The Legendary Man Chapter 1351

Chapter 1351 Facing It Head On

After crossing swords with Michael, Jonathan finally understood the gap between himself and a cultivator at the level of Divine Realm.
Upon realizing that there were no rules in the small world, Jonathan thought he could show his prowess.
Such thoughts were once affirmed by Seboxia himself.

After all, if Divine Realm lost its Pryncyp, the threat to God Realm would indeed be greatly reduced.
However, Jonathan had forgotten one thing.
When Seboxia gave him the affirmation, in his transformed state, Seboxia never anticipated that his own true form would bind him.
In other words, when Seboxia was conveying various possibilities to Jonathan, he also included himself as a factor in the calculations.
But now, after Jonathan pitted his own strength against the Divine Realm, he finally understood the gap between them.
The difference between Divine Realm and God Realm was not just a matter of the Pryncyp principle alone.

This was akin to a clash between the Superior Realm and the Grandmaster Realm. Even if the Grandmaster Realm powerhouses did not use their spiritual field or release their spiritual sense projection and relied solely on their spiritual energy, they could absolutely crush the Superior Realm. Even if they were from the same sect and used the same moves, the outcome would remain the same.
This wasn’t just about the disparity in the depth of spiritual energy, but also the comprehension of techniques in using spiritual energy.
The same move executed, focusing all one’s power into a single punch, versus concentrating all one’s power into a single point, would result in a destructive force that was simply incomparable in scale.
Yet, the Michael that Jonathan was facing was just such a monster.
The moment Jonathan’s sword was aimed at Michael’s neck, Jonathan clearly sensed that there was not a trace of spiritual energy fluctuation in Michael.

All his spiritual energy was completely focused on the spot where his neck had been slashed!
The subtle yet terrifying control he possessed made it clear that Jonathan could never be a match for Michael!
If he didn’t run now, once he got entangled with the opponent, even if the opponent had no further moves, Jonathan would inevitably be defeated in the battle.
This person is absolutely invincible!
The two were swiftly traversing beneath the ground, but after covering only a few dozen meters, Jonathan inexplicably retreated.

Before Sirius could even ask, the earth in front of them unexpectedly pulsed without any warning.
Jonathan stretched out his hand to prop up a circular space, panting heavily. Sweat continuously dripped from the tip of his nose. Clearly, he was quite frightened.
A flicker of confusion crossed Sirius’ eyes, and he promptly took out his long spear, tentatively digging through the mud in front of the two.
The tip of the spear pierced into the soil, only to find it surprisingly hollow!
Sirius brandished the tip of his spear, tracing a slight arc in the void. In front of the two of them, the soil scattered in all directions.
His consciousness swept over, revealing what appeared to be a smooth tunnel, seemingly drilled mechanically, that pierced through the entire earth from top to bottom, about half a meter in diameter.

“This can’t be possible!” Sirius gritted his teeth and shouted in a low voice.
Even though he couldn’t master the art of escape, it was not like his spiritual sense was particularly strong either.
After all, he was a God Realm cultivator. If someone or a weapon were to thrust toward them, it was impossible for him not to sense it.
Jonathan suppressed the shock in his heart and slowly began to speak.
“This is the result of spiritual energy, a highly concentrated spiritual energy attack. Just like a cannonball, it doesn’t deviate, not a whisper of sound…”
At this moment, the two of them were about thirty meters underground. From within that smooth circular hole, the calm voice of Michael could be heard.

“How long do you plan on being rats underground? I know a thing or two about Elemental Extrication Technique, but I’m not going down there simply because I don’t want to dirty my clothes. But if you’re still hiding down here, then I’m afraid I’ll have to leave you buried forever.”
Sirius looked at Jonathan.
“What to do? Can this old geezer’s words be trusted?”
Jonathan stared at the bottomless pit before him. Despite his reluctance to admit it, he found himself unable to refute the old man’s words.
“This cave in front of us, it looks to be at least forty or fifty meters deep. The fact that they could accurately create such a round hole in our path indicates that they can completely predict our direction. Resistance underground is now completely meaningless.”
As Jonathan spoke, he simultaneously activated his Elemental Extrication Technique, floating toward the ground.

Emerging from the soil, Jonathan and Sirius dusted off the sand from their bodies.
“Mr. Collins, since you can determine our location, why then did you choose to show mercy and let us go?” Jonathan looked at Michael somewhat irritably and said.
In his view, Michael was simply playing a game of cat and mouse at this moment.
For him and Sirius, this was nothing short of a colossal insult.
Upon hearing this, Michael chuckled.
“I just suddenly realized that after entering the small world, I lost my servant. I’m offering you a chance now. Hand over the Coffin behind you and your storage rings to me, and I can assure you of your survival. Of course, this is only temporary. Once I achieve my goal or find the servant of the Collins family, I will still kill you all.”

Upon hearing Michael’s words, Jonathan almost burst into laughter out of sheer amusement.
“Old man, do you actually know how to negotiate or not? Even if you intend to use us temporarily for your own benefit, you should at least paint us a rosy picture first. Then, when we’re no longer of use to you, you can go ahead and stab us in the back. Who else do you know who just outright states their intentions like you do?”
Upon hearing this, Michael casually shrugged his shoulders.
“Building castles in the air to soothe the emotions of the opponent, but do you think I need to soothe you?”
Sirius held a long spear in his hand, pointing it toward Michael’s forehead from a distance.
“You old geezer, you expect us to serve you, but where’s your sincerity? First, you want us to hand over our treasures, then you threaten to kill us when it’s all over. What’s in it for us?”

“The advantage you have is that you can live a few more days,” Michael said with a chuckle.
“Don’t you people from Chanaea have a saying that goes like ‘It’s better to live like a loser than die?’ Living a few more days could bring unexpected changes, right? It’s a form of hope after all!”
Upon hearing this, a hint of madness flashed in Sirius’ eyes.
“D*mn, judging by your accent and the way you talk, you must have spent quite some time in Chanaea, haven’t you? Have you ever heard the saying that says to take a friend’s life even though they came from afar?”
As the last word left his lips, Sirius released the spear in his hand. Before it could even touch the ground, he swiftly turned around and kicked the end of the spear.

The speed of that long spear was so swift it actually created visible ripples in the air.
“Cover me!”
With a low roar, Sirius, his body flickering with runes, charged straight toward Michael.
However, this time, Sirius didn’t have any weapons. Surprisingly, he faced Michael with nothing but his bare fists.

The runes on Sirius’ right fist flared brightly as he raised it high and smashed it down, igniting a trail of blazing flames.
The moment Sirius’ fist collided with Michael’s, the ground beneath Michael’s feet astonishingly exploded with a loud bang.
At this moment, Jonathan seized the opportunity. With a gesture of his hands, he transformed the solid ground beneath Michael’s feet into soft, flowing sand…

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