The Legendary Man Chapter 1354

Chapter 1354 The Terrifying Youngster
Jonathan had been reluctant to expend his life force on such a large scale. Aware that he was no match for Michael, he was anxious to get away as quickly as he could.

It took nearly being slain by Michael for him to understand.
This is the consequence of my actions, from which I cannot escape.
When Jonathan slew Antoine in Remdik, he had already anticipated the possibility of retaliation.
However, he did not expect the Collins family’s retribution to come so swiftly; they had even deployed a Divine Realm expert to exact it.

As leaving was no longer an option, Jonathan decided to eliminate the threat once and for all.
Only five of the tattooed beads containing condensed life force remained in his hand.
Within Jonathan, however, his life force was so abundant that it seemed to propel all his spiritual energy back into his elixir field.

At the moment, Jonathan exuded life force with every breath he took.
Seboxia had left him a total of eight life force beads; he had used up three before he managed to locate Yannopolis.

Michael had forced Jonathan to detonate two of them in succession. Though Jonathan could escape, doing so would be a waste of his life force.

Rather than wasting this opportunity, why not test the true capabilities of the Divine Realm? Not only to prepare for potential battles in the future but also to validate my understanding of the Pryncyp. I have already achieved enlightenment twice, but both times had been intentionally interrupted by Seboxia’s transfiguration. The final piece of the puzzle is not yet within grasp.

What Jonathan needed most at the moment was a duel with a master.
That is the only way I can achieve new insights: at the brink of life and death, and once again master Great Pryncyp.

Thud! Thud! Thud!
The noise of breaking plants echoed continuously.
Protected by his spirit shield, Michael emerged unscathed from the sea of plants.
He pressed downward, and his spirit shield descended and crushed all the fauna around him.

“You have many tricks up your sleeve, Jonathan. Given such a magnificent vitality contained in your aura, I’m curious about the legacy you’ve inherited.”
As Michael neared, his gaze scanned Jonathan up and down.

At last, his eyes became fixed on Jonathan’s wrist.

“Ah… That’s it, I suppose?”
Jonathan’s gaze faltered.

How did he know?

In that moment of distraction, Michael had once again appeared beside his adversary.

A fist appeared without warning, and a wall of earth rose up before Jonathan.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!
Roots, too many to count, wildly entwined themselves around Michael.

However, with such a powerful spirit shield at his disposal, Michael did not fear them in the slightest.

From within him, a spirit shield poured forth from his acupoint and severed the roots.

Immediately after, he raised his fist and smashed it against the earthen wall, shattering it. Then, he grabbed Jonathan’s right arm.

“Let me see what this is!” Michael shouted and, with a yank, somehow managed to rip off Jonathan’s entire arm.

At the moment, the excruciating pain in his shoulder was the least of Jonathan’s worries.

Bending his leg and with a jerk of his right shoulder, he regrew his right arm in an instant. His right fist, solid and ruthless, landed heavily on Michael’s cheek.

One’s life force can easily overwhelm spiritual power.

Against Jonathan, Michael’s shield was as fragile as a bubble.

Jonathan noticed something wrong as his strike found its mark.

Though Michael was physically injured, not a single bone or sinew of his was harmed.
There seemed to be a sheet of iron beneath his skin which was impossible to pierce.
It’s probably his internal armor.

Jonathan recalled Xavion’s internal armor.
Even a tough guy like Xavion, when cultivating his internal armor, only implants it into his upper body.

However, it appeared that Michael’s face was also imbued with that layer of defense. It’s overkill if even his face is plated with internal armor.
Jonathan sent Michael flying with a punch. Before the latter could rise to his feet, he was tightly wrapped by numerous plants.

Jonathan invoked a spell with his hands, and the ground beneath Michael’s feet suddenly rose. Before it managed to rise to its full height, however, Jonathan was already ahead of it and, with a swift kick, sent Michael flying into the distant Colstrax.
It doesn’t matter how powerful you are, you can’t mobilize even a bit of your Pryncyp in the small world. Seeing as you can’t fly, then perish in the endless Colstrax between the jaws of countless monsters.

As a precaution, Jonathan sprinted across the ground in a mad dash and arrived at the banks of Colstrax.
He activated a technique, and his spiritual energy surged into Colstrax, stirring up towering waves that crashed forward.
A muffled thud echoed throughout.
At the moment Michael hit the surface of Colstrax, the surface within a radius of several tens of meters, centering around him, seemed to vanish into thin air, creating a cliff-like plunge.
The next second, Michael shot out like a cannonball.
Those behemoths beneath the waters that had been too close turned into a mist of blood, turning the entire river crimson.
Before Jonathan managed to react, Michael thrust a severed arm—Jonathan’s own—into his chest.
“Hah! Child’s play!”
With a powerful punch, Michael pierced through Jonathan’s chest. The immense spiritual pressure sent him flying dozens of meters back before crashing heavily into the forest beyond.

Seeing that Michael was about to step forward, Sirius swiftly positioned himself in front of the latter.
“Hey, old man, we’re not done!”
Michael glared at Sirius and, without hesitation, turned and continued trudging toward Jonathan.
“Your Rune-Enhanced Body Mastery is not yet up to par. Perhaps after another ten or twenty years of cultivation, it might become something of interest.”
Upon having himself seen through so easily by Michael, Sirius returned the gaze defiantly.
However, he knew that the battle, at the level it had become, had long surpassed his own limits.
Right now, I have to stop Michael.
Perhaps due to the fact that he and Jonathan belonged to different factions, they would inevitably be at odds with one another once they left the small world.
Now, however, we are allies.
At that moment, Sirius had to buy time for Jonathan to recover from his injuries.
“I know I’m no match for you, but I can still buy some time.”
A scornful smile appeared on Michael’s face at Sirius’ declaration. He turned around and began walking toward Sirius, intending to take him out first.
Just then, a clear and sonorous voice echoed from the distance.
“If what I heard is true, you must be a cultivator from the Collins family, correct?”

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