The Legendary Man Chapter 1344

Chapter 1344 Holy Blood
Jonathan stared blankly at Sirius, then slowly extended a thumbs-up.
“Mr. Blackwood, you’re really easy-going, not even sparing your own core blood relatives…”
“We must eliminate him,” Sirius said with a furrowed brow. “We can’t set such a precedent. If others start to follow suit, within three generations, our family will be ruined.”
Upon hearing this, Jonathan gave a slight nod.

He had seen the same precedent back in the Goldstein family at Yaleview.

Those young talents, born into affluent families, once tainted by gambling and drugs, some would squander their family fortunes, while others ended up crippled by others.

The best outcome was to be imprisoned at home, spending the days in a daze, slowly turning oneself into a living dead.

It seemed this thing was really dangerous.

“But that doesn’t seem right,” Jonathan said, looking somewhat bewildered at Sirius. “If Hayden has reached the Divine Realm, his Cor must be incredibly firm. Even if he has picked up bad habits due to immense pressure, his body, tempered through the God Realm, shouldn’t have such a severe reaction.”

At this moment, Sirius was also somewhat bewildered upon hearing these words.

“You’re right, that little rascal of ours, despite being a Grandmaster Realm cultivator, loses his temper when his addiction kicks in. He just smashes whatever he sees. Logically speaking, Hayden shouldn’t be feeling this distressed.”

As they were speaking, Sirius happened to catch a glimpse of the storage ring on Hayden’s hand.

“All right, let’s stop guessing. If he truly is a drug addict, then his ring would surely carry a fair amount of related items. Let’s open it up and see, then we’ll know.”

Upon hearing this, Jonathan hesitated slightly. However, he then directly took off the ring from Hayden’s hand.

“Hayden, please don’t blame me.”

As he spoke, Jonathan reached out and forcefully wiped the ring, directly using his own mental energy to completely erase the mental energy Hayden had left on it.

Jonathan looked at Hayden but didn’t see any reaction from him.
The spiritual sense within the storage ring and the magical item were closely linked with the cultivator’s mind.

Typically, such a brutal erasure of a cultivator’s spiritual sense would cause the cultivator to experience pain. But now, Hayden lay on the ground in absolute tranquility, not even uttering a single groan.

Jonathan turned his head to look at Sirius beside him.

“What’s the origin of your rune, anyway? You haven’t killed someone with it, have you?”
Upon hearing this, Sirius gave Jonathan a speechless look.

“This is a family heirloom, a rune passed down from ancient times. If it were fake, he would have been dead by now. Cut the chatter and quickly check his ring. Finding the reason for his sudden madness is what truly matters.”

Upon hearing this, Jonathan didn’t say much. He immersed his spiritual sense into it and began to search carefully.

Sniper bullets, some food, magical instruments, water, clothes…

As Jonathan’s spiritual sense sifted through everything, he found no trace of any medication.

“Can you actually do it or not?”

At this moment, Sirius bore no resemblance to the representative of the Blackwood family. He moved closer, snatched the ring from Jonathan’s hand, and began to search through it as if he were treasure hunting.

“This item doesn’t necessarily have to look like a pill or a medicine bottle. It could also possibly be in cartoon packaging, or simply disguised as something else entirely.”

Upon seeing Sirius’s relentless determination to find the prohibited drugs, Jonathan could only let out a helpless sigh.

Sitting next to Hayden, Jonathan reached out and once again grasped his wrist.

At this moment, Hayden’s heartbeat had completely calmed down, and his body slowly stretched out, thoroughly relaxing.

Although he couldn’t figure out the exact reason for the madness, seeing that Hayden was all right, Jonathan finally felt at ease.

Perhaps it was some kind of special illness.

With these thoughts in mind, Jonathan took out some beef jerky from his storage space and began to chew on it.

“Sirius, don’t label all young people as bad just because your own child isn’t living up to your expectations. I must say, Hayden has done well. Generations of their hard work were all for the purpose of freeing themselves from the control of families like yours. Someone like Hayden, who carries the hopes of the entire clan. There’s no way the venerable ancestor of the Zink family would let him touch any of that messy stuff.”

At this moment, Sirius was carefully identifying what was in the bag of food he was holding.

Upon hearing Jonathan’s words, Sirius chuckled and shook his head lightly.

“Who told you that being strict won’t lead to bad habits? That kid in our family, the one who’s a bit off his rocker, has even more talent than Colton. He was previously groomed to be the legitimate successor of the Blackwood family, but look at what happened in the end. Do you know what excuse that kid gave when he was found out? He said the pressure was too much for him to handle!”

As Sirius spoke, he simultaneously took out an empty glass bottle from his storage ring and began to examine it carefully.

“Tell me, what kind of d*mn excuse was that? We are from a respectable family. He never lacks food or drink. All we ask is for him to focus on his training, and yet he claims he’s under a lot of pressure!”

Upon hearing this, Jonathan looked at Sirius with a smile.

“Kids these days want freedom, you can’t just expect them to become cultivators, they might not—”

Originally, Jonathan merely glanced casually, but he never expected that this single glance would leave him utterly stunned.


Jonathan shouted loudly.
Sirius was deeply engrossed in searching for something when Jonathan’s sudden shout startled him.

Drawing his gun, Sirius lowered his body like a leopard, his back to Jonathan, assuming a posture ready for battle at any moment.

The mountain breeze gently caressed as Sirius looked around, his eyes filled with caution.

“What’s wrong?” Sirius asked in a cold voice.

At this moment, Sirius completely entrusted his back to Jonathan. This act of trust alone spoke volumes.

But at this moment, Jonathan didn’t have the time to deal with these matters. Instead, he swiftly moved to Sirius’ side.

“Where did you find that bottle just now?”

“Bottle?” Sirius frowned at Jonathan, then gently beckoned, holding the bottle from earlier in his hand again. “You mean this one?”
Watching that familiar bottle, Jonathan snatched it from Sirius’ hand.

Upon opening it, a fleeting hint of bitterness, akin to that of mugwort, wafted through the air, as ephemeral as it was subtle.

Meanwhile, Jonathan was looking in the direction of Hayden with a serious expression on his face.

“No need to look any further, I already know what’s going on with him.”

Upon hearing this, Sirius picked up the bottle again, then lowered his head to smell the scent that had already dissipated within. He looked somewhat bewilderedly at Jonathan.

“This doesn’t seem like a prohibited drug, does it?”

Upon hearing this, Jonathan slightly shook his head.

“You won’t be able to find this item on the market, not even circulating anywhere in the entire world.”

“Do you remember the eighteen-year-old girl, Ksana, I brought back from Remdik?”

Sirius pondered for a moment, “Are you referring to the girl who almost died in Merania, the one who helped you bring Charleigh back?”
“It’s her!” Jonathan said in a deep voice, “This jar belongs to her! The thing inside is called Holy Blood.”

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