The Legendary Man Chapter 1349

Chapter 1349 Michael Collins
“Don’t move!”
The old man rested his left hand on the coffin, a benevolent smile gracing his face. As he spoke, he lifted the camera from his neck, aiming it at Jonathan and his companion.
The crisp sound of the old-fashioned camera shutter echoed, forever capturing the vigilant expressions of Jonathan and Sirius.
“It’s Jonathan and Sirius, right?”
The old man put down his camera and asked with a chuckle.
Jonathan slowly straightened his body, his gaze filled with caution.
The old man standing before them didn’t exhibit the slightest fluctuation of spiritual energy. However, anyone who wasn’t a fool could understand that no ordinary person could enter the small world and call out their names.

“Don’t be so nervous. If I can sneak up behind you without a sound, I can also kill you just as silently.” The old man chuckled, then reached out to grip the coffin lid, intending to pry it open with sheer brute force.

However, the coffin couldn’t be destroyed so easily.

That was a pre-divine weapon capable of deceiving even the celestial enigma. Unless someone’s cultivation level reached the demigod level, the idea of relying on brute force to destroy the coffin was as absurd as building castles in the air.

“This item is indeed a treasure. It seems that you young folks really have good luck,” the old man said.
Holding the Heaven Sword, Jonathan, after much thought, still gave the elder a slight bow with his fist in his palm. “May I know who you are?”

“Me?” The old man chuckled softly, gently patting the coffin. “My name is Michael, Michael Collins.”

Upon hearing Michael’s words, both Jonathan and Sirius felt a sudden surge of spiritual energy within them.

Both individuals’ affiliations had their roots firmly in Chanaea, yet they were surprisingly familiar with the surname Collins.

That was precisely the Collins family, one of the thirteen families of Enlighteners that was previously mentioned to Jonathan by Blaze. They are the founders of Anglandur and had a reputation that intimidated the entire globe.

Those thirteen families differ from the traditional respectable families of Chanaea, as they managed their surnames with the utmost strictness.

For a respectable family like the Blackwood family, even though they had core members of up to two to three thousand, the remaining branches might not return to their ancestral lands. However, they still carry their surname. Even after hundreds of generations, when their bloodline had become so diluted as to be negligible, their surname remained unchangeable.

Yet, for the thirteen families behind Enlighteners, their surnames were incredibly precious.
Apart from the few recognized, only they could bear the family surname.

Those from the remaining branches of the family who had not been recognized, if they dared to use the family’s surname in public, would be executed directly by the family members.

And the old man standing before them, claiming to be from the Collins family, signified that the thirteen families of Enlighteners may very well have entered this small world.

A bead of sweat trickled down Jonathan’s cheek. Looking at the kindly old man before him, Jonathan asked flatly, “The Collins family? I’m curious. Did you come looking for me on purpose, or did we just happen to cross paths?”

The thirteen families of Enlighteners were the absolute pinnacle of the entire world’s community of cultivators.
Once, someone remarked that the power of a family was not enough to confront the machinery of the state. Yet, the thirteen families of Enlighteners, through their own efforts, facilitated the establishment of Anglandur.

In less than two hundred short years, it became the only mega-powerful country in the entire world.

With that as a foundation, it began to spread and develop globally, becoming the strongest community of shared destiny.

As of then, they were no longer merely the ceiling of the cultivator world. Economics, trade, and even global stability were all under the shadow of those thirteen families.
They were the real puppet masters of the world.

And as for the Collins family, the most direct connection between Jonathan and them was Antoine.

When Jonathan initially attempted to kill Antoine, Ivanov’s transfiguration appeared to stop him, stating that Antoine was of the Collins bloodline and absolutely could not be killed.

At first, Jonathan didn’t pay much attention, but since the Collins family had actually infiltrated the small world and found him, it inevitably gave Jonathan the creeps. Asura’s Office can hide all my family members, and perhaps we can escape the search of the eight respectable families. Facing the behemoth that is Enlighteners, which has extended its reach to every corner of the world, I can no longer guarantee their safety. In this small world, I have yet to escape. How about those outside?

Upon hearing Jonathan’s response, a hint of murderous intent flashed in Michael’s eyes. “Well, you see, the decision to enter the small world was a direct order from Enlighteners. I happened to be traveling in Chanaea, and was assigned this task. Of course, Ivanov has already informed my family about you killing Antoine. So, taking you down today is just a side task. It’s actually a simple task for me.”
Upon hearing that, Jonathan turned his gaze toward Sirius. Both of them regulated their spiritual energy, their eyes filled with a serious intensity.

“Mr. Collins, Antoine’s surname was Ivanov, not Collins, right? If I’m not mistaken, he hadn’t received recognition from your Collins family yet, had he?” Jonathan asked.

“You’re right. He hadn’t.” Michael nodded and continued, “Ivanov has no clue about the rules of our thirteen families. He thought his actions from the past were flawless, but in reality, we saw through him a long time ago. It’s just that we, the Collins family, don’t mind having a few more descendants. It’s just a shame. Even if Ivanov exhausted his family’s core resources to connect with our Collins family, Antoine was just a hastily made God Realm cultivator. He simply didn’t have the qualifications to become a deity. The Collins family could never acknowledge such a failure.”

Michael’s words made Jonathan’s expression soften slightly.

“Mr. Collins, since you don’t acknowledge that Antoine was part of the Collins family, then you have no reason to kill me, right?”
“No… No… No…” The old man explained in an awkward tone, “I’m not killing you because you murdered Antoine, but because you knew Antoine was of the Collins bloodline, and yet you still chose to kill him. This matter is somewhat disrespectful to the Collins family. Of course, there are countless people in this world who curse Enlighteners. We can’t possibly eliminate them all. After all, these people are just talking big, and many of them don’t even know what Enlighteners really are. But as the leader of such a massive force like Asura’s Office, your attitude is unlike that of an ordinary person. Even though this explanation might seem a bit far-fetched, killing you is like dessert after a meal. It’s optional, but today, I just feel like killing someone. So, you’re still going to die here today.”

The old man spoke somewhat awkwardly, then lightly stomped his foot.



With a muffled boom, the ground before the old man split open, and the entire riverbank astonishingly collapsed completely.

The shattered earth, carrying Jonathan and Sirius, plunged straight into the crimson waters.

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