The Legendary Man Chapter 1356

Chapter 1356 The Support Of Alec
At Alec’s words, a hint of solemnity showed on Michael’s face.
In truth, it was not just the Collins family. All thirteen families of the Enlighteners were secretly involved in the conspiracy.
But when they made a move, they would generally kill the cultivators from the various major forces outright.
Thus, Sanctuary’s operation that once over a hundred years ago was an exception.
Even within the Collins family, that matter was considered absolutely confidential.
Despite being a core member, Michael couldn’t obtain any information about the incident that transpired back then.
The only thing he learned was that the person’s name was Vladislav.
As for why the Collins family, who had always dealt with cultivators who broke through the Cavoid Realm without authorization by completely eradicating them, would spare Vladislav’s life, that remained a mystery.
Watching as Alec approached, Michael sensed his spiritual pressure skyrocketing within him.
“Sanctuary is just an organization in Remdik. Do you really think you can do anything you please? Do you believe the Collins family can wipe out the entire Remdik cultivator community that you dare threaten me?”

By then, Alec was already less than two meters away from Michael.

Michael’s blade came to a steady halt just before Alec’s nose. Spiritual power surged within them, and their respective force fields clashed relentlessly, causing continual spiritual bursts around them.

“Out there, Sanctuary naturally can’t compete with the Collins family. That’s why I came to this small world to search for leads. I’m giving you one last chance. Tell me everything you know. Then, I’ll spare you. Otherwise, this little world is quite scenic. You might as well die here.”


No sooner had Alec’s words rang out than a terrifying fluctuation slowly unfurled in the direction where Jonathan had disappeared.

They both swung their gazes to the dense forest, only to see a hundred-meter-tall giant composed entirely of plant roots slowly rising to its feet.

The giant reached down with its right hand and grasped the ground. With a powerful upward swing, it lifted off the entire forest like a blanket.

Countless flowers, plants, and trees were uprooted. Empowered by spiritual energy, they transformed into a massive saber in a few seconds.

Beneath the giant, Jonathan’s bloody figure finally emerged as leaves and flowers fell.


Sirius gaped at Jonathan with an incredulous expression on his face.

At that moment, Jonathan was carrying an old coffin while trudging ahead weakly. In front of him floated an ancient book.

It was none other than Joshua’s Troop Summoner.

“You can also use this book?”

Looking at the hundred-meter-tall giant, Sirius exclaimed in disbelief.

Jonathan shook his head slightly.

“I can’t use it, but I can extract Joshua’s blood essence.”

Upon hearing Jonathan’s words, even Sirius was somewhat taken aback.

The idea of harnessing Joshua’s blood essence for their own use occurred to them when they learned that the three weapons required a special bloodline to activate.

To the eight respectable families, there was room to be even more ruthless.
For instance, they could imprison Joshua, then find a girl from their family to bear his child.

Once the child was born, Joshua could be eliminated. Coupled with the family’s assimilation, the three treasures would become a crucial heritage within a few generations.
However, all thoughts remained abstract. Even though the theory was feasible, Jonathan would never allow the members of the respectable families to lay a hand on Joshua as long as he was alive.
Unexpectedly, Jonathan actually took the same path as the eight respectable families at that moment.
Worse still, he used the most brutal method of extracting the man’s blood essence.
That method was akin to extracting bone marrow from an ordinary person, a process that could only be described as terrifyingly abnormal. A single mistake would very likely cause Joshua to lose his life instantly.
Undeniably, that was a bit too callous.
But at that moment, Jonathan was truly angered by Michael.
Even with the variable of Alec present, he had no intention of backing down.
Since he had already caught the attention of the Collins family, there was no way Michael would let him off the hook.
For such a family, whatever he had done did not matter.
The fact that they couldn’t kill him alone, which humiliated the Collins family, was enough to sentence him to death.

Therefore, it would be best to take advantage of the situation and eliminate Michael right then to prevent future troubles.

“Alec, yes?”

With Troop Summoner in hand, Jonathan moved swiftly and stopped about ten meters before the two men.

Alec looked at Jonathan, his eyes brimming with sunshine and laughter.

“We’ve finally met, Jonathan. You’ve killed over a dozen of Sanctuary’s members. I haven’t settled this score with you yet.”

Looking at the man’s youthful and radiant demeanor, Jonathan inexorably had a moment of realization.

Previously, he had asked Ksana about the structure of Sanctuary and the identity of the leader.

However, Ksana confessed that she herself had never seen Sanctuary’s true master. After all, her status in Sanctuary was quite low and insufficient for her to be privy to many core secrets.

But according to her description, Sanctuary’s overseer was doubtlessly a cunning old demon.

There was no way he looked like the man in front of Jonathan who appeared like a child.

Although Jonathan’s cultivation was inferior to that of Alec and Michae before him, he was bolstered by life force. Coupled with the use of Joshua’s blood essence, he activated Troop Summoner for his own use.

Consequently, he was capable of battling the two men.

“You can settle Sanctuary’s score with me later. I just overheard your conversation. If you’re afraid of retaliation from the Collins family, I can step in.”

Upon hearing Jonathan’s words, Alec was slightly taken aback. He promptly turned to look at Sirius, who was standing beside him.

“Is everyone from Chanaea always this brave?”

As he spoke, he gracefully stepped back and comfortably seated himself on a tree trunk.
Subsequently, he added, “Since you want to fight him, Jonathan, I’ll enjoy the show. Also, I’ll raise the stakes. As long as you can kill him, all past grievances between you and Sanctuary will be wiped clean. On top of that, I will support Asura’s Office and help you to unify the world of cultivators in Chanaea once and for all.”
Beside him, Sirius felt as though his heart had skipped a few beats after hearing that.
Although the man before him appeared to be a child, he was actually the figure of absolute authority in all of Remdik.
Furthermore, he helmed Sanctuary, an organization that could catalyze God Realm cultivators.
What would things look like if he were to help Jonathan for real? How many God Realm cultivators would flood into Chanaea to besiege the eight respectable families? And what direction would the war between the eight respectable families and Asura’s Office take next?

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