The Legendary Man Chapter 1346

Chapter 1346 Lawless Land
Seeing Jonathan’s bewildered expression, Sirius couldn’t help but feel a bit skeptical.
“Jonathan, you’re not tricking me, are you?” he asked.
Jonathan pointed at Hayden.
“Do you think he looked like he was in a cheerful intoxicated mood a moment ago?”

Sirius paused, thinking back to Hayden’s agonized appearance, and realized he couldn’t be sure.
“Never mind, my Spirit Suppression Talisman should keep him asleep for a couple of hours. We can ask him directly when he wakes up, and everything will become clear,” Sirius suggested. “Right now, we should get out of this place. Those two Apocalypse assassins showing up here makes me suspect there might be more of them nearby.”

Jonathan surveyed the surroundings, which were dominated by endless high mountains, peaks upon peaks, with no clear view of the distance.
“Let’s go. It’s not very safe here,” Jonathan said calmly.

Their current location was only fifty kilometers from North Outer City. While such a location would be sufficient to evade any searches in the outside world, it felt somewhat insecure within this small world.

If this location were in the outside world, it would be sufficient to evade any search. However, in this small world, it seems somewhat less secure.

Jonathan possessed God Realm techniques, but the cultivators coming out of North Outer City were all in the God Realm as well. Once several thousand of them scattered, it would only take a couple of hours to search this area.

Moreover, Kathleen and Stellario were even closer to them.

Although Jonathan didn’t know what the two of them had discussed after leaving, he understood that even after facing life and death several times, neither he nor Kathleen had revealed all of their trump cards.
Jonathan had no concrete evidence, but he could empathize.

If he were pushed into a life-or-death situation, he still had three unutilized abilities: the full activation of his life force, dragon armor, and the ability to enter a frenzied state.

For Sirius and his group, they likely had even more tricks up their sleeves. Otherwise, these noble-born individuals wouldn’t have survived to this point.

What worried Jonathan the most, aside from the threats of North Outer City and Kathleen, was one of the founders of Apocalypse, Blaze.

This individual, like Jonathan, was a renowned figure on the Dark Web.

Jonathan was currently the lowest-profile cultivator on the Dark Web with a history of consistently surviving.

Blaze, on the other hand, was an assassin who had never missed a mark.

When Apocalypse’s assassin organization was established, it nearly disrupted the entire world of assassins.

The organization, founded by these three legends—Blaze, Fool, and Punisher—attracted numerous assassins to join with their reputations.
They managed to successfully reshape the entire assassin industry worldwide with a seemingly non-violent approach, plundering the accumulations of centuries on the Dark Web.

Among these three individuals, Punisher had almost died in the Northern Crimson Prison, so Jonathan didn’t take him into consideration.

Fool was someone Jonathan had never met in person, but according to rumors, Fool had only failed a mission once in their career.

At the top of the list was Blaze, a massive threat.

Back in the Western Region, even when Jonathan had acquired the complete Pryncyp of Blood and an incomplete Pryncyp of Slaughter, he still couldn’t withstand a casual blow from Divine Realm cultivators like Damoyed and Kenado.

In a situation where survival seemed impossible, Blaze had somehow used a spatial magical item to whisk Jonathan away to safety.
Such a technique was enigmatic and unpredictable.

In this small world where God Realm cultivators couldn’t reach Heavenly Pryncyp, Jonathan’s Pryncyp of Strength had vanished, leaving him as a God Realm with an exceptionally high intensity of spiritual energy.

In contrast, Blaze had become the greatest threat.

Outside this small world, Blaze, being a God Realm, could fully utilize the Spatial Pryncyp to enter the chaos field.

However, this couldn’t be attributed solely to Blaze’s power.

According to Jonathan’s speculation, whether borrowed or accompanied by a Divine Realm powerhouse like the one hiding in his own coffin, Blaze had a way of using the Pryncyp of Strength within this small world.

While Jonathan’s life force was derived from the Pryncyp of Life, it still fell short when compared to a genuine Pryncyp.

If he were to face Blaze, his chances of losing were over ninety percent.
Initially, Blaze had sought to use Jonathan’s Pryncyp of Slaughter to trigger a worldwide war, intending to unleash the apocalyptic calamity mentioned in the Emperor’s Tomes.

This was why in their several encounters, Blaze not only refrained from attacking Jonathan but also rendered him significant assistance.

However, circumstances could change.

People changed with time, and Jonathan couldn’t predict what would happen when they crossed paths again. In this situation, it was best to play it safe.

Quickly enlarging the coffin and tossing Hayden inside, the two of them turned and ran in the direction they had chosen.

Following the markings on the map, they carefully identified their route and decided to head to the Colstrax first to check if they could find a way to cross the river.

Compared to the northern region, Jonathan had some knowledge of the southern region, and Sirius had previously used secret methods to search for the other members of the Blackwood family in the northern region but had received no response.

It was likely that they had a higher chance of being in the southern region. With their clan members dead, Sirius also needed to find Anderson for discussion.
The two of them quickly disappeared into the wilderness.

After they left, a corner of the large rock began to distort as if ripples were appearing in the air.

A shoe lifted out of the ripple, followed by a step landing on the large rock.

The man wore leather shoes and a suit, had neatly combed golden short hair, and held a peculiar black sphere in his hand.

This smiling and handsome young man was none other than Blaze, the number one assassin on the Assassin List.
Watching Jonathan and Hayden’s distant departure, Blaze’s eyes were filled with excitement.

“Jonathan knows about Sanctuary too. It seems his luck isn’t bad either. The time is still a bit short, and this motley crew that’s gathered is rather useless. It seems we need to accelerate our plan a bit,” Blaze said.

While speaking, Blaze summoned a dining table and began cooking steaks with various utensils he took out from his storage ring.

After about ten minutes, several figures with strong spiritual energy fluctuations finally appeared in the direction of the valley below the mountain. Within a few seconds, they all leaped to the mountaintop and landed on the large rock.

Blaze was currently enjoying a piece of steak, and when the others saw him savoring it, none of them dared to make a sound. They all found their seats and began eating the food on their plates.

After swallowing the beef, Blaze looked at everyone with a gentle smile.

“That’s right, we should treat food seriously like this. Starting with Fool, tell me what you’ve discovered.”
Fool put down a black storage ring.

“This is the ring of the Divine Realm cultivator from the Rozmagzov family. Additionally, before he died, he revealed crucial information that the Koslin family, who holds sway in North Epea, has entered the small world. I suspect that the other twelve families of the Enlighteners have also entered here. Our operation this time might be a bit tricky.”

Hearing Fool’s words, Blaze took the simple storage ring into his hand.

As he examined it repeatedly, his gaze remained exceedingly soft.

“Their arrival is fine. This small world was already a lawless land. It’s our home ground. Since they’re here, let’s make them stay here!”

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