The Legendary Man Chapter 1352

Chapter 1352 Do Not Forget About Me

To prevent Jonathan’s Elemental Extrication Technique, Michael had been continuously consolidating his spiritual energy to form a force field against any surprise attacks from beginning to end.
But in that very instant, Sirius’ unimaginably powerful punch left Michael somewhat dazed and completely shattered his surrounding spiritual field, providing Jonathan with an opportunity to take advantage of.
Jonathan’s spiritual energy surged, his hands transforming into claws as he forcefully reached out in front of him.
Beneath Michael, two large hands, entirely formed from sand and soil, rose. They seized Michael’s feet and began to pull him downward.

Upon landing a successful hit, Jonathan immediately shouted out loud, “Dodge, Sirius!”
With a punch, Sirius seized the initiative. However, dealing with Michael’s fist was definitely no easy task.
At that moment, Sirius hadn’t had time to garner his strength. Upon hearing Jonathan’s reminder, he immediately turned and darted to the side.
Although Michael was somewhat dazed by Sirius’s punch, he was, after all, an elite in the Divine Realm, and he quickly regained his senses.
Spiritual energy surged beneath his feet, and in just a blink of an eye, Michael had completed the condensation of his spiritual field. He then leaped, ready to jump out of the quicksand range and dart toward the side.

Jonathan would never let such a great opportunity slip away.
As the flesh on both feet exploded into a mist of blood, in an instant, the immense spiritual energy within Jonathan burst through his meridians and poured into the earth.
“You’re not getting out!”
As Jonathan roared in fury, the ground within a radius of several tens of meters around Michael began to churn like ocean waves and surged directly toward Michael, who had just taken to the air.
Hundreds upon thousands of tons of dirt and rocks fell from the sky. No matter how strong Michael was, he was buried within.

The majestic life force coursed ceaselessly through Jonathan’s body. His two skeletal legs, under the stimulation of this life force, were restored in less than two breaths.
Jonathan looked pale as he stared at the mound of earth and rocks in front of him, which had transformed into a small hill-like formation.
“He’s not dead. Let’s hurry…” Fetching a few Spirit Rejuvenating Pill, Jonathan popped them into his mouth as casually as if he were eating peanuts. Without looking back, he ran off into the distance.
Although Sirius was unwilling at heart, seeing Jonathan in such a state, he dared not linger. Turning around, he, too, began to flee with Jonathan.
After a few ups and downs, the two escaped, covering no more than a hundred meters. Right then, they heard a thunderous rumble echoing from behind them.
“Jonathan! Today, you must die here!”

Behind the two of them, Michael’s furious roar echoed through the sky.
The earth trembled. Jonathan turned his head to look, and there was Michael, furious. With each stride covering a distance of thirty to fifty meters, he had caught up to them after only two steps.
“Move aside!”
Jonathan unleashed a surge of spiritual energy, pushing Sirius to the side.
And in that instant, Michael’s fist was already hurtling toward Jonathan’s skull.

Jonathan chanted a spell and shouted lightly. Instantly, the coffin he was carrying on his back transformed into a colossal object, completely shielding Jonathan’s figure underneath.
Even though the punch didn’t land on Jonathan, the immense force behind it still fiercely slammed him onto the ground.
Without any hesitation, Jonathan raised his left hand and pressed a point on his right wrist.
One of the spiritual beads, bestowed by Seboxia himself, once again burst into pieces.
The moment he landed, Jonathan didn’t show off any fancy moves. He forcefully steadied himself, not allowing any energy to dissipate.
Blood spurted out, and the injured internal organs and legs were completely healed in an instant by the burst of life force.
Jonathan then collected the small ancient coffin and turned around to throw out a punch.
With a low shout from Jonathan, layers of spiritual scale armor rapidly formed around his body.
With a roar, Jonathan’s fist shattered Michael’s defense, landing a fierce blow on the latter’s cheek.

A mist of blood filled the sky. The moment Jonathan’s right fist struck Michael, his entire right arm exploded into pieces.
On the other hand, Michael was merely staggered by the blow, flung a dozen meters away.
Michael spat out a mouthful of black blood, then promptly straightened his crooked nose with his hand. His eyes were filled with a ruthless look.
Michael looked at Jonathan’s arm, which had already healed, and asked, “Do you have a strong ability to recover? Ever since I ascended to the Divine Realm, Jonathan, you are the only one who has managed to injure me. Dying by my hand today is your honor!”

“Screw that!” At that moment, Jonathan was also provoked into anger. Since I’ve already harnessed the life force, there’s no backing out of this fight.
Placing the coffin he was carrying on the ground, Jonathan tightly gripped the Heaven Sword in his hands. In the next moment, he had already rushed in front of Michael.
With a roar of fury, Jonathan charged at Michael, his sword aimed straight at Michael’s heart.
However, for Michael, such actions were simply too slow.

With a single hand, Michael deflected the Heaven Sword, and without hesitation, his other hand rose to strike Jonathan’s face.
Lifting his knee and elbow, Jonathan abandoned his Heaven Sword, directing his hands and feet straight toward Michael’s lower body and chest.
The moment the two made contact, they each skillfully blocked the other’s moves in the nick of time.
Jonathan gathered his spiritual energy, and the Heaven Sword, which had been pulled and swirled around him by the spiritual energy, once again fell into his hand. He held it in a backhand grip, positioning it in front of him.

“I’ll kill you!” Jonathan flashed past Michael, his sword, Heaven Sword, grazing across his chest, leaving behind a thin trail of blood.
In the next moment, Michael’s large hand had already grabbed Jonathan by the back of his neck, forcefully smashing him toward the ground.
Sand and dirt splashed around, and beneath Jonathan, the gravel rippled out like water. Yet, instead of being crushed as one would expect, Jonathan seemed to dive into the ground like a fish.
Looking at the large pool of blood on the ground, a faint sneer appeared on Michael’s face. Even if he could react in that extremely short amount of time and use magic to turn the ground into a fluid, that hit just now would have been enough to severely injure all of Jonathan’s internal organs.
“Do you still want to play Whac-A-Mole? I don’t have the time.” Michael lifted one foot, then stomped it down forcefully.

Boom! Boom! Boom!
Centered around Michael, the earth began to crack open rapidly in all directions.
Amidst the continuously appearing cracks, a scream of agony echoed. It was indeed from Jonathan, who had fled underground.
While the life force was indeed magical, even the strongest healing power required time to recover.
Yet, Michael didn’t give Jonathan a moment’s respite at all. As Jonathan’s cries of agony echoed, Michael extended both hands, clenching them in the air below.

Large chunks of earth were lifted into the sky by spiritual energy, and within this earth was the hidden Jonathan.
Just as Michael was preparing to strike a fatal blow to Jonathan, a fist unexpectedly slammed into the back of his head without any warning.
Michael was harshly slammed to the ground by this sudden blow.
Above his head, a figure flashed by, shattering the earth and pulling out Jonathan, who was covered in blood.
Gently placing Jonathan on the ground, Sirius looked at Michael with a cold gaze. “You old geezer, have you forgotten? You’re still up against me!”

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