The Legendary Man Chapter 1338

Chapter 1338 The Fish That Came Ashore

It was only at this moment that Jonathan finally understood what the real secret of the Blackwood family had been all along.

Even though the Blackwood family and Asura’s Office had secretly formed an alliance long ago, Jonathan couldn’t understand why the Blackwood family, a respectable family that had established itself through cultivation, was committed to democratizing cultivation and spreading it to the masses.

Upon hearing Sirius’ words, Jonathan finally understood. The entire world of cultivation is like a slowly drying pond. According to the Blackwood family’s theory, the drying up of this pond is now irreversible. One day, the water inside will completely evaporate, leaving only the parched riverbed behind. And these cultivators are like fish swimming within. The Blackwood family is determined to be among the first to reach the shore. Their aim is to firmly establish their footing before the other families can react and then do everything within their power to thwart any forces that attempt to follow them ashore. While it may not entirely prevent everyone from reaching the shore, one thing is certain. The Blackwood family will undoubtedly seize the initiative in this process.

After connecting all the previous events together, Jonathan sighed and asked, “So, are you willing to support Asura’s Office unconditionally, even if it means giving us a large amount of broken spirit stones and risking the wrath of the other seven families?”

Sirius shook his head slightly. “What you’re saying is both right and wrong. We gave you the broken spirit stone, certainly hoping to establish a good relationship with Asura’s Office before you even set foot on shore. After all, in the face of dwindling spiritual energy in the future, the highest Realm of cultivators will be continuously compressed. In this way, the military powerhouse, Asura’s Office, will truly become the ruler of Chanaea.”

Upon hearing Sirius’s words, Jonathan couldn’t help but chuckle in satisfaction. “So, it seems like you’re quite optimistic about the development of Asura’s Office, huh? When it comes to alliances, no bond is too tight as long as there are benefits involved. The Blackwood family and Asura’s Office are old friends by now. How about we tighten our alliance? Once we get out of here when the hatred between Asura’s Office and the eight respectable families reaches its boiling point, we could collaborate once more. What do you say?”

Sirius looked at Jonathan, a rare hint of amusement rising in his gaze. “I know what you’re thinking. You want the Blackwood family to pull the rug out from under the other seven families, don’t you?”

Jonathan quickly nodded in agreement. “What I mean is, if we join forces, we might just stand a chance to take down the seven respectable families.”

Upon hearing that, Sirius didn’t respond. He simply handed Jonathan a cigarette and lit it for him. “Jonathan, let go of that idea. Once we’re out, in the war between you and the eight respectable families, the Blackwood family can at most step aside. But as for helping you with this matter, we simply can’t do it.”
Jonathan furrowed his brows, exhaling a puff of smoke, his eyes filled with confusion as he looked at Sirius. “Sirius, you’re really being unreasonable. We’ve faced life and death together several times. We can certainly trust each other with our lives. Moreover, the Blackwood family has been helping us, even providing us with broken spirit stone. Isn’t all this to help Asura’s Office become stronger quickly? Since you’re fond of Asura’s Office, why not increase your investment? When the time comes and we really win, won’t it be even more beneficial for the Blackwood family?”
At this point, Hayden, who was standing nearby, had also chosen the weapon he wanted and stepped forward. “Mr. Goldstein, I’ve made my selection and picked out five magical items.”
With a casual wave of his hand, Jonathan let him go. He wanted to continue discussing cooperation with Sirius, but he heard Hayden couldn’t help but interject from the side.

“Mr. Goldstein, there’s no need to persuade him anymore. These respectable families are all unprincipled scoundrels. If they don’t see any tangible benefits, they won’t cooperate with you,” Hayden said.

Sirius looked at Hayden. Jonathan thought he would argue, but to his surprise, Sirius remained silent for a moment before giving a slight nod.
“Hayden is right,” Sirius said. “We don’t do things that don’t benefit us. Fully supporting Asura’s Office is simply a pointless endeavor for us.”
Jonathan looked at Sirius, speechless.
“Dude! Just now, you were saying that Asura’s Office is the future,” Jonathan said.

Upon hearing that, Sirius quickly waved his hands. “I never said that Asura’s Office is the future. What I meant was that the technological warfare model represented by Asura’s Office is the trend of the future. You need to understand, the depletion of spiritual energy is not something that can be reversed in a day or two. It requires a long period of evolution. Even with the backing of the Blackwood family, or the continuous support from cultivators associated with the Blackwood family, this process is bound to be extremely lengthy.”
As Sirius spoke, he gently waved his hand in front of him. The grass on the ground was neatly cut, and the scattered blades of grass formed an upward arc in mid-air. “For thousands of years, everything in this world, at its peak, must eventually decline. This is a truth that Emperor Fehohr comprehended thousands of years ago. All beings in this world, after their prime, inevitably head toward decline. Flowers, plants, and trees, after their bloom, naturally start to wither. The rise and fall of imperial power and national strength are just so, and the destiny of our cultivator world will also follow this rule. Just like the process of aging, ordinary people start to physically decline after the age of thirty. However, this aging process is incredibly slow, so much so that it’s hard for one to notice it themselves.”
As Sirius spoke, he simultaneously manipulated his spiritual energy to extend the arc formed by the green grass, gently growing it downward. “At that point, even if there is a decline, it’s not easily noticeable to everyone due to the limited speed. However, if this person were to fall seriously ill or suffer a significant misfortune, their physical condition would rapidly deteriorate. This is an unalterable fact. And we, the Blackwood family, are committed to continuously propelling the realm of cultivators in Chanaea, swiftly toward this turning point. Only in this way can we ensure others lose their advantage in the face of lightning-fast developments. But now, even as the ones who set the stage, we have no idea when this turning point will actually occur. It could be three months or several decades. Before this turning point, the world is still dominated by the eight families. Asura’s Office has no chance of victory. Let me tell you something simple. Even if we don’t count the Blackwood family, the number of cultivators from the other seven families who have reached the God Realm is definitely over two hundred. Do you, the over one million members of Asura’s Office, have any strategies to deal with these two hundred God Realm cultivators?”

Sirius’ spiritual energy dissipated, and the fragments of grass in the sky scattered with the wind, landing on Jonathan’s face. It felt as if sharp arrows were piercing Jonathan’s heart.
“I can take people out of the small world!” Jonathan replied with a serious look on his face. Before this, I was uncertain about the impending war. Now, there isn’t much to worry about. In this small world, there might be a shortage of other things, but when it comes to God Realm cultivators, there’s more than enough!

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