The Legendary Man Chapter 1337

Chapter 1337 Splitting Loot

“Darn it!”

Annoyed, Hayden cursed under his breath. “What’s the point of all this talk? It doesn’t help Joshua’s condition one bit, you know.”

Sirius frowned as he looked at Hayden. “Did I ever say it was useful? All I said was that it would be easier if we were outside. If you keep challenging me, I swear I’ll take you down right now.”

Sirius was powerful. Coupled with the Rune-Enhanced Body Mastery on his body, even Jonathan wasn’t entirely confident that he could defeat Sirius in a short amount of time.

Moreover, even when Sirius was doing nothing, he still emanated an extremely dangerous vibe. It was unclear if that was due to his constant gun practice.

At that moment, when Sirius uttered those words, Hayden was immediately frightened. He somersaulted up and pulled out his saber to respond carefully. “Let me tell you, I’m not a pushover either. If it really comes down to it, I’m not afraid to take action!”

Watching the two men, lively as fighting roosters, Jonathan couldn’t help but sigh in resignation. He sat beside Joshua and began sorting through his storage ring.

From the moment they entered that small world, a unique theme had gripped everyone, which was slaughter.

Jonathan had been leading a fulfilling few days. He had to face the chaotic power struggles and outside cultivators seeking treasures in the small world, but it wasn’t all bad.

Unfastening the storage bag from his waist, Jonathan poured out more than two hundred storage bags from within.

That was the convenience of the storage device in the small world. It could be infinitely stacked. As long as one had enough storage bags, one could pack everything one saw like nesting dolls.

Even Sirius, who had always been cold and indifferent, couldn’t help but be surprised by the mountain of storage bags. “Um… Jonathan, these storage bags of yours…”

“All these are from the divine messengers we killed before!” Jonathan laughed. “Haven’t you guys collected any?”

Sirius took out three pitifully small storage bags.

As for Hayden, he had been constantly targeting the enemy from behind. Coupled with his cultivation level barely being enough to protect himself, he didn’t have the leisure to pick up any storage bags. In fact, he didn’t manage to pick up a single one.

At that point, they could only watch as Jonathan unboxed the storage bags.

In truth, Jonathan was always at the heart of the battle. Only when he was about to leave would he use his spiritual energy to pull the storage bag around him into the ground.

If it weren’t for the urgent need to escape, the number of storage bags Jonathan managed to get his hands on would probably be no less than five hundred.

At that thought, Jonathan couldn’t help but sigh. “What a pity. There are still so many storage bags we didn’t manage to get.”

Hayden looked at Jonathan with a face full of envy. “You’ve got around two hundred bags, Mr. Goldstein. That’s quite a lot already, isn’t it?”

Upon hearing that, Jonathan sighed again. “You don’t have a family, so you don’t understand how much I need. I wish I could strip those Black Armor soldiers from head to toe. Don’t just stand there. Come and give me a hand. Help me sort out the stuff in here. Place the weapons on the left, medicines in the middle, food at the back, and clothes and miscellaneous items on the right.”

As Jonathan spoke, he manipulated his spiritual energy to divide the storage bag in front of him into three parts. He then pushed two of the parts toward Sirius and Hayden.

Seeing Jonathan in that state, Hayden and Sirius didn’t hesitate. They immersed their spiritual sense into the storage bag and continuously threw out the items inside.

A total of two hundred and thirty-one storage bags were completely emptied in less than ten minutes. The contents were neatly sorted and piled together.

“There are over fifteen hundred pieces of various weapons and armor in total. However, most of them are of inferior quality. They are, however, suitable for the average practitioner to use. For God Realm cultivator though, the quality of these things is somewhat too low.” Hayden spoke with a hint of disdain.

Sirius brandished an obsidian spear with great force.

“These are all standard weapons in the army. The ability to equip every soldier with lower-grade magical instruments is simply unthinkable in the outside world. We’ve got so much now. we should be content.”

Jonathan looked at the two, their eyes filled with envy. After some thought, he finally spoke.

“You can each choose three weapons that suit you best from these. As for the magical herbs, each of you can take ten percent. Prepare for the upcoming battles, so you’re ready for any unexpected needs. As for food, feel free to choose whatever you like. It seems that in this small world, we’re really not short of things to eat. I’m going to put everything else away. I hope you understand.”

Upon hearing the words, Hayden burst into hearty laughter and dove into the massive pile of weapons. “What do you mean, ‘understand’? These things were yours to begin with. I’m already extremely grateful for this little bit you’ve given me, okay?”

Meanwhile, Sirius, who was standing nearby, forcefully thrust his obsidian spear into the ground. “I’ll take this top-grade magical item. This one is more than enough.”

“If you say so!” Jonathan said with a hearty laugh.

Sirius reached out his hand. Waves of spiritual energy surged as he deposited various medicinal pills into his storage bag. Then, he turned around and sat down next to Jonathan. “Jonathan, are you planning to arm Asura’s Office with these weapons?”

Upon hearing those words, Jonathan didn’t respond. He turned his head to look at Joshua, who was sound asleep next to him.

“There’s only one Asura in the Asura’s Office, but that’s too few. Before, I believed that as long as I stood at the pinnacle, I could change the world. Eventually, I came to realize that if I fail, then the tens of thousands from the Blackwood family will also fail. To change the world, what we need are countless ‘Asura’s’. Only when everyone understands the injustices of this world will they rise in rebellion. Only then can the order of our world be changed.”

Upon hearing that, Sirius nodded slightly, then promptly took out a cigarette and handed it to Jonathan. “You want to create more of these ‘Asura’?”

Upon hearing that, Jonathan grinned. “Being an Asura is not about physical strength, but a state of mind. However, this mindset can only be liberated when one is strong. These items are merely the stepping stones to my goal. Once I’ve achieved it, the eight respectable families will be having a headache.”

Upon hearing that, Sirius slightly shook his head.

“Let me tell you a secret. The core members of our family have already dispersed around the world under different identities. This arrangement has been in place for nearly a century. Our influence extends to Remdik, Anglandur, Western Epea, and even Alendor.”

“Kore was shattered, and the spiritual energy revival seemed only to be an illusion. This is merely a sudden spurt of activity prior to the world’s foundation collapsing. I believe that in a few decades, Divine Realm cultivation will become only a legend, and no one will be able to break through it anymore. We, the Blackwood family, need to accelerate this process as much as possible. Before everyone else catches on, we must establish our footing in the new world first.”

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