The Legendary Man Chapter 1345

Chapter 1345 What Did They Do
“Holy Blood…”
Upon hearing that term, Sirius furrowed his brows. Despite racking his brain, he couldn’t find a shred of information.
“Where did this thing come from? Are you sure Hayden went mad because of it?”
Jonathan gave a slight nod. “I’m certain. This object is a product of the Sanctuary. It has the power to elevate one’s cultivation level to God Realm forcibly.”
As soon as Jonathan’s words were spoken, Sirius’s figure slightly stiffened. Sanctuary… It can forcibly elevate someone to God Realm?
Sirius stared at the empty jar in his hand, his eyes flickering incessantly.
They, from respectable families, and all the cultivators worldwide, spent their entire lives striving to enhance their cultivation by every means possible.
Divine Realm was attainable by one in ten thousand cultivators, a level many dared not dream of. As a result, God Realm became the common goal of almost all cultivators.
There were many who devoted decades to diligent cultivation yet remained stuck at the level of Grandmaster Realm until their dying day. They couldn’t even touch the fringes of God Realm, and in the end, they could only pass away in a state of regret.
But now, Jonathan was telling Sirius that even God Realm cultivators could be mass-produced.

How could Sirius possibly accept such a situation?

The fact that Charleigh could mass-produce Grandmasters had left the Blackwood family struggling to cope.

Now that God Realm cultivators could be mass-produced, what did the arduous cultivation of the world’s cultivators amount to?

“Jonathan, it’s not appropriate to joke about such matters,” Sirius said somewhat unnaturally.

Jonathan looked at Sirius and said nonchalantly, “Have I ever joked with you?”

He took the empty bottle and replaced it in Hayden’s storage ring.

“Do you still remember why Remdik mobilized half of the Western Army’s technology and cultivators to capture me when all I did was intercept Charleigh? Remdik doesn’t fully understand Charleigh’s genetic experiments, and in reality, they don’t take the experiments too seriously either. If it weren’t for Remdik sidelining Charleigh’s experimental plan, Charleigh wouldn’t have chosen to return to China with me.”

Upon hearing Jonathan’s words, Sirius began to continuously recall the events he encountered when he went to Western Remdik to meet Jonathan.

In truth, the eight respectable families had always found that incident with Remdik perplexing.

For any major power, mortal affairs should be handled by mortals, and matters of the cultivators should be dealt with by the cultivators themselves.

Even though no one had explicitly stated that rule, everyone seemed to abide by it instinctively.

That was primarily to guard against the opponent’s dimension-reducing attack.
It was like when Remdik and Chanaea went to war in the Doveston. Remdik dared to send high-ranking cultivators to achieve a breakthrough in the rear of the Chanaea’s Eastern Allied Army, but they absolutely did not dare to carry out large-scale slaughter from the rear.

All along, those cultivators had been targeting the forces of the Eastern Allied Army. Even if they passed through a city like Kransbay, they had never actively killed mortals.

Perhaps the number of high-ranking cultivators in Chanaea was not as many as in Remdik, but once they took action against the civilians, they would most likely thoroughly infuriate the Chanaean cultivators. At that point, if Jonathan really united a group of high-ranking cultivators to wreak havoc, pillage, and seek revenge in various cities of Remdik, it would be a huge problem.

If a high-ranking cultivator were to completely let go of all restraint and seek revenge on a faction, it would be disastrous.

In the span of a single night, one high-ranking cultivator could slay thousands upon thousands of people and move on to the next city or even the next country without anyone finding out.

That would be the worst outcome, as the culprit could never be caught.

That was also why Jonathan, relying on his own strength, could, to a certain extent, intimidate the eight respectable families.

Following that logic, even if what Jonathan did to Charleigh had affected Remdik’s interests and compromised their strategic deployment, they should, at most, mobilize high-ranking cultivators to besiege Jonathan.

However, at that time, the situation was such that all the cultivators and troops from the entire Western Army had set off for Merania. They even violated international treaties, taking the lead in using cruise missiles within Merania’s territory.

At that time, Asura’s Office’s Shusonna Army, Mysonna Army, Yalegard Legion, and Zaidham Army had all initiated wartime deployment. Fighter jets, various types of missiles, task forces, and even special ammunition from the Doveston had entered a state of readiness.
They were on the brink of starting an all-out war.

Charleigh alone should not have caused such a stir.

In the end, all of that could only be attributed to the groundbreaking genetic technology mastered by Charleigh.

But now, Sirius finally understood.
The truly extraordinary thing was the Remdik girl whom he saved!

Sirius uttered somewhat anxiously, “So… this thing can really promote someone to God Realm?”

Upon hearing that, Jonathan gave a slight nod.

“But there’s no need for you to get excited. Sanctuary of Remdik is a very special organization. This ‘Holy Blood’ can indeed help them mass produce God Realm cultivators, but they couldn’t replicate the result. Firstly, Remdik is a nation where power and military might are highly centralized. The majority of the nation’s cultivators wholeheartedly devote themselves to the concentration of national authority. Even under normal circumstances, there can’t be too many high-ranking cultivators. After all, cultivators are chosen from among hundreds of millions of people. Among those available for selection, there are also many cultivators who can enter the Sanctuary and can be nurtured from a young age. Even if your families are numerous and thriving, at most, you only number in the hundreds of thousands. The core members are merely a few thousand. Compared to the mortality rate brought by ‘Holy Blood’, your numbers simply cannot withstand it.”
Upon hearing that, Sirius finally calmed down a bit. It’s only normal for such a potent drug to be accompanied by a high mortality rate. If there were no consequences, this thing might indeed be enough to plunge Remdik into chaos.

However, the words that followed from Jonathan completely extinguished the remaining excitement of Sirius.

“This item possesses a second characteristic. Only the descendants of Remdik Emperor can consume ‘Holy Blood’. That’s because this substance is derived from the purified extract of Remdik Emperor’s heart.”

“Remdik Emperor?” Sirius looked at Jonathan with a puzzled expression. “Didn’t Remdik Emperor die eighteen hundred years ago?”
Jonathan reached out and patted the coffin behind him.

“This guy has been dead for sixteen hundred years. I’ve pretty much gotten used to these old monsters not staying dead.”

The second condition almost entirely extinguished Sirius’ ambition for Holy Blood.

After all, it was impossible for the Blackwood family to carry the bloodline of Remdik Emperor. Hence, drinking Holy Blood would be pointless.

Just as Sirius was about to marvel at the wonder of Holy Blood, he looked up at Hayden with a puzzled expression. “That’s not right… Hayden isn’t a descendant of Remdik Emperor, so how could he possibly drink it?”

Jonathan was slightly taken aback by Sirius’ question.

Immediately, he looked somewhat bewilderedly toward Hayden. There are less than six bottles of this stuff in total. Originally, Ksana was desperate to go to the tropics to see the sea and the beach, so I gave all of the Holy Blood in my possession to Ksana at Edenic Heights. But why would this item end up in Hayden’s hands? And by the looks of it, it seems like Hayden drank it, too! What on earth did those guys from the Eastern Allied Army do while I was up front battling Ivanov?

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