The Legendary Man Chapter 1350

Chapter 1350 The Terrifying Divine Realm
“Watch out!”
With a low shout, Jonathan channeled his spiritual energy into the fractured bank beneath him. Using an Elemental Extrication Technique, he summoned two Burrowing Dragons to lift himself and Sirius, hurling them toward Michael’s direction.
Sirius’ clothes were torn and tattered, the runes on his body glowing brightly. With a fierce stomp, his figure transformed into an afterimage, charging straight ahead.
The spear, like a dragon, pierced the sky and arrived.
With a piercing sound, the tip of the long spear in Sirius’ hand fiercely stabbed at Michael’s face.
With a soft sound, Michael didn’t even waver a bit, maintaining his usual placid demeanor.
The tip of the spear was stopped by a pinpoint of light, the size of a fingernail, three centimeters away from Michael’s forehead.

“Rune-Enhanced Body Mastery, you Chanaean cultivators are quite tough on yourselves!”

Michael chuckled lightly, his right hand moving like lightning to seize Sirius’ spear. With a forceful shake, he astonishingly snapped the spear in half right down the middle.
The flash of a sword swept by, and Michael, with a broken gun in his hand, bravely countered a strike from Jonathan’s Heaven Sword. Immediately after, he thrust his palm directly toward Jonathan’s face.


The bell tolls, and the eerie bronze bell were activated, carrying Jonathan’s body and tumbling backward.

Coughing up a mouthful of fresh blood, Jonathan formed hand seals, employing the Water Elemental Extrication Technique. He summoned the Colstrax beneath his feet to his command.

Yet, accompanying the rising water column that burst from the surface, there was also a massive figure akin to an octopus.

It was a God Realm demon beast!

Beneath Jonathan’s feet, spiritual energy surged. He stomped on the tentacle that the demon beast had extended, transforming into an afterimage as he landed on the shore.

After taking a hard hit from Michael, Jonathan felt as if his internal organs were on fire. The pain was intense.

The life force swiftly gathered to heal the internal injuries, and Jonathan’s eyes were filled with a vigilant hue.

At this moment, he and Sirius were on either side of Michael, trapping him in the middle. However, even in such a situation, they didn’t have the slightest chance of winning against Michael.

From the beginning to the end, Michael stood unwaveringly by the side of the Coffin.
And while the two had acted somewhat hastily just now, they had nonetheless given it their all.

The ease with which Michael neutralized the attacks of the two individuals undoubtedly proved that he was a cultivator at the Divine Realm.

Judging by Michael’s appearance, it was clear that he had no intention of letting the two of them go.

In a swift motion, Jonathan summoned a dozen long spears, and without hesitation, he threw them toward Michael’s direction.

Michael subtly shifted his stance, allowing the whistling spears to pass by him. They tore through the void, all landing at Sirius’ foot.
“You can go ahead and give it to him directly, I really don’t mind,” Michael said with a chuckle. “Had I met you a few years earlier, I would have definitely invited you to become an affiliated family of our Collins family. What a pity, we no longer need cultivators from the God Realm now. You really have missed the good times.”

With the Heaven Sword in hand, Jonathan watched Michael cautiously.

The old man truly gave him a sense of overwhelming terror.

This feeling was even more intense than when he first encountered Damoyed and Kenado in the West Region.

In the West Region, Damoyed and Kenado used the power of the heavens and the earth to summon thunderstorms and fierce winds to besiege Jonathan. The scene was enough to startle the soul.
Even so, none of it was as shocking as the kick Michael just delivered.

The distance from the Coffin to the riverbank was fifty meters wide, and with Michael’s step, the riverbank, at least several hundred meters long, completely collapsed.

This was merely a kick without the application of the Pryncyp of Strength. The way this guy used his strength was a bit too terrifying.

“Mr. Collins, we’ve entered this small world and so far, we’ve gained nothing. Now, all we’re hoping for is to leave safely. As for Antoine, you guys don’t care about him either. There’s no need for us to fight tooth and nail. Peace is more valuable, don’t you agree?”

As Jonathan wiped the fresh blood from the corner of his mouth, he spoke in a sycophantic manner. Simultaneously, beneath his feet, a vast spiritual energy surged wildly into the earth as he began to perform an Elemental Extrication Technique.
Michael, sensing something, gently exerted force beneath his feet, forcefully incorporating the ground within a ten-meter radius around him into his spiritual field.

The Elemental Extrication Technique, in simple terms, was a method that used spiritual energy and spells to alter the sudden arrangement of structures.

This was akin to water seeping into the sand. If the sand was dry, it would naturally allow the water to penetrate with ease.

But if he were to encounter a piece of ‘permafrost’ that was already filled with spiritual energy, even Jonathan’s Elemental Extrication Technique would not be of any use.
“While claiming not to want to fight, you secretly use Elemental Extrication Technique to ambush me. You, young man, have no sense of propriety,” Michael said with a chuckle, then subtly shifted his feet. A surge of spiritual energy quickly rushed from the ground, following the path of Jonathan’s energy.


Sensing the anomaly in his spiritual energy, Jonathan decisively cut off his own spiritual energy output, then swiftly dodged with a flip.

In the very moment he sidestepped, the ground beneath his feet exploded with a thunderous roar. Countless grains of sand and pebbles shot up toward the sky like bullets.

“Darn it, some people just don’t appreciate kindness!”
Jonathan stood firm. His gaze toward Michael no longer held any respect. Instead, it was filled with intense murderous intent.

“Without the ability to use Great Pryncyp, aren’t you just another slightly stronger God Realm cultivator? Once I’ve killed you today, I’ll be famous among the Enlighteners!”

With a cold shout, Jonathan pushed off the ground with force, transforming into a blur as he charged straight toward Michael.

“You boastful lad!”

As they moved forward, Jonathan formed a seal with his left hand, causing the Coffin to suddenly enlarge.
Michael was standing next to the coffin when, without warning, it suddenly enlarged, causing him to stumble.

In that instant, Jonathan’s Heaven Sword struck directly at Michael’s neck.


Once again, the shimmering speck of light appeared above Michael’s neck.

No matter how hard Jonathan tried, the speck of light acted like a pair of pliers, firmly blocking the sword’s edge, preventing the Heaven Sword from advancing even an inch.

“Bite the dust!”
In the moment when Jonathan and Michael were locked in a struggle, on the side, Sirius, his body shimmering with crimson runes, appeared beside Michael, wielding a low-grade magical long spear.

With a loud shout, Sirius’ spear aimed straight for Michael’s lower abdomen.

With all his might, Sirius thrust forward, but under the tremendous impact, the inferior spear shockingly snapped into several pieces.

Even with Michael’s exceptional skills, he was unable to withstand the onslaught of two top-tier God Realm experts. Eventually, he was sent flying backward, tumbling through the air.

“Hurry up!”

Jonathan reached out and patted the enormous Coffin, then with a wave of his hand, he caused the Coffin to shrink back to just over a meter in length, which he then carried on his back.

Without a moment’s hesitation, he reached out and grabbed Sirius’ wrist, then they both disappeared into the ground.

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