The Legendary Man Chapter 1348

Chapter 1348 Mysterious Old Man
The two of them retreated to a distance of fifty meters away. That was a relatively safe distance. Even if the aquatic demon beasts were to attack, they could easily handle it.
Sitting atop the coffin, Sirius tossed Spirit Rejuvenating Pills into his mouth as casually as if they were jelly beans.

“Jonathan, your coffin has an incredibly strong defense. It should be able to help us cross the river, right?”
Upon hearing that, Jonathan carefully pondered over the formation that Seboxia himself had passed onto him. Then, he subtly nodded in agreement. “It is indeed possible, but it carries a great deal of risk. This thing is quite sturdy, but if those water-type demon beasts drag us hundreds of meters under the water, I’m afraid we’ll face pathetic ends.”

Hundreds of meters deep? Sirius’ gaze revealed a hint of doubt. “This is the small world. It’s hard to imagine that it’s so vast. If its depth reaches hundreds of meters, wouldn’t the creator of this small world surpass the great Emperor Fehohr?”

Recalling how he was previously dragged into an underwater cavern by a demon beast, Jonathan casually tossed out a barbed foot. “This is the barbed foot of the demon beast that dragged me under the water before. We were at least three hundred meters deep! If it weren’t for Seboxia’s help, I would surely have died down there. Back then, I had no idea how to control the coffin, nor did I understand how Seboxia was able to maneuver it to avoid any disturbance from all the aquatic demon beasts miraculously. All in all, I must have drifted in the subsurface stream for at least two days.”

Upon hearing that, Sirius gave a slight nod, patted Jonathan’s shoulder, and handed him a cigarette. “I thought the Blackwood family was already unlucky to have entered this small world, but it turns out you’re even more unfortunate.”

Jonathan smiled without saying a word. After receiving the cigarette, he didn’t light it up. Instead, he simply put it away.

“Not much of a smoker?” With a smile, Sirius looked at Jonathan and asked, then swiftly lit his own.

Jonathan chuckled and shook his head. “I used to smoke a lot when I was quelling the civil unrest. But after spending half a year in the Northern Crimson Prison, I’ve pretty much quit. Now that Josephine has a child, I really can’t smoke anymore. Otherwise, if I leave this place and return home smelling of cigarette, she will complain to me incessantly.”

Upon hearing that, Sirius gave a sly smile. “Being afraid of the wife is a good thing.”

At that point, Sirius took a couple of drags of his cigarette. Without even glancing at Jonathan, he began to speak in an extremely low and measured tone. “Jonathan, tell me the truth. Can we really get out of here?”
After Sirius finished his sentence, Jonathan’s gaze slightly hardened.

Looking at Sirius, Jonathan felt as if the energetic man before him had aged by more than a decade in an instant.

Sirius achieved great accomplishments at a young age and held great power in his hands. He represented the Blackwood family, traveling abroad for nearly a decade.

Jonathan only started to deeply understand the eight respectable families in the last six months.

Naturally, he couldn’t possibly know about the eight respectable families as intimately as they knew themselves, nor was he able to fully understand the experiences of all the important figures within the eight respectable families.
Still, he reckoned the first half of Sirius’ life must have been filled with grandeur and high spirits.

Ever since they entered the small world, all the pride of the Blackwood family had been shattered.

Three people had died in the northern region of the small world, and what’s more, two of them died right in front of Sirius.

Under such a blow, even a resolute man like Sirius would feel somewhat devastated.

Jonathan knew what Sirius needed most at that moment was to hear a positive response from him.

After several attempts to speak, he eventually reached out and picked up the unlit cigarette from earlier, placing it in his mouth.
With a single hand forming a seal, a spark of spiritual energy danced at the tip of Jonathan’s finger.

Taking a deep drag, Jonathan slowly exhaled a puff of smoke.

“Sirius, I know the answer you seek, but would you believe me if I told you?”

Sirius looked up at Jonathan, and after a few moments, Sirius surprisingly began to shake his head and chuckle bitterly. “Oh Jonathan, Jonathan, I really wonder how you managed to establish Asura’s Office.”
“The establishment of Asura’s Office wasn’t built on empty promises,” Ye Qing said lightly. “Whether we can get out or not has nothing to do with what I say. It entirely depends on our choices.”

Sirius looked at Jonathan and said with a hint of confusion, “Choices?”

Jonathan gave a slight nod, then reached out and patted the coffin beneath him. “This is your choice.”

Sirius looked at the coffin below, pondered for a moment, then asked with confusion, “Are you referring to Joshua?”

Jonathan nodded. “I’m not sure if you’re familiar with the concept of luck. Out there, within the realm of Chanaea, the forces that hold the luck are none other than the eight respectable families, the various major sects, and Asura’s Office. However, in this small world, luck stands on Joshua’s side. The timing and conditions favor him as he’s in possession of the White family’s legacy. What he lacks now is support.”
Sirius furrowed his brows, lighting up another cigarette for himself.

“So, you’re asking me to help Joshua?”

“Not help him. It’s to help yourself.” Jonathan sighed helplessly. “Whether it’s you, me, Kathleen, Stellario, or any other cultivator from different factions, who among us that have reached God Realm would never bow down to anyone? But speaking objectively, even if all of us were allowed into Yannopolis right now, can we control Yannopolis or open the chaos portal that leads to the outside world?”

Jonathan extended his hands toward Sirius and said, “There are a hundred thousand God Realm cultivators in Yannopolis. Do you really think you can handle them all?”

Sirius fell silent. Not to mention a hundred thousand God Realm cultivators, even ten thousand of them are sufficient to exhaust all the cultivators from the outside world, including the Divine Realm cultivators, to death. “After helping Joshua, what makes you think he will let us go? Don’t you forget. It was us, the eight respectable families, who annihilated the thirty thousand members of the White family a decade ago.”
Jonathan shook his head slightly. “I can’t guarantee it. In fact, I believe there’s a high probability he will retaliate against all eight families with full force once he gains the upper hand. However, you have no choice but to stand with him. Once Joshua gets hold of the White family’s legacy, you might end up dead. If you don’t help him, you will surely die. A wise man seeks benefits and avoids harm. This is such a simple choice, so I believe you should know how to choose.”

As Jonathan was speaking, he heard a sigh coming from behind him. “If it were up to me, I would choose the second option.”

Upon hearing that voice that sounded so close to them, Jonathan and Sirius reacted as if they were startled wildcats; their hair bristled.
Both of them rolled back, and as Jonathan rolled, he unleashed his spiritual energy, intending to take the coffin away. However, it was firmly held down by a hand. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t move it even a bit.

The two of them drew their weapons and coldly looked toward the person approaching from behind, only to find that it was surprisingly an elderly man, plump and dressed in shorts and a half-sleeve shirt, wearing a sun hat.

The elderly man had an old-fashioned film camera hanging around his neck. He was cheerfully watching the two of them as if he were just a tourist.

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