The Legendary Man Chapter 1353

Chapter 1353 Verdant Vitality
On the ground, Jonathan’s body was rapidly being healed by the life force.

Reaching out to grasp Sirius, Jonathan tried to stand up, fighting against the pain that wracked his entire body. But even with all his strength, he could only manage to kneel on the ground.
Although reluctant to admit it, Jonathan still gritted his teeth and said, “We are no match for him…”
But at this moment, Sirius forcefully moved his shoulder.
“Jonathan, you can keep me from dying, right?”
Jonathan looked up at Sirius, his eyes filled with a sense of bewilderment.

“What… are you doing?”
“What do you mean? I’m going to get him!”
Sirius removed the tattered clothing from his body. The runes all over him seemed to come to life, continuously moving across his skin.
“Our Blackwood family’s ability to remain at the pinnacle of Chanaean respectable families for such a long time is not solely due to our control over one-fifth of Chanaea’s spiritual ley lines. The Blackwood family has garnered the envious gaze of numerous clans, factions, and even formidable individuals from distant lands. Our survival through countless conflicts is the result of exceptional strategies. So, even if you hail from the Collins family, while I might hesitate to cross you outside, given the retribution of the thirteen families, in this small world, your fate is sealed!”

With a stern shout, Sirius directed all the runes on his body to surge toward his right arm.
In just a fleeting moment, Sirius’s right palm completely exploded under the immense spiritual pressure.
And those runes, as if they had found an outlet, quickly coalesced in mid-air, accompanied by the blood spewing from Sirius’s palm.
A blood-red spear materialized within the blood mist.

The moment Sirius held the long spear in his hand, a captivating energy burst forth from the spear.
“This isn’t Pryncyp…”
Jonathan was deeply shaken as he carefully felt the icy chill in the air.

This energy was akin to life force, and it was likely a derivative power of Pryncyp. Yet, it was not Pryncyp itself.
Although it was widely understood that Sirius must have had a few tricks in reserve, this particular trump card proved to be overwhelmingly dominant.
“Bite the dust!”
With a forceful shout, Sirius thrust his long spear forward. The spiritual energy in front of him appeared to be pushed back, dispersing chaotically in all directions and creating a spirit vacuum environment.

With a cool gaze, Michael watched as Sirius lunged at him. Under his serious expression, he flipped his hand, and a massive war blade appeared in his grasp.
The rune spear and the massive war blade clashed together.

In just a blink of an eye, the rune spear astonishingly transformed into a flexible whip, coiling around the blade of the war blade and flying toward Michael’s arm.
Michael’s hands trembled slightly, and on his arms, a visible spiritual shield burst open, directly blocking Sirius’s runes from reaching him.
With a deep roar, Sirius held a rune-transformed spear in his hand and thrust it into Michael’s chest.

The spiritual shield shattered, sending Michael flying backward. But just as he landed, a hand firmly gripped his ankle.
“Cover the top!”
With a roar, Jonathan grabbed Michael’s legs and began to sink into the ground.
“You’re asking for it!”
Michael’s war blade swung down, piercing through Jonathan’s shoulder and directly into his chest.

“Get off me!”
With a roar, Jonathan, enduring severe pain, directly pulled Michael down with him.
The runes in Sirius’ hand turned into a trident, which he thrust down forcefully just a moment before Michael’s figure disappeared from the ground.
Beneath the vast expanse of the earth, Jonathan also let go of Michael’s feet, turning around to quickly flee downward.

Sirius drew out his runeforged weapon, blood gushing from the ground beneath him. It was clear that his recent strike had hit its mark.
But in the next moment, the entire ground beneath them suddenly exploded.
With the massive sound of an explosion, the ground within several tens of meters around Sirius exploded, the remnants of the ground hurtling toward the sky.
And under the intense force of the spiritual explosion, Sirius was blasted backward, soaring into the sky.

In the blink of an eye, the rune in Sirius’s hand transformed into a black shield during the spiritual explosion, blocking the impact at his feet.
Stumbling to the ground, Sirius once again gripped his runeforged weapon.
“It self-destructed?”
Beside him, the ground heaved, and Jonathan struggled to climb out from beneath the earth.
“This is merely the spiritual power he has released. This old geezer is too powerful…”

At this moment, Jonathan’s injuries had once again healed, but the massive spiritual explosion had left him utterly disoriented.
Just as he crawled out from the ground, Jonathan felt a sudden tightness around him. The next moment, it was as if an invisible giant hand had gripped him, hurling him toward the sky.
“Hey, hey, hey, hey!” Jonathan cried out in shock as he rolled over.
Down on the ground, a sudden afterimage of a figure materialized behind Sirius without any prior warning. This silhouette reached out, seizing Sirius’s hair, and forcefully pressed him toward the ground.

“Spiritual destruction!”
Sirius sensed the spiritual field around him, and in the next second, the runeforged weapon in his hand transformed into a spinning blade.
Sirius ducked his head, allowing the blade to whizz just above him, so close it practically grazed his scalp as it passed.
His black hair was cut evenly at the ends. Just before Sirius hit the ground, he flipped over to land on his back. At the same time, he swung his right hand forcefully, activating the Runeforged Weapon Transformation which transformed the weapon into a chain spiraling upward. It turned into a pure black chain that tightly ensnared Michael.
No one knew exactly how Sirius managed to refine his runes, but they were accompanied by an incredibly potent spiritual destruction effect.

The spiritual shield around Michael only resisted for a moment before it was completely shattered.
The black rune chain cut into Michael’s flesh, tightening relentlessly. It looked as if it was going to strangle Michael into several pieces.
“Is this all you’ve got?”
Michael stood his ground, giving Sirius a cold, mocking smile. With a surge of strength, he forcefully shattered the rune-etched chains.
“You’re in over your head. Die!”

With a low grunt, Michael hurled the black rune directly at Sirius.
“Verdant Vitality!”
Up in the sky, the voice of Jonathan echoed.
Sirius felt a surge of green light in front of him, and green plants shot out from the ground around him, like sharp arrows piercing into Michael’s body.
However, these plants, though appearing suddenly, lacked the power to penetrate deeply. They only managed to pierce Michael’s skin before becoming ineffective.

Seeing that the plants were not working, a vine suddenly snaked around Sirius’s ankle and threw him aside.
With Sirius out of the way, a wave of green continued to rise from the ground around Michael, layer by layer, enveloping him completely.
Jonathan landed on the ground, his gaze filled with seriousness, and he was panting heavily.
“Sirius, stay back. You can’t get involved in the battle down there!”

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