The Legendary Man Chapter 1342

Chapter 1342 The Light Before The Night
A single spell had led to its collective banishment by all the cultivators in Chanaea for nearly two hundred years before they finally managed to extinguish the last vestiges of its legacy.
Even when Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique was written, the technique had already been reduced to a mere legend, with no one having witnessed it firsthand.
But now, the evil spell had reappeared in the world…
As described in Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique, all techniques in the world that had a wide range of dissemination, were easy to practice, and possessed specific functions, were indestructible by humans regardless of whether they were black magic or Great Pryncyp.
Even if someone like Emperor Fehohr, possessing unparalleled resources of their time and capable of suppressing all adversaries, forcibly erased any traces of the technique, the spell would still make a comeback if given enough time.
Thus, the reappearance of the technique was an inevitable outcome.
It could happen through an ancient cave dwelling being discovered, or someone fortuitously receiving a legacy.

What worried Jonathan the most, however, was the timing of these occurrences.

Seboxia, Remdik Emperor, Apocalypse, the divine small world of West Region, the small world of Doveston, Holy Blood of Sanctuary, Charleigh’s strengthening elixir…

The legacy of history, the breakthroughs in technology, the emergence of Secret Realms, the revival of legends…

Every single one of those things, taken alone, was enough to alter the century-old structure of the entire world.

But now, they were sprouting up like mushrooms, emerging continuously.

Could it really be as the Blackwood family predicted? That this life is the final struggle of heaven and earth’s Kore before its collapse? The last burst of light before the impending darkness? If that is the case, the path of cultivating Great Pryncyp might indeed be reduced to nothing more than a legend for future generations.
“Jonathan…” the confused Sirius called out to the daydreaming Jonathan.

Ever since Jonathan finished speaking a moment ago, he had been lost in thought for a long while.

Jonathan turned his head to look at Sirius.

“Don’t Worry. I was just thinking about the Eastern Army’s battle outside. I wonder how they’re doing.”

Sirius was certainly no fool, he could clearly see that Jonathan’s words were merely an excuse.

However, he chose not to point it out, for everyone had their own secrets to keep.

“What should be done with these two? Should they be killed or set free?” Sirius asked awkwardly.

Upon hearing this, Jonathan sighed and waved his hand dismissively.

“Release them. It’s a tough time for everyone now, so just leave them to their fates.”

Upon hearing Jonathan’s words, the foreign cultivator picked himself up in disbelief.

“Honorable Asura, we will meet again, and when that time comes…”

The foreign cultivator was speaking with great enthusiasm when Jonathan slashed Heaven Sword across his cheek, cleaving his head in two.

Sirius stared wide-eyed at Jonathan.
“Didn’t you say…”

“I promised him that as long as he cooperated with us, I would give him a swift resolution,” Jonathan said nonchalantly.

“Look at how happy he is, even in death. By the way, this was taken from the kid.”

As he spoke, Jonathan casually tossed out a storage ring.

Sirius took it in his hand, focusing his gaze on it.

It was an antique-styled black ring, on which there was a dragon’s head pattern outlined with extremely simple lines.

This is a ring of the Blackwood family!

Previously, he and two others were thrown into the dungeon by Black Armor Legion. All their storage rings and weapons were confiscated.

Upon seeing the ring, Sirius naturally understood its significance.

Another cultivator from the Blackwood family had died in the small world.

Casting a glance at Jonathan, who was busy gathering the weapons that were scattered all over the ground, Sirius waved his hand to summon two corpses from his storage bag. He then slipped on the Blackwood family’s ring and stored the two bodies in it.

“Thank you.”

Sirius bowed toward Jonathan as he expressed his gratitude.

Jonathan casually waved his hand.

“It has always belonged to the Blackwood family. I’m merely returning it to its rightful owner.”

Upon hearing the words, Sirius remained silent, turning to walk toward the cultivator nailed to the ground in the distance.

“Spare me…”

At that moment, the cultivator nailed to the ground was completely incapacitated.

While assassins might be accustomed to the risk of death, it only applied to being instantly killed in battle.

However, when one felt as if one was helplessly nailed to the ground, one would naturally feel fear and despair from the depths of their heart.

In response to the cultivator’s plea for mercy, Sirius lifted his foot and shattered the former’s jaw with a kick.

Immediately after, he drew his spear and completely severed the tendons of the cultivator’s hands and feet.

“For killing a member of my family, I’ll leave you to die here.”

After Sirius finished speaking, he mimicked Jonathan by taking away the storage ring from the man’s finger. Then, without looking back, he turned and walked away.

Behind him, the cultivator could do nothing but lie helplessly on the ground, whimpering.

As his jaw was shattered, the cultivator couldn’t even commit suicide by biting his tongue even if he wanted to.

There were only two outcomes awaiting him. One was to bleed to death slowly, while the other was to be devoured by the insects or beasts attracted by the scent of blood.

In the realm of cultivators, it was a dog-eat-dog world with everyone driven by their own interests. There was no clear distinction between right and wrong.

While Jonathan might not agree with Sirius’s approach, he would certainly never stand in the latter’s way.

If he were in the same situation, where members of his own family were being killed one after another, Jonathan’s reaction would undoubtedly be even more intense than Sirius’.

The two of them left the valley and reached the top of the mountain in search of Hayden.

Earlier, Jonathan had instructed Hayden to take the high ground to gain a vantage point. However, even though the battle below had already ended, Hayden was still nowhere to be seen, nor had he sent any signals.

Jonathan began to sense that something was amiss.

Hayden was quite the chatterbox. He had become increasingly cocky, especially after revealing his talent for formations.

Even under the relentless pursuit in North Outer City, he couldn’t keep still and behaved like a restless monkey, causing quite a headache.

Therefore, the long silence felt out of the ordinary.


Jonathan stood on the ridge, calling out softly.

Sirius gazed at a large stone a hundred meters away.

“If we’re looking to set up a sniper point, the top of that large rock should be an excellent location.”

The two of them, one leading and the other following, traversed a distance of a hundred meters to reach the base of the large rock.

Upon recognizing the few magical daggers embedded in the large stone, both of them heaved a sigh of relief inside.

The technique of using daggers as a ladder was definitely Hayden’s doing.

“Hey! You’re not asleep, are you?”

Jonathan stood beneath the large stone, laughing and cursing, yet not a single sound came from above the stone.


Jonathan drew out Heaven Sword and gently gestured toward Sirius.

Noting the cue, Sirius picked up his spear and nodded slightly. Immediately, the two of them leaped up from two different directions and charged onto the large rock that was more than twenty meters high…

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