The Legendary Man Chapter 1347

Chapter 1347 Grave Danger
Cultivators from various respectable families, countries, sects, assassin organizations, and Enlighteners joined in.
They all turned an already complex situation into a complete hodgepodge.
Atop that mountain peak, Fool and others were each sharing the intelligence they had gathered.
That group of assassins seemed as though they were enjoying a picnic, quietly taking in the beautiful mountain scenery.
Blaze sat on the edge of a massive rock, quietly listening to the report from his subordinate, his gaze falling on the valley below.
Over there, the corpses of Apocalypse assassins, slain by Jonathan, had attracted massive beasts.

However, those bodies weren’t enough to sate the beasts’ massive appetite.

The behemoths below had already begun tearing into each other in the struggle for food.
Blaze gazed at those behemoths. His figure flickered, and he had already vanished atop the massive rocks.

Immediately, a monstrous roar echoed through the valley. Hearing the sound from below, several assassins stood up, ready to spring into action.

Though they were fervent followers of Blaze, they had yet to witness Blaze taking a life with his own hands.

Even when he arrived in the small world, Blaze just leisurely enjoyed himself as if he were on vacation, never taking the initiative to act in front of others.

With such a great opportunity at hand, his people felt it would be truly regrettable not to take a look.
Just as everyone was about to stand up, Fool gently put down his knife and fork. “Blaze’s rule is simple: whoever sees him in action dies. Would any of you like to test it?”

Fool might seem old, but in reality, he was only sixty years old.

At that age, an ordinary person wouldn’t be considered too old. However, whether in the world of cultivators or assassins, someone like that would already be considered old.
After all, age had a great influence on one’s stamina. If a cultivator was sufficiently gifted, their prime should start from thirty and last until forty-five. For each year during that period, they would make tremendous progress.

Even if they couldn’t achieve a breakthrough, their understanding of battle and tactics would grow more powerful.

For someone as old as Fool, no matter which major power one was thrown into, they would be securely stationed in the rear.

They would essentially become figureheads who wouldn’t easily take action.

However, Fool was still active in the world of assassins without a hint of desire to step back. That, in itself, represented a strong sense of confidence.
Upon hearing Fool’s words, the assassins, one by one, suppressed their curiosity and eventually returned to their seats.

Any one of those assassins would undoubtedly be a person of renown in the Dark Web.

Yet, they weren’t acting arrogant at all there.

In less than a minute, the space in front of everyone slightly stirred. A blood-soaked figure emerged from the void.
Holding an eyeball larger than a basketball, Blaze grinned with satisfaction. “Has everyone finished eating? If it isn’t enough, there are extra meals!”

Even the cold-blooded assassins felt their stomachs turned as they watched Blaze place the bloodied eyeball on the table. One by one, they quickly stuffed the steaks from their plates into their mouths, then stood up and moved to the side.

Seeing everyone like that, Blaze scowled. “Tsk. None of you understand the deliciousness of food. Oh, whatever. There’s not much point in talking to you all since you all only know slaughter and don’t understand life. Now that we’ve finished eating, let’s get going. According to the map, North Outer City is over fifty kilometers away. Let’s first take control of North Outer City first. It will make things a bit more convenient.”

By the banks of Colstrax, Jonathan, carrying an ancient coffin on his back, stood alongside Sirius. Both of them wore solemn expressions.

There were only two ways to traverse between the northern and southern territories of the small world.

They could travel by foot, passing through the two gates of Yannopolis from north to south.

However, two thousand years ago, after the vassal families rebelled against the White family, they sealed off Yannopolis from within.

From then on, the people inside could only enter and exit through the teleportation array linked with South Outer City and North Outer City.
That path was no longer usable.

Another option was to use the teleportation circles located in the South Outer City and North Outer City for transportation.

However, Jonathan and his companions had made a mess in North Outer City. They slayed two governors and even seized their governor’s seals.

As such, if they headed to North Outer City, they would be surrounded by Black Armor Legion.

Moreover, even if North Outer City was in a state of chaos, the governor’s seal could be used to activate the teleportation array to South Outer City.
However, Neil from South Outer City was no good.

If the group traversed to South Outer City at that moment, they would be doomed.

The only two paths were blocked, leaving Jonathan and Sirius with just one way to reach the southern region.

They had to cross the river.

Moments ago, as the two of them reached the water’s edge, they encountered an attack from a gigantic demon beast lurking in the water.
Luckily, the two of them were extraordinarily powerful. They not only dodged the attack but also managed to wound the beast.

Right after the demon beast was injured, a dozen God Realm demon beasts rushed toward it in the water, feasting on it. The entire surface of the water turned a bloody red immediately.

The beings in the water evidently noticed the two people on the shore. However, it was unclear whether it sensed the danger from Jonathan and his companion. The demon beasts below did not launch another attack. Instead, they submerged back into the water.

“Are you sure we can cross such waters?” A bead of sweat appeared on Sirius’ forehead as he began to speak.

Judging by his look, it was clear that he hadn’t yet recovered from the shock he just experienced.
Upon hearing that, Jonathan also felt somewhat uncertain.

When Jonathan and Seboxia first entered the small world, they saved Greyson and others from Mountain Village by accident. Jonathan learned from them that the water areas were the most dangerous in that small world.
Despite Jonathan and Seboxia having traversed through the subsurface stream for such a long time, they surprisingly hadn’t encountered any monsters.

Even when encountering the giant octopus, it was effortlessly dealt with by Seboxia.

Hence, Jonathan had assumed the residents of the small world were terrified of water because they couldn’t defeat the demon beasts within. After all, the villagers were of Grandmaster Realm while the demon beasts were of God Realm.

It wasn’t until that bloody scene Jonathan came to understand the true terror of that small world’s waters.

He believed there was no way they could cross the water.

After all, no matter how strong a cultivator’s cultivation was, they were still human. Once they entered the water, their cultivation would undoubtedly be greatly reduced.

As such, engaging in battle with demon beasts that lived in water would be disadvantageous.
It would be manageable if there were only one or two beasts or if that body of water was short. Jonathan could still make it with his techniques.

However, judging by the number of God Realm demon beasts lurking in that river at that moment, Jonathan was certain they’d die if they crossed it.

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