The Legendary Man Chapter 1343

Chapter 1343 Hayden And His Death Wish
The two of them landed steadily, one at the front and the other at the back, on either end of the large rock.
Even if something was amiss there, as long as the two of them worked together, they would definitely not lose the upper hand.
Unexpectedly, there was no situation on the large stone at that time for the two of them.
The sniper rifle was mounted above, and Hayden was huddled up like a giant shrimp on one side of the boulder, trembling incessantly.
“Hayden!” Jonathan swiftly moved to Hayden’s side, flipping his hand and directly pressing it onto Hayden’s wrist. “D*mn! Your heart must be beating at least three hundred times a minute! What on earth is going on?”
Jonathan firmly held onto Hayden’s hands and shouted loudly, “Hayden! Speak up! Has there been some kind of attack?”
The life force surged wildly into Hayden’s body. However, after a full round of inspection, aside from a few minor internal injuries, no other issues were found.
Yet at that moment, Hayden’s hands were shaped like claws, forcefully retracting his arms.
It was as if he was trying to curl him up into an egg.
Sirius, standing to the side, wore a serious expression as he crouched down. He swiftly dislodged Hayden’s jaw, preventing him from biting his own tongue amidst violent convulsions.
The pain in his jaw brought a glimmer of clarity back into Hayden’s eyes.
Watching Jonathan, Hayden’s throat continuously made sounds akin to a broken bellows.
At that moment, Jonathan dared not let go, and quickly shouted at Sirius, “He wants to speak. Put his chin back on!”
Sirius did as he was told. The moment he pushed Hayden’s chin back up, Hayden uttered, “Save me… I feel horrible… Mr. Goldstein save me… Argh!”

A chilling roar echoed through the mountains, causing even Jonathan, who was accustomed to all sorts of life-and-death situations, to feel his scalp tingle.

“Something is squeezing me. So many hands are grabbing me from inside my stomach… There are so many bugs… I can’t take it anymore…” Hayden cried out in agony, his voice sounding inhuman.
Sensing that something was amiss, Sirius reached out once again and dislocated Hayden’s jaw.

Blood gushed from the corners of Hayden’s mouth, and the life force coursing through his meridians surged to his tongue, repairing the nearly severed organ once again.

Had Sirius been a moment slower just now, Hayden would have bitten off his own tongue.

Even with his jaw dislocated, Hayden continued to struggle and roar in madness.

In a muffled voice, Hayden was actually asking the others to kill him.

Jonathan stared directly into Hayden’s crimson eyes.

In the gaze of Hayden, all he saw was a plea for mercy and agony.

Clearly, Hayden was enduring immense torment.

Jonathan couldn’t kill Hayden and end the latter’s agony.

Throughout their journey, although Hayden and himself initially formed an alliance out of mutual benefit, their relationship evolved far beyond simple exploitation after all they had been through.

Even animals, after supporting and accompanying each other for so many days, would develop feelings for each other, let alone humans.

“What on earth is wrong with you?” Jonathan gritted his teeth, holding Hayden tightly. Sweat dripped from the tip of his nose. Spiritual energy, consciousness, and spiritual sense continuously surged within Hayden’s body.

No matter how much Jonathan searched, he couldn’t find the problem.

“Kill me…” Tears filled Hayden’s eyes, and the two indistinct words kept repeating from his open mouth.

“Go to sleep.” Sirius reached out and pressed his hand on the forehead of Hayden. His spiritual energy continuously swirled in his hand, and in the next moment, a peculiar symbol had formed.

Seeing the right moment, Sirius struck with all his might and unleashed his spiritual energy.

Hayden’s face flushed red, his pupils dilated, looking just like a corpse as he lay there with his eyes wide open.
And with the cessation of the roaring, the tension in Hayden’s body also eased.
Jonathan, a God Realm cultivator, could easily lift over a hundred kilograms on a regular day. When he used his spiritual energy, it was as simple as holding a bottle of mineral water.
Yet, in just a few short minutes, it felt as if all strength had been drained from the body, completely drenched in sweat.
Sitting paralyzed next to Hayden, Jonathan slowly exhaled a breath of turbid air.

Jonathan looked at Hayden, who seemed as if he was dead, and began to ask, “Is he all right?”

Upon hearing that, Sirius slightly shook his head. “I’m not sure myself, but what I just condensed was the Spirit Suppression Talisman of the Blackwood family, a talisman specifically designed to intimidate the spiritual sense of cultivators. It can put his spiritual sense into a temporary state of chaos, as if he’s been knocked senseless.”

Upon hearing that, Jonathan couldn’t help but burst into laughter. “You could’ve simply said you had slapped him unconscious!”

With a sigh of relief, Jonathan once again grasped Hayden’s wrist. “The heartbeat has calmed down. What on earth is going on with this kid? If the body is unharmed, even inner demons shouldn’t elicit such a reaction.”

Sirius lit two cigarettes, handed one to Jonathan, and then began to speak with some hesitation.

“Jonathan, I’ve experienced your magical power. I’m certain that no matter what physical injuries one has, your energy can heal them. So, I think his issue is definitely not on the physical level. There could only be two possibilities. Firstly, Kathleen and Stellario, those two rascals, had meddled with Hayden before they parted ways. After all, one of them is a master of insect sorcery, and the other is an expert in poisons. They might just have a way to pull this off,” Sirius said.

Upon hearing that, Jonathan gave a slight nod. “What you’re suggesting could indeed be possible, but I honestly can’t find any trace of foul play in his condition. By the way, didn’t you mention there was a second possibility?”

Sirius crouched next to Hayden, and upon hearing the words, he slowly exhaled a puff of smoke toward Hayden’s face. “This second possibility, I’m not entirely sure about, but his situation aligns perfectly with the characteristics of a drug addiction.”

“Drug addiction?” Jonathan was slightly taken aback. Then, his gaze somewhat dazedly fell upon the unconscious Hayden. In this world, gambling and drug addiction are the two most lethal vices. Generally, anyone who gets involved with them is likely to lose everything they have. However, it’s a different story for a spoiled rich kid like Hayden. He was born into endless wealth, never having to worry about such things. Indeed, many wealthy young men lack purpose in life and have fallen into bad habits under the influence of others. How could Hayden possibly be this kind of person?

“He doesn’t have a needle hole on him,” Jonathan said with a hint of disbelief.

“You clearly don’t know anything about this.” Sirius sat by the side and added flatly, “In the Blackwood family, one of the younger members had gotten hooked on this stuff. He was into all sorts of drugs that needed inhaling, smoking, sniffing, rubbing, sticking, you name it. Only the lowest level of drugs required injections.

“Um…” Jonathan looked at Sirius with an incredibly strange expression. “I didn’t expect such talent to come from respectable families. So, what happened next? Did the child manage to quit?”

Sirius shook his head slightly. “Before he even had a chance to quit, the patriarch, my father, twisted his head off in public.”

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