! Let me tell you, whenever we encounter a grand formation naturally created by heaven and earth, we must find a way to protect it. For instance, the Three Ultimate Formations of Summerbank encompasses an area with a radius of tens of kilometers. This has created a forbidden zone that no person can enter. If a mountain is blown apart, the spiritual energy loses its ability to circulate, and the formation will be broken.”

Hayden listened to Jonathan’s explanation with a slight frown on his face.

“Mr. Goldstein, as you’ve said, we must blow up a mountain peak to break that formation. Just now, Sirius mentioned that damaging even a twig would be punishable by death. He was just bluffing, wasn’t he?”

Upon hearing this, Jonathan shook his head again.

“The Three Formations of Summerbank is just the most basic formation. The foundation of the formation is made up of three mountains. Naturally, if you want to break it, you need to destroy one of the mountains. However, according to Sirius, their family’s Celestial Evolution Formation can nurture the spiritual sense. That must certainly be a treasure that rivals the heavens and earth. For such a large formation, even picking up a stone from the slope could potentially destroy the entire array. Until everyone fully understands the evolution of the formation, no one should interfere with anything in that valley.”

For such a large formation, even picking up a stone from the slope could potentially destroy the entire array.

Upon hearing these words, a look of envy flashed in Hayden’s eyes.

“Ah, the respectable families! They really do monopolize a lot of good places, don’t they?”

“Mr. Goldstein, how long will it take for the formation experts to figure out that valley?”

Upon hearing this, Jonathan slightly shook his head, then turned to look at Sirius.

“The mastery of formations is hard to grasp. It could take three days, or it could take forever. The pace depends on the skill level of the formation master.”

“Sirius, how much have the Blackwood family deduced from that valley?”

“If you know, you can tell me. Maybe I can replicate it. Waking Joshua up earlier would also be helpful for us.”

Upon hearing this, Sirius shook his head.

“That’s impossible. The valley has been under the study of formation masters for the past thirty years, and yet, less than one percent of it has been completed.”

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