The Legendary Man Chapter 1341

Chapter 1341 Spiritual Sense Imprint
“Give me a straight answer…”
The Adrune cultivator looked at Jonathan with fear.
“Asura, if possible, we want to live… We can offer all these things to you!”
As the cultivator spoke, he manipulated his spiritual energy to remove all the rings from his hand. He then used this energy to float them over to Jonathan.
Upon seeing this, Jonathan lightly patted his waist. From beneath his clothes, a thin line emerged, threading through those storage rings, and then once again concealed itself at his waist.

Although the storage bags in this small world can be infinitely stacked and placed within each other, the storage rings cannot.

Naturally, Jonathan wouldn’t stoop to the level of a nouveau riche, wearing a dozen storage rings on his fingers. However, he couldn’t bear to part with these items either, so he had no choice but to wear them hidden around his waist.

Accepting the item, Jonathan gave a slight nod toward Sirius in the distance.

Even though Sirius didn’t know what Jonathan was planning, he still chose to cooperate.

He gripped the gun barrel tightly and then forcefully pushed down. The gun body pierced through the cultivator’s spine and plunged deeply into the earth, astonishingly nailing another blond-haired, blue-eyed young man directly onto the ground.

Hearing the agonizing screams of his companion, the face of the spiritual control youth turned even paler.

Previously, they had encountered several cultivators from Aploth, but with the cooperation of their team, those guys had no ability to resist at all and were slain by him and his companions.

Just now, the moment they discovered Jonathan, they immediately recognized the identities of several people.

After all, they were professional assassins. Even if they hadn’t been to every country on Earth, they were still very familiar with the influential figures of each nation.

It went without saying that Jonathan, Asura, was always at the top of the bounty list year after year.

Jonathan had become one of the rare stubborn holdouts on the Dark Web’s bounty list.

Over the years, countless assassins had fallen while attempting to carry out the mission of assassinating Jonathan.

As for Sirius, being the representative of a respectable family out in the world, he was naturally well-known among all the major powers.

If a Chanaean assassin were to encounter these two individuals, they would definitely not provoke them.

But these foreign assassins, after several successful encounters with cultivators from Aploth, began to grow confident. They even dared to provoke the two top entities in God Realm.

Even if they wanted to regret it now, it was a bit too late.


The assassin was still in a trance when he heard Jonathan’s low voice.

“Are you going to speak up or not? I don’t have the patience to keep this up with you.”

The young man was pulled back to reality from his regret by Jonathan and then obediently looked toward Jonathan.

“Asura, feel free to ask anything. As long as I know, I will definitely tell you everything.”

After careful consideration, Jonathan spoke again.

“What faction do you belong to? When did you enter? How was the entrance to the small world when you arrived? What’s the situation between the Eastern Allied Army and the Remdikian Army, and what is your objective?”

A series of questions poured out from Jonathan’s mouth.

Even Sirius, who was nearby, was drawn in by these critical questions.

The assassin hadn’t expected Jonathan to barrage him with a series of questions. After careful consideration, he finally responded to Jonathan.

“My name is Chandler, a member of Apocalypse from Anglandur. We entered the small world on the third day of its opening. When we entered back then, the entrance to the small world was guarded by the Leeson family, with one in the Divine Realm and over a dozen in God Realm. However, we had already received news at that time that the rest of the Chanaean families were rapidly assembling in Doveston. As for the news of your Eastern Army battling the Remdikian Army, we truly have no idea. We are assassins. Changes in regimes, and shifts in nations, are not within our sphere of concern. What we focus on is simply the elimination of our targets and the bounty that follows. As for the purpose…”

As the young man spoke, his face suddenly flushed red.

“I cannot reveal our purpose. Even if I had the slightest inclination to do so, I would drop dead instantly.”

“What are you babbling about?” Upon hearing the assassin’s words, Sirius immediately lifted his foot, aiming to stomp on the man’s cheek.

But Jonathan stepped forward, blocking Sirius’ path.

“Sirius, indeed there is a similar technique that can etch a curse deep into a person’s consciousness field. If the cultivator does something that contradicts the curse, they will die instantly.”

Upon hearing Jonathan’s words, the young man lying on the ground suddenly had a spark in his eyes.

“Exactly, exactly, it’s this kind of curse, left behind by the founder of Apocalypse. If we disclose any information about Apocalypse, our spiritual energy will reverse, and we will self-destruct.”

Sirius looked at Jonathan with confusion, only to see Jonathan nodding in response.

“It’s true, you can perceive this technique as a kind of mental imprint. It’s like this—imagine running naked down a pedestrian street. Such an act itself wouldn’t harm you, but you absolutely couldn’t bring yourself to do it. That’s the restraint that the morals you’ve learned over time have placed on you. The mental imprint is such that once a certain point is triggered, the cultivator can’t help but reverse his spiritual energy, which feels exactly the same as when you feel shame, with no difference whatsoever.”

As Jonathan spoke, his gaze was firmly fixed on the young man.

He only revealed half of the spell, leaving the other half unsaid.

This very thing, due to its incredibly simple casting process, was once revered by many cultivators in ancient times.

After all, even when forming a master and servant contract, one must expend their own blood essence and also extract a sliver of the other party’s consciousness to reside within their own consciousness field, allowing them to control the other’s life and death at any time.

However, this approach also had its drawbacks. While it was possible to control a person’s actions through life and death completely, problems arose when too many master and servant contracts were signed.

The cultivator’s own consciousness would become cluttered, providing no benefit to his cultivation.

Such a spiritual sense imprint, however, posed no harm to the spell caster.

Thus, in ancient times, the person who created this spiritual sense imprint began to continuously imprint others, and in the end, he astonishingly turned tens of thousands of people in a city into slaves who were absolutely obedient to his commands.

After the incident, all the major powers at the time understood the terror of the spiritual sense imprint. Consequently, they dispatched people one after another to hunt down the inventor.

And the inventor’s move was even more audacious. He actually announced his own invention to the world.

This led directly to the cultivation method of the spiritual sense imprint becoming as commonplace as the method of breathing exercises.

However, this thing was lethal, and for a moment, the entire cultivator world was thrown into complete chaos.

Walking down the street, everyone was on guard, fearing that others might imprint them with a mark of spiritual sense. Eventually, this tension escalated into a massive chaos that engulfed the entire cultivation world.

It was after that the entire community of scholars in Chanaea united. Over the span of three generations, they completely erased all traces of this spell.

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