The Legendary Man Chapter 1339

Chapter 1339 Asking For A Beating
Although Jonathan and the others had enemies everywhere in the small world, there were many villagers he could persuade.
Jonathan believed in his own abilities. He might not be able to persuade hundreds of thousands of people from several villages to switch sides, but gathering two to three hundred God Realm cultivators to follow him was still quite an easy feat to accomplish.
Ever since Jonathan figured out the situation in the small world, he had been constantly scheming.

It was just that there was quite a bit of scheming involved in that matter. If he could persuade the aborigines there, others could certainly do the same thing.
The eight respectable families were not fools. They all would work together to recruit cultivators under their command. Once they found the way back, Jonathan, on his own, could never outmaneuver the dozens of people from the eight respectable families.
And this was precisely why he was going all out to help Joshua.

After discussing the topic of the chosen with Seboxia, Jonathan had already assumed Joshua was the chosen for the small world.
After all, the small world was Joshua’s ancestors’ territory. The magical items, cultivation methods, formations, and hidden secrets were all under the control of Joshua.
It would be unreasonable for him not to be the chosen one under such circumstances.
Jonathan’s plan was that he could use Joshua’s luck to allow himself to bring a group of people out of the small world after he helped Joshua regain control of Yannopolis.

That matter would be easily achievable once Joshua gained power. After all, the people from the eight respectable families also had a grudge against Joshua.
It would be strange if Joshua didn’t seize that opportunity to eliminate everyone who entered the small world.
But now, Joshua, in his current state, had injured his spiritual sense and was sleeping like a log. The turns of events had completely disrupted Jonathan’s plans.

Sirius followed Jonathan’s gaze to look at Joshua. “You can drop the idea of bringing people out of here.”
Jonathan furrowed his brows and asked, “Why?”
Sirius pointed at himself.

“I’m not sure about the other families and factions, but speaking for my Blackwood family, we have definitely already sent people to guard the entrance of the small world by now. Do you really think my grandpa and the others would just stand by and watch other families bring out a string of God Realm cultivators from the small world?”
Jonathan was a smart man. The reason he hadn’t considered those matters before was because there wasn’t a second cultivator in the entire Asura’s Office who could compete with the eight respectable families. So, he never even considered what could possibly happen at the entrance of the small world. “In other words, the eight respectable families would never stand by and watch any members of the other respectable families lead the cultivators from the small world to the outside world. This results in a vicious cycle. The eight families will form an alliance outside, slaughtering all the cultivators who venture out from the smaller worlds in order to maintain the current balance of the eight families.”
Upon hearing that, Sirius gave a slight nod. “You’re a smart person, so I’ll tell you this. Even if you really manage to escape, your Asura’s Office would definitely not stand a chance in a battle against the eight respectable families.”

Upon hearing those words, Jonathan fell silent. After a few seconds of contemplation, he turned a cold gaze toward Sirius. “This is a stalemate. In the face of absolute power, I have no way to break the stalemate.”
“I know.” Sirius said calmly, “But if you and Hayden can disguise yourselves, I can get you out safely.”
Although the Blackwood family couldn’t assist Asura’s Office, Sirius himself didn’t want the two geniuses, Jonathan and Hayden, to just die at the exit of the small world.

The interests and strategies of respectable families were shaped by the prevailing trends of the world.
As an independent individual, Sirius truly cherished his “friend,” Jonathan.
He might not be able to save Asura’s Office, but he could certainly save Jonathan.

With a smirk, Hayden toyed with the saber in his hand, turning his gaze toward Sirius.
“You’re planning to save us so we’ll, in turn, serve you?”
“I simply want to save you, that’s all,” Sirius said lightly. “Believe it or not, I want to save you two. After all, it’s you who saved my life.”

Jonathan lifted his head to look at Sirius. “I appreciate your good intentions, but I’m curious about something. You seem to have already decided that our Asura’s Office will lose in this conflict. In that case, why did you send over fifteen hundred tons of broken spirit stones to Asura’s Office? Even though these are considered inferior products produced from your family’s spiritual mines, and you disdain to use them, if they were to be sold, they would still make a significant profit. Yet, you gave all those stones to us? That doesn’t seem to align with your ‘self-interest first’ rule.”

Sirius stubbed out the cigarette butt in his hand on the ground. “The fifteen hundred tons of broken spirit stones weren’t a gift to you, Jonathan, but for Asura’s Office. There are nearly two million of you in the Asura’s Office. Even if you truly lose, it’s impossible for all of you to be killed. Consider our Blackwood family as having planted a seed. Whether it will bloom and bear fruit in the future depends on the methods of the other seven families.”
As Sirius was speaking, he suddenly felt a surge of spiritual energy fluctuating intensely from Hayden, who was standing beside him.

Hayden sidestepped. The saber in his hand gleamed as it collided with an incoming arrow.
Jonathan rolled forward on the ground, activating the bronze handbell on top of his head to lower a golden spirit shield to protect himself and Joshua behind him.

With a lift of his foot, Jonathan kicked Joshua into the coffin. Only after closing the lid and hoisting it onto his back did he feel slightly at ease as he looked up toward the top of the valley.
There, surprisingly, were two Adrunians donning breezy attire.
Sirius, holding a spear, stood beside Jonathan, his aura bursting forth.

“Adrunians? Has the West Epea Alliance received the news?”
“Perhaps even further. They could be people from Anglandur,” Jonathan said lightly.
Sirius was unexpectedly locked up in the dungeons of North Outer City without getting to explore much of the small world. Naturally, he found it peculiar to see the Adrunians at that time.

However, Jonathan had witnessed Adrunians being forced to participate in the South Outer City arena previously.
Hayden, holding a severed arrow in his hand, walked up to the two of them. “These two guys are somewhat condescending. They’re not using spiritual energy. This arrow is made of carbon fiber materials, which are a dime a dozen for two hundred bucks outside. It’s just like toys from an amusement park.”

Jonathan glanced at the arrow, dyed in all sorts of colors, then lifted his gaze to the people above.
Those two Adrunians were standing atop the valley, laughing and chatting about something. Due to the distance, Jonathan couldn’t quite make out what they were saying.

It seemed like they were laughing at the accuracy of the arrow they had just shot.
The two of them chatted and laughed for a bit, then leaped toward the base of the mountain.
The valley wasn’t very deep to begin with. With just a few leaps, the two of them had already reached the front of the three individuals.

Upon reaching the pile of weapons and magical items, the two young men looked at the trio as if they had discovered some sort of treasure.
“This… mine… you all… run for your lives…”
“Yours?” Hayden looked at the two of them with a scoffing laugh.

“I’ll just have to accept that I can’t beat the heirs of the eight respectable families, but you two little runts think you can strut around in my place? It seems you’re asking for a beating!”

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