An Understated Dominance by Marina Vittori Chapter 2195

Chapter 2195

She has always been worried about Chen Xingwen’s murder.

Moreover, she didn’t think she was more powerful than Chen Xingwen. The killer could kill Chen Xingwen, so he could also kill her easily.

“We have already discussed the plan to lure the snake out of the hole. Coupled with Brother Dustin’s amazing performance in this test, I believe it will soon attract the attention of the killer. Maybe the killer will take action tonight!” Yan Buqi lowered his voice. the voice said.

“The sun has set now, we have to make preparations early.” Liu Rushuang raised her head and glanced at the sky.

In the western sky, there is only a trace of lingering clouds.

In less than half an hour, darkness will cover the earth.

“Brother Dustin, thank you for your hard work next time.”

Yan Buqi said with a serious look: “But don’t worry, I have contacted Dong Qianqiu from the Tianxiahui, and he will fully support our plan. Once the killer shows up, we will attack as a group and will never let you bear it alone.” risk.”

“It doesn’t matter. Since I agreed to be bait, I have made corresponding preparations. Just make arrangements and don’t worry about my safety.” Dustin smiled lightly.

“Okay, then let’s follow the plan!”

Yan Buqi nodded, and then left first with a few people.

After just raising the cauldron, Dustin’s heroic deeds will soon spread.

According to the killer’s habits, young and promising talented warriors like this should be the first target of hunting and will never be let go easily.

As long as the killer chooses Dustin, they have a chance to catch him.

Of course, in order to lure out the killer early, they need to actively create an environment suitable for assassination.

It’s a bit risky, but worth a try.

Night falls quickly.

Inside the restaurant.

Dustin sat by the window, drinking alone, his face flushed, and he looked drunk.

The night is getting darker.

The empty streets were deserted with few pedestrians.

The cold wind blows, causing the branches to sway and the fallen leaves to fly.

“Brother Dustin, how are you? Did you find anything?”

Yan Buqi’s voice came from Dustin’s headset.

In order to avoid alerting the enemy, Yan Buqi and his party hid themselves well and did not show their whereabouts. They only communicated in low voices through headsets.

“No suspicious persons have been found yet.” Dustin replied in a low voice.

“How could this happen? It’s already midnight, why hasn’t the killer shown up yet? Does he already know our plan?” Liu Hongxue’s voice came from the headset.

“Impossible! We are the only people who know the plan, and we will never leak it!” Yan Buqi denied it.

Except for a few key members, no one knew what they were going to do.

“Could it be that the killer didn’t target Mr. Lu?” Liu Rushuang’s voice sounded.

“It’s hard to say. The enemy is in the dark and we are in the light. Now we can only wait and wait for the killer to take the bait.” Yan Buqi sounded helpless.

Although it was a plan to lure the snake out of its hole, they had no say in whether they could capture the killer. They had to try their luck to see if the killer would give him a chance.

“Wait! I found a suspicious target approaching the restaurant!”

At this time, Xu Yang’s voice suddenly sounded, instantly attracting everyone’s attention.


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